The Forgotten Love

This is about a girl and her friends then meet One Direction. The girls are Claire, Haley,Alyssa,Maddie, and Tommy. Claire gets Niall, Haley gets Zayne, Alyssa gets Hary,Maddie gets Liam, and Tommy gets Louis. This is about how the girls meet One Direction and they all get something very special from them!


3. The Coffe Shop Bathroom

Authors Note

   If you are under the ahe of 13 please quit reading because this is going to get a hell of alot worse thx

Haley POV

  We were headed of to go drink tea and have a snack with 1D for a bit then we would go back to their house and sleep over so we can go to the concert with them!!!! So after we got out of the car we went to a really nice coffe shop and had some tea and coffe. After a little bit I had to go to the bathroom so i said, "ill be back in a sec im going to use the bathroom" Then Zayne said," ill also come with you cuz i have to go". We said ok and left. While we were walking down the hall we kept laughing and laughing soon we got to one point when we stopped and he kissed meeee!!! I couldnt beleive it Zayne Mallic kissed me on the lips tounge and everything!!! Soon we got to where the hall split up the mens room and ladies room but me and Zayne didnt listen to those. We got into the girls room wnet to the handycap staw and did it right there right then. Zayne said," lets play a little game the first one to moan or back away loses" I agreed and we carried on. First we kisse dat the lips and started kissing patiently. Soon we started taking off our clothes and he took off my bra. After i took off his pants and underwear i started to kiss down ward. I licked his abbs and chest down to his belly button thats where i started kissing again. When i got down to his penis i started sucking harder and harder i was so close i could feel it harden in my mouth. Soon i started sucking on the tip as if it was a hard peice of candy a realy good peice of candy. Soon i heard him say," Fuck Haley Fuck this feels so good to me keep doing it get inside me have me for dinner." Soon i started kissing at the top again and hit let out a little moan and he cussed a little whne he did that. After about 5 minutes of that we went out to our table lauging and giggling. That was the best day ever!!!!

  Maddie POV

                     When Haley and Zayne got back we didnt want to metion we heard what was going on cuz it was fine with me and as long as they were having fun i was bound to have fun or so i thought.  

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