Sophomores and Seniors

**One Direction Not Famous**

You know what they say? The captain of the cheer leading squad must go out with the quarter back but what if you don't like him. Adina Summers is being forced to go out with the quarterback of the lacrosse team but she has another crush in mind. A Senior heartthrob named Harry.

Adina's 4 best friends Stella, Tamara, Cornelia and Luchia each have a crush on another senior which happen to be Harry's friends. What happens when they start to go out? Jealously will form and enemies will steep low to make them break up will they be strong enough. Read more and find out.


2. Chapter 2


5 days past. I woke up and looked at the time. 7:30 am. Better get ready have cheerleading comp today. Yay. Yes I know the squad has been training hard for four days I would see some of the team practicing at home. They would smile at me and continue. I am proud of this group. Yes even Britney. She may be a bitch but when the comps are on she works with us.

I got my my closet and grabbed my cheerleading outfit. It is red, white, black and blue. It also has the letter S in the middle. I put it on. "Adi" Hannah called from her room. I smiled. "Hang on sweetie" I said and brushed my hair. I walked out of my room grabbing everything I needed. I got to Hannah's room and saw Hannah trying to get ready. "Can you help me?" Hannah asked.

I nodded, "Sure" I said smiling. I walked in and helped Hannah. A knock came at the door. "Atlanta" Harry called from outside. I smiled. "Come in Harry" I said. Once Hannah was dressed I brushed her hair. I heard the front door open and close. "Where are you?" Harry asked. "Hannah's room" I said. Harry walked up. Hannah smiled as I picked her up. Harry walked in. "You ready?" Harry asked.

I nodded grabbing everything I needed. Once outside I locked the house up and got into the car. Hannah was in the back. Harry stared the car and drove off. When we got to the arena we stepped out. I grabbed the bag and Hannah. Harry sighed and grabbed my bag. "Harry I can do it" I said. Harry looked at me. "Adina toy are working you but off so let me help" Harry sighed. I sighed, "Fine" I said.

Harry smiled and locked his car. We walked off and got to everyone else. Hannah look around. Hannah is 3 so she doesn't know much yet. "Different schools" I said. Hannah smiled. "Here" Harry said. I looked at Harry who grabbed Hannah. I smiled and grabbed my handbag. "Your suck a gentlemen Harry" Cornelia said.

Harry smiled. "We should get some practice in guys" I said. Everyone nodded. I stared to walk off. "Adi" Hannah said. I turned back around and faced Hannah. "Han I'm just going to practice with the team okay Harry will look after you" I said.

I kissed Hannah's forehead. Harry looked at me sadly. I gave him a peck on the lips. Harry smiled. "Your crazy but I love you" I said. I walked off and caught up with the others. We started to practice. Once we finished the comps started. All of us walked up to the fence. Harry sat down. I smiled.

"He really loves Hannah doesn't he" Luchia said. I nodded. "Yeah he treats her like his own child" I said smiling. Britney laughed. "That kid is taking Harry for you" Britney laughed. I looked at Britney, "The kid is my younger sister" I said.

Britney looked at me, "Where are your parents?" Britney asked. I rolled my eyes. "They went on a holiday to America with my longer brothers" I said. Yeah a very long holiday. Schools were lining up. The announcer came on. He said what he was supposed to do. Everyone squad we watched were really good. "We can win this" I said.

"Ha yeah right" a girl said from behind me. We all turned and saw the hell cats and their captain Angela. "Oh and I guess pussies like you can you" I laughed. Angela looked at me. "We will win" Angela said. Oh please she says that every year. "Whatever Angela" I said. Angela smiled. "Well it looks like we are next. See you losers oh and you better be watching" Angela laughed.

"Have fun" The squad and I said fake smiling. Angela and her team walked off. We watched them and man they were better than last year. But I hope ours pays off and wins. I would really love to win again. They always win when we aren't in there but we dominate. Everyone in the audience and other team clapped even is. Angela looked at me and they did the L shape and placed it on their forehead. Oh look Glee.

