Sophomores and Seniors

**One Direction Not Famous**

You know what they say? The captain of the cheer leading squad must go out with the quarter back but what if you don't like him. Adina Summers is being forced to go out with the quarterback of the lacrosse team but she has another crush in mind. A Senior heartthrob named Harry.

Adina's 4 best friends Stella, Tamara, Cornelia and Luchia each have a crush on another senior which happen to be Harry's friends. What happens when they start to go out? Jealously will form and enemies will steep low to make them break up will they be strong enough. Read more and find out.


1. Chapter 1


It was Monday which meant school. Dad dropped me off. "Thanks dad" I said stepped out. I placed my hand on the car door. "No problem sweetheart see you tonight" Dad said. I nodded and closed the door. I turned around and saw my friends sitting on the front lawn. If you haven't guessed by now I am the captain of the cheer leading squad. I am very popular there is only one girl who hates me and her name is Britney. She wants to be captain and she is trying everything to become one.

Once I got to my friends I sat down with them. "How are you?" Cornelia asked. I looked at her, "Fine, what about you guys." They looked at each other and said, "Were good." Half way through our conversation the bell rang for first lesson. I had English. We all stood up and walked off. I got to my locker and heard the plastics bitching about my friends and I, don't they have something better to do?

I opened my locker and looked at the books to get the right ones for class. Michael walked up and leaned on the lockers. "What?" I asked. Michael is the quarterback. He along with half the team are trying to make me go out with him. I say no because I have a crush on another guy and he is well a senior. "Will you go out with me?" Michael asked. I rolled my eyes, "Get it into your head, no" I said and slammed my locker shut.

I looked to see if I had everything. I slammed my locker before I checked. I kept looking at my work walking down the halls when I bumped into someone. I dropped the books. "I'm sorry" I said kneeling down. The boy did at the asme time. I could tell by the shoes. "It's fine love" The boy said. I looked up and saw Harry. He is the senior I was telling you about the one I have a crush on. He helped me collect my books. We stood up.

"I am really sorry about that" I said nervously. Harry smiled making his dimples appear. "It's fine no one was hurt" Harry said. I smiled, "I should get to class don't want to be late." Harry chuckled. "Bye" He said. I walked off and smiled. One moment I will never forget.


Harry's POV

I walked to the study room. Where I sat down with my friends Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn. "Why are you so happy?" Niall asked. Yes the boys like knowing everything about me. Well we are boys we like talking about ourselves. Mostly Zayn about his hair. "Head cheerleader" I said sighing. Louis smiled. "You two going out?" He asked.

I laughed a bit. "I wish we bumped into each other she is so beautiful" I said. Liam hit me. "Mate she might have a boyfriend like the school quarterback aka the most popular boy in school" Liam said. I looked down. Nice to ruin the moment Liam. He always does that. To everyone of us. "I know" I sighed.


Adina's POV

I got to my lesson which was English and sat next to Luchia. My best friends. Really she is. We are more like sisters the others SFAM aka Sisters from another mother. "Someone's happy" Cornelia smiled. I looked at them. "I'm not... Can you really tell?" I asked nervous,. The girls nodded and said, "Do tell." 

I giggled. Man I love these girls. "I bumped into Harry on the way here he is so hot" I said. Stella looked at me. "Girl. He might have a girlfriend he is a senior remember aka the boys who are dating other beautiful girls" Stella said drifting off in the last part. Yup thinking about Liam. I sighed, "I know" I said.

The teacher walked in. She apologized for being so late and handed us our work. "Adina" Tamara said. I looked at Tamara. "Yeah" I said. Tamara looked at me, "When is practice?" She asked. "Lunch and after school why?" I asked. 

"Oh I was just wondering if I could leave early with my baby sister and all" Tamara said. I know that Tamara's mum ditched her and her baby sister alone. "Yeah it's fine go be with your sister" I said. Tamara smiled. The teacher looked up. "Girls no talking" The teacher said.

I turned back around and did my work. Half way though the lesson I kept writing Harry;s name over my book in different fonts. I couldn't get him out of my house. Luchia looked over and smiled. "Are you in love my dear sister?" Luchia asked. I sighed. "I don't know. I really don't" I said. The bell went, signaling the end of the lesson.

Yay recess time. Woohoo. More talking. And more of Britney bitching about how the team would do better if she was captain. "Is Michael trying again?" Cornelia asked. I nodded. "Yeah he won't understand the work no" I said.


Harry's POV

I told the boys I would meet them soon. I hid behind a bin and started to spy on Adina and her friends I think. well they were walking with her and they were talking. I want to know more about Adina and find out if she is going out with the quarterback. All of a sudden I heard them talk about him. I kept saying please in my head hoping they weren't going out.


