The Forgotten Love

This is about a girl and her friends then meet One Direction. The girls are Claire, Haley,Alyssa,Maddie, and Tommy. Claire gets Niall, Haley gets Zayne, Alyssa gets Hary,Maddie gets Liam, and Tommy gets Louis. This is about how the girls meet One Direction and they all get something very special from them!


2. The Street

Tommy Pov

     So it was one day until the concert and we r all packed and on the plane. (plane ride is over getting off the plane) Finally the ground i siad then Claire kissed the ground she is afraid og hights. As we walk down the street to our hotel the girls asked me to get us all coffe and i agreed. BIGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!!! As i was waling i took a left and there was a man not just any man it was a old nasty ugly lookng man with a ragly beard that looks like it hadnt been washed in for ever. Then he had a old torn up coat and torn up pamnts and he practilly had no teeth GROSS. Next comes my big mistake!

Maddie POV

   We had just sent tommy off to get us all coffe. First we started to talk about how when we meet 1D we were gonna go up to them take off there clothes. Then we would thurst them slwoly then go faster and faster soon we would be dripping in sweat and next we would kiss down to their dicks and suck them and lick them. Haley said she would gove Zayne a blow job. Nextwe went to see wat was up with our coffe and why it was late. Soon we got close to a little path that led us somehwere i think and as we turned to hear what we was going on we say Tommy being raped my a old man i think he was a ho bo! .We saw him thrusting him and next the man shoved Tommy's head up to gis dick and was yelling " suck it suck it lick it rub it finish it or ill  kill u" he kept rubbing his head on his dick. Soon we saw the man harden his dick pull up his pants and push tommy backward on his stumach and he humped him from BEHIND! 

Claire POV

After we saw what we saw we saw 1D come back from the building and grab the old man while saying in syc " do u know u do this to way to many children and teens" then they pushed him aside. Soon we all blushed and said thanks and i cant beleive this but they invited us to have a drinnk with them and let us stay at their place and we did. Soon Tommy took a shower and got on new clothes we got a drink.  

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