"Let's do this" I said. Everyone nodded. I looked at Britney. "You ready for this Britney?" I asked. Britney looked at me. "Hell yeah" She said. I smiled. "Next we have the shets" The man said. We ran on. Harry whistle. I smiled. We did our performance. Everyone was clapping along. Luchia and I did our big move. If we stuff this up there goes first place. I took a massive breath. Once we did it. I could help but smile. The boys placed us on the ground and we finished.

Everyone stood up and clapped. We walked off. Once every other school did their performance. We walked back out and stood onto the stage. All of us grabbed hands. "In third place... Fern Eastern Collage" The man said. They smiled and walked up. People clapped. "In second place is the Helen high school Hell cats" The man said.

The hell cats walked up. Come on. Come on. Come on. "Go Adina" Hannah yelled. I smiled. "And the winers of the 2012 school competition goes to............... The London High Shets" The man said. All of us screamed. Harry whistled. We walked up. Britney made cat noises to piss of the hell cats. It worked. We had photos. Once everything was done we walked off. Harry ran up. Luchia grabbed Harry.

Harry put his hands around my waist. "Well done" Harry said and kissed my neck. I smiled and looked up at Harry. "Thanks" I said. The Hell Cats walked in. "Next year we will win" Angela said. Cornelia laughed. "You always say that" Cornelia said. Hannah wanted to me. I grabbed her and held her on my hip.

"You did good sis" Hannah said. I smiled. "Thank you" I said kissing Hannah's forehead. She smiled. All of our teachers walked up. "Nice job guys" Mr Williams said. "Thank you" we said. Mr Williams saw my sister. "Who is this?" He asked. I smiled. "This is my lovely little Sister Hanna" I said. Mr Williams smiled.

Once Harry and I got home. I grabbed everything out of the car. "Adina" Harry said. I turned. "Yeah" I said. Harry sighed walking up. He grabbed Adina. "Harry-" "No you have done enough okay so let me help you" Harry said cutting me off. I nodded. Once inside Hannah yawned. I grabbed her and walked into her room and laid her down.

I sung softly to her.


Harry's POV

I was looking around and I heard a amazing singing voice coming from Hannah's room. I thought it was a Cd when I looked through the gap. I saw Adina singing. Wow she is so good. I smiled as I saw Hannah fall asleep. I wish she knew I could sing. I moved back as Adina stepped out. "Nice voice" I said.

Adina smiled. I walked up to her and placed my hands around her waist. she smiled as I crashed my lips onto hers. Adina tugged me to follow her. We pulled back. I followed Adina like she instructed. We got into her room. Adina shut the door quietly. Adina grabbed my jacket pulling me with her. She laid on the bed which made me go on top. I smiled and pressed my lips onto hers. Once Adina moved her hands I placed mine either side of her which made Adina smile. 

I licked the bottom of Adina's lips and slipped my tongue in. We heard the door open which made up pull back and look up. We say Hannah. "Hannah" Adina said. I got off Adina and sat beside her. Hannah walked up. "What is it sweetheart?" Adina asked. Hannah held her hands out. I grabbed her and picked her up. I saw Hannah in between Adina and I. 

"Hannah" Adina said. Hannah started to cry. Adina hugged Hannah tight. I don't think Adina has ever  heard hannah cry like this. "What happened Han?" Adina asked. Hannah sniffled. "Nightmare" Hannah said. Aww I am guessing her first nightmare. "It will never come true" Adina said. Hannah nodded and they pulled away.

Adina kissed Hannah's forehead. Hannah got closer to me and hugged me. I smiled. "I think she likes you" Adina said. I nodded agreeing with Adina.


Adina's POV

It became very late. Like 11pm. Harry drank about two bottles of alcohol. "Harry are you staying the night?" I asked. Harry nodded. "Mum would be mad if I came home this late" Harry said. I nodded. Hannah was asleep. Harry and I made our way up to my room where I shut the door.