Adina's POV

I sighed and looked at the girls. "I don't want to date him because I don't like him" I said frushstrated. Cornelia sighed. "Then don't" She said. I sighed loudly, "He's the quarterback everyone expects me to date him" I said. "We don't" The girls said.

I looked at them smiling. "I know" I said. The girls smiled. "I am just glad he's not my boyfriend" I said. "YES" Someone shouted. I turned and saw Harry doing a dance. I am guessing his happy dance. I shook my head and turned back to see where I was going.

Once the girls and I got out the front we sat with our group. Harry and four other boys walked up. "Mind if we join you?" A boy asked he had an Irish accent. He sounded shy. "No" The girls and I said. The boys sat down next to each girl. Harry said next to me. Hang on. Oh. My. God. Harry is sitting next to me! Everyone was in their own conversation. I was talking to Harry.

I smiled at remembering what I said. "Nice dance moves by the way" I whispered. Harry looked at me shocked and embarrassed. "You saw?" He asked. I smiled. "Yeah and it was cute" I said. The others laughed. I shook my head. Britney thought the laughing was at her she got mad. "What" Britney snapped. "Easy Britney we weren't laughing at you" I said.

The bell went. End of recess. I wanted it to stay longer. "Off to PE" I said. Hey we are cheerleaders we have to be happy with sport. All of us stood up and made their way to their classes. I went to walked off when Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me back. Which made me really close to his face. I stepped back a bit. otherwise I would have kissed him. "Can we talk after?" Harry asked. I nodded. "Yeah sure" I said.

Harry smiled and let me go. "Sorry about that" Harry said. I could tell he was embarrassed. "Its fine. See you soon yeah" I said. Harry nodded. I ran off and caught up with the girls. We linked arms. "So what did Harry want?" Luchia asked. I smiled. "To talk afterwards" I said smiling like crazy.

The girls screamed. I laughed. we got to lesson and saw Mr William our PE teacher walking up to the class. "Alright cheer squad since we are doing dance for four weeks you may practice your cheerleading routine for Saturday. Only the cheer squad" Mr Williams said. Mr Williams is one of the best teachers ever. He helps us with anything. He helped me once when I sprained my ankle.

We nodded and went into our little group. And I can tell you the cheer squad if half the class. I counted each time. When we were practicing. Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn walked in. Once we went over our dancer routine. We went on the pyramid which we could get. Lucia and I were on the top. Britney was on the bottom she moved which made all of us fall. We landed on the ground.

The boys ran up. "Are you alright?" Liam asked. Yes I learnt there names. Harry told me at recess. We nodded and stood up. I looked at Britney. "Why did you move?" I asked. Britney smiled. "Because. It would happen if I was captain" Britney said. All of us groaned and rolled our eyes. That is what I mean. When I thought anything couldn't get worse Michael walked in. I sighed and rolled my eyes again. Michael got to me. "Adina please?" Michael asked. "I will say it again no" I said. 

"Why not?" Michael asked. Fake crying. Oh please. "Because I don't have feelings for you" I said. Michael sighed and walked off. "Michael wait" Britney said. There she goes. I turned back to the squad. "Try it again" I said. Everyone nodded. "Britney get back here" I said. Britney ran back. we tried the  pyramid again. Everyone but Britney was smiling because it worked. Luchia and I looked at each other and flipped off. "Hoping we win Saturday" I said.

Everyone cheered. "Adina can we talk in privet?" Harry said. I nodded. We walked outside so no one could see. "Adina I have been wanting to ask this for a while but got to scared. Adina will you go out with me?" Harry asked. I was shocked. Harry -My crush- likes me. Dream come true and my heart was beating so fast.  could barley hear Mr Williams call out. "Y-y-yes" I said. 

Harry smiled like crazy and hugged me. Picking me up. Which made me laugh. Harry placed me on the ground. We walked in and started to practice again. The boys watched. 20 minutes later the bell rang for lunch. Wow that went fast.

Lunch was more cheer practice. It was good. I know I am being hard on them but the comp is saturday and we don't have time to waist. I am not being beaten by the Hell cats no way hosey. Once lunch was over I had art. Which went for a double than it was home time. Yay.

When I got to art. I sat down with the girls. Mrs Shine walked in. Then the whole class followed. We carried on our work from Friday which was drawing a portrait of someone. I was doing it slowly. Yes I love art. One of my favourite things I love doing in my spare time.

Britney walked up to me and spilt water over my work. "BRITNEY" Mrs Shine yelled. Britney smiled and spilt the rest over my head. I screamed because it was cold. I ran out of class and got to the bathroom where I dried myself off. Which was hard to do. When I was done I headed back to class and sat down. "You okay?" Luchia asked.

