The Forgotten Love

This is about a girl and her friends then meet One Direction. The girls are Claire, Haley,Alyssa,Maddie, and Tommy. Claire gets Niall, Haley gets Zayne, Alyssa gets Hary,Maddie gets Liam, and Tommy gets Louis. This is about how the girls meet One Direction and they all get something very special from them!


1. The Big News

Alyssa"s POV



One day we were just sitting at lunch when Haley comes by yelling at us. We wondered what had happend that made her scream that loud. She said," OMG guess what". Tommy took a guess and said,"did u lick Jackob dick. Did u suck it". She said no then told us," I got One Direction tickets for all of us!" Then all of us jumped for joy YEA!!!!!!!!

Claires POV

When Haley told us the big news we got so exited and almost yelled loud enough to make all of us deaf. We were so happy I will get to see Niall in real life!!! I hope he likes me and has sex with me all the time!!

Maddie POV

I will get to meet Liam i hope. If everything goes right we will be humping thrusting licking sucking blowing touching playing. I will be adventures and awesome. We will be all covered in sweat but we wont use conodms! 

Haley Pov

Haley POV  I cant beleive we get to see One Direction up on stage but what the girls dont know is that we have backstage passes! When my mom got me these i was yalling Zayne Zayne Zayne!!!!! I cant wait to meet him i know one day we will be having sex in the middle of the PARKING LOT!!!!! This will be great!

Tommy POV

   I cant wait to meet One Direction! EEEEEEEEEK dont tell anyone this but im gay and like One Direction and yes i am a boy people mite make fun og me but i dont care i have a really good life gay or not gay. If i meet 1D my life will be complete and i can suck anf play with Louis' dick. I heard its super big and the fact that i have a poster and i kiss his dick every day!!!!!



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