"No funny business when I get changed" I said warning Harry.  Harry nodded. I took my cheerleading outfit off and changed into my PJ's. I placed everything into my washing basket. I looked at Harry who was smiling like crazy. "What?" I asked. Harry looked at me up and down. "Nice bod-ay" Harry said. I laughed an playfully punched Harry. we got into my bed. Harry placed his arms around my waist and pulled me closer into him. "We can both be warm" Harry whispered. I nodded. Harry kissed my temple and we fell asleep.




It was the last day of school for the term. Then its term 4. I woke up and saw Harry sleeping. Harry hasn't been home for a week. I don't care but his family might. Once we were dressed. Cornelia came and picked up Hannah because Cornelia's little sister Morgan and Hannah are hanging out for the day.

Harry and I got to school. Everyone looked at us and smiled. Luchia walked up. "What?" I asked. She couldn't help the pry. "So you and Harry" Luchia said looking at us two. I rolled my eyes, "Nothing happened." Harry nodded agreeing with me. "Than why was Harry at your house for a week and didn't go home?" Luchia asked.

"It's called sleeping over" Harry laughed. Luchia smiled. We got to our group and sat down. Harry pulled me onto his lap. I giggled. The boys walked up and sat down. Niall and Luchia looked at each other and smiled. "Think something is going on there?" Harry asked whispering. I nodded. 

3 hours later the bell rang for end of school. Holidays. I smiled. I can't wait. You know Harry finishes next term November. Don't they have prom or something. Like he would ask me. "Babe you okay?" Harry asked. I nodded. "Yeah" I said. Harry nodded. "Oh yeah in the holidays Hannah and I are looking for a new house. So if you ever want to join you can" I said.

Harry smiled. "If you need me just call" Harry said. I nodded. Harry pecked my lips. We made our way over to his car. Harry opened my door for me. I laughed. "Thank you Mr Styles" I said in a posh tone. Harry smirked. "You are welcome my lady" Harry said also in a posh accent. Man it made him more hot.




A week past. Hannah and I went house hunting. Half the houses we looked at were so small. We called in Harry for help. He came down. When he did we saw the perfect house. Now all we have to was move our things. Harry called the boys and girls so they could help. Every time I went into a house they thought Harry and I were married and Hannah was our child.

I mean it would be nice to be married to him. Also to have a child with him. But I am 16 and he is 18 almost 19. I am almost 17. If we did anything he could go to jail and I couldn't handle that. Once we set up the house. Hannah was asleep on her bed. She will be surprised when she wakes up. You see Hannah only had a small room. While the boys shared and had a big one. Hannah's new room is big.

Also it has 5 bed rooms. A master bedroom which is mind. So everyone can sleep over. It has a large kitchen. Not small. 2 bathrooms on upstairs and the other downstairs. A games room. Family room. Lounge room. Theatre room Well my parents did give me 400,000,000 pounds for a house, furniture and food.

I mean the is a lot. 

When Hannah did her mouth opened wide. "Who's room is this?" Hannah asked. I smiled see I told you. "Yours sweetie" I said. Hannah looked at me. "Really?" She asked. I nodded. She hugged me. Harry walked in. "Well I see you like your new room" Harry said.

Hannah nodded. Harry walked up. "How about we paint your room pink?" Harry asked. Hannah nodded. "Yeah princess themed" Hannah said. We nodded. Harry put his arms around me. we walked out and saw Niall and Luchia kiss. All of us screamed and cheered. Niall and Luchia blushed and looked down.

Everyone stayed the night which was good. But they had to sleep on the floor. Don't have beds yet. Once it became late. Harry and I fell asleep on my bed in the master bedroom. Harry had his arms around me. I woke up and started to think. Is Harry going to ask me to prom? Or is he going to ask another senior? I don't know. I closed my eyes again and grabbed Harry's hands tighter.


Harry's POV

I felt Adina grab my hands tighter why? Was she scared I wasn't going to ask her to prom? Of course I am going to ask her. When the time is right. I want to ask her when we got out on a date. I got closer to Adina and kissed her neck. "I love you" I whispered  and fell back asleep

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