I nodded and sat down. I had to start again great. Well this time I knew who I was going to draw. Harry. Luchia smiled as she saw me drawing Harry. "Aww" She said. I rolled my eyes. It was almost the end of lesson and I finished. Mrs Shine walked up. "Very nice Adina" Mrs Shine said.

I smiled. She walked back to her seat and wrote my mark on the sheet. I asked her if I could take it home she said yes. Once it hit 3pm the bell rang. I stood up and rush our with everything in my bag. I had to get to Harry. I saw him at his car. "Harry" I said. Harry turned. He smiled as he saw me. "Yeah" Harry said. He looked at me up and down with a confused look on his face. "Why are you wet?" Harry asked.

"Britney spilt water over me anyway here" I said giving Harry the picture. Upside down. "What is it?" Harry asked confused. "Look" I said. Harry smiled and turned it over. His face lit up. "Wow" He said. I looked down and said, "It's stakeish I'm sorry" I said. Harry smiled and put his hand under my chin and lifted it. My eyes met his emerald green ones. "No need to be sorry. It's beautiful just like you" Harry said.

I blushed. Harry moved his hand. He placed the picture in the car as he turned back to me he put his arms around my waist. Britney walked up. we rolled our eyes. "Harry I am so better than her" Britney said. "Really are you head cheerleader, you can draw amazing pictures and is very very beautiful?" Harry asked. "No well I am beautiful" Britney said. Harry smiled at me. "I'm sorry  you don't have the other two things in common you fail" Harry said.

That made me laugh. Britney turned away and walked off stomping. Harry looked at me. "Now where were we?" Harry asked. I shrugged. Harry smiled and pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled and kissed back. Harry slowly pulled me closer. We pulled back and looked into each others eyes. "You know you look sexy when you are wet" Harry said. "Oh really" I said. Harry nodded.

We separated. "I should go cheer practice" I said. Harry nodded. He pecked my lips and waved. I smiled and ran off. After cheer practice. I saw dad waiting for me. I walked up. "We have to talk when we get home" Dad said. I could hear sadness and also happiness in his voice. "About?" I asked. Dad sighed, "Tell you when we get home" Dad said. I nodded.

When we got home we were in the lounge. "Sit down" Dad said. I sat down. I was so confused. Did I do something wrong? If I did than what? Dad said next to mum. "Did I do something wrong?" I asked. Hoping that I didn't. "No way beautiful" Mum said. Dad sighed. "We have some bad news" Dad said. 

I was shocked. "What kind?" I asked. Mum sighed. "We are moving" Mum said. Okay now its just getting more creepy. "Why and when?" I asked. Dad sighed. "Because of my job being in the navy and we are moving in two days to America" Dad said. I stood up. "I am not going" I stated. Mum and dad sighed. "I am sorry sweetie but we leave in two days" Dad said.

"No I refuse to go" I yelled and ran up to my room. I text the girls not to come over because I was sick. I lied. Yes I lied. I laid on my bed and cried. I didn't want to leave. My crush asked me out. I am glad he likes me. I am not coming out. If they move I am staying here I don't care. An hour later a knock came at my door. "Go away" I snapped almost yelled. 

"Can I come in?" Harry asked. Harry what is he doing here. "Harry" I said wiping my tears away. I heard the door open. I turned and saw Harry walking in. He shut my door and sat on my bed. "What's wrong?" Harry asked. Okay how the hell does he know something is wrong and how did he get here? "How did you get here?" I asked.

"Well the girls came to our house to hang because they said you were sick and I knew that was a lie. I asked for your address. What's wrong babe?" Harry asked. I sat up and grabbed a pillow placing it in my lap. "My parents... My parents and I are moving" I said holding back the teachers. Harry looked at me shocked. "Where too?" Harry asked. 

I took a massive breath. "America" I said. I couldn't hold my tears anymore. I burst out crying again. Harry hugged me tight. "Shh..." He said rubbing my back. I placed my head in his chest. Taking in a deep breath. Man he smelt good. "Why are you moving?" Harry asked. I sighed. "My dad is in the navy and where ever he gets posted we move to move as well" I said.

Harry rubbed my back. "Are you going?" Harry asked. I sighed, "I have to but I don't want to" I said. Harry and I pulled away. The girls came over I told them the hole story. My parents decided I could stay and also Harry had to look after me. I am so happy now. I don't have to leave. I also have to look after my little sister Hannah. Well I don't care. She is like my best friend. My brothers Andrew and Andy are going with mum and dad. This now is the best day of my life.

It became really late. Harry and the girls left around 9:30. It is now 10:55pm. I made my way up stairs. When I got in my room I got changed for bed and fell asleep in my nice warm sheets.

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