Sophomores and Seniors

**One Direction Not Famous**

You know what they say? The captain of the cheer leading squad must go out with the quarter back but what if you don't like him. Adina Summers is being forced to go out with the quarterback of the lacrosse team but she has another crush in mind. A Senior heartthrob named Harry.

Adina's 4 best friends Stella, Tamara, Cornelia and Luchia each have a crush on another senior which happen to be Harry's friends. What happens when they start to go out? Jealously will form and enemies will steep low to make them break up will they be strong enough. Read more and find out.


3. Chapter 3


It was the last week of holidays and Harry wanted me to meet his family. I was so scared. But I said yes. Hannah was coming too. I am going to get asked if she is my daughter. I wore a nice dress and flats. I put Hannah into a nice top and skirt. Harry walked in. "There is something I love to see" Harry smiled and put his arms around me. I smiled.

30 minutes later Harry, Hannah and I were on his way to his how. "It's an hour and half drive from London" Harry said. I nodded. Hannah clapped. I chuckled. A hour and half later we reached Cheshire. It had nice flowers. But not much houses. "Yeah it's pretty small" Harry said. We pulled up at a house. "Wow" I said.

Harry chuckled. We each stepped out. Harry grabbed Hannah. We walked up to the front door. Harry  knocked. A lovely looking lady answered. "Harry this must be your girlfriend and her sister" The lady said. Harry nodded. "Come in" She said. We walked in. Harry put Hannah down. He took my jacket off. "Harry" I said confused. "What?" Harry asked.

I chuckled. Hannah followed us into the lounge. We sat on the couch. I picked Hannah up and placed her in my lap. Hannah smiled. I saw a man and a girl walk down the stairs. We all started to talk. "Robin and Gemma this is my girlfriend Adina and her little sister Hannah. Adina and Hannah my step dad Robin and older sister Gemma" Harry said.

I waved. Hannah laughed. Anne walked in. She sat on the couch. Hannah got off my lap and walked over to Anne. Harry chuckled. Anne picked up Hannah. "So where are your parents Adina?" Robin asked. "They are living in America with my brothers" I said. Robin nodded. "Why are you parents and brothers in America and why aren't you there?" Gemma asked.

"Gemma" Anne said. Gemma looked at Anne. "I just want to know?" Gemma asked. Harry looked at me. "My dad's in the navy and where every he gets shipped we have to go. I didn't go because I had the perfect school, perfect friends and perfect boyfriend" I said. Harry rubbed my back. "Gemma can I talk to you in privet. Now" Harry snapped.

Gemma nodded. "I'll be back" Harry whispered. I nodded. Harry stood up and walked out with Gemma.


Harry's POV

I shut my bedroom door. "What?" Gemma asked. I crossed my arms. "Lay of alright Adina is the first girl I really love" I said. Gemma looked at me. "She has a daugther" Gemma said. I sighed. "It's her sister. I was there when her parents said they were moving okay when they said yes she asked what about Hannah. Her parents said Adina could look after Hannah" I said.

Gemma rolled her eyes. "What is your problem with her?" I asked. Gemma looked at me. "You could do better than a cheerleader she only wants you to be in your pants" Gemma said. I got mad. "She didn't want to date the quaterback you idiot. Adina is my girlfriend. I didn't like your boyfriend and look what he did to you when I didn't say anything. He cheated on you. Adina would not cheat on me. And I wouldn't cheat on her" I yelled.


Adina's POV

I heard Harry yell. "I think I should go" I whispered. "You have no way of getting home" Anne said. I pulled out keys from  my pruse. "It's better if I do" I whispered. "I want to stay and be with Harry" Hannah said. I nodded. "Do what you like" I said and walked out. I got into the front seat and cried. I knew one person wouldn't like me.

I punched the steering wheel.


Harry's POV

We got down the stairs. "Where's Adina?" I asked. Mum looked at me. "She left sweetie" Mum said. i was shocked. "What why?" I asked. "She tought it was for the best" Mum said. I looked at Gemma. "See what you just did Gemma. I HATE YOU" I shouted and picked up Hannah and walked out. My car was still there. Adina was crying. I put Hannah down. She went back inside.

"Adina" I said. She kept crying. I walked over and hugged Adina. She stepped out and put her arms around me. I rubbed Adina's back. "She hates me" adina cried. I rubbed her back even more. "She is just protective she will have to get used to you anyway" I said. Adina nodded. We pulled back. I wiped her tears off. I grabbed her hand we walked back in.

"Adi" Hannah said. She ran to me. I picked her up. "You okay sis?" Hannah asked. I nodded. "Yeah" I said. Hannah smiled. Anne walked out. "I am so sorry for Gemma" Anne said. "It's fine" Adina said. We walked back in. I gave Gemma daggers.  Gemma looked down. Adina looked at me.

Once dinner was over. Mum, dad, adina and I were talking. Gemma pulled Adina away.


Adina's POV

Gemma pulled me away. We got somewhere privet. "I am sorry Adina. It's just Harry's been in bad realtionships before and I don't want to see him hurt" Gemma said. I sighed. "Its fine I would do the same for Hannah. She is my sister not daughter. I haven't even had it yet and I don't plan to now for a while" I said.

Gemma nodded and hugged me. I heard the door open. Hannah walked up and joined in. I laughed. Gemma picked Hannah up. I smiled. Harry walked in. "Sorry Hazza for being a bitch" Gemma said. "Over it. If my girlfriend is happy so am I" Harry said and put his arms around me. "I got another big sister" Hannah said.

I nodded. "Yes you do" I said. Hannah clapped. "Yay" All of us said. Harry kissed my cheek. It became late. Harry and I left. Hannah was asleep in the back. I smiled. Harry grabbed my hand. When we got home. I carried Hannah in. Once we were in the house. I walked to hannah's room and placed her onto her bed. Harry changed her.

I smiled. Once Harry finished. I placed the blankets over hannah. Harry and I walked out slowly. We got to my room and laid on the bed. we fell asleep in each others arms. I couldn't help but smile.

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