15 Ways To Fix A Broken Heart

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  • Published: 12 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 10 Apr 2013
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I was, and still are, weird. Yes, my friends are the craziest people you'll ever meet. And yes, I was proud of that small insignificat fact. I thought he was too. But he wasn't, his type never are. I was played with and then made to be broken. Then I found it, The Book. It healed me, this simple book with 15 ways to fix a broken heart.
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7. And So It Begins

Simple Plan blare inside my earbuds that are ungracefully shoved into my ears. I quietly bob my head along to the music, hopefully not being too obvious.

"And the War of 1812 was constituted by..." Madame Tuelle drones on in french. I reach inside my pocket and put the volume up higher on my Ipod, I can still hear her explanations. She keeps forgetting that she taught us this last month.

"Madame, didn't you teach us this last month?" pipes up Jimmuel, the class clown. Despite being super funny, he's surprisingly smart.

"No, and you listen to me when I teach," snaps Madame. I roll my eyes as Jimmuel tries to fight back. This happens everyday. He provokes the teacher, teacher gets mad, he gets dentention. For a smart kid, sometimes he doesn't pick up on things like he should.

"But Madame-" he argues.

"No," she interjects, "Detention. Lunchtime. Meet me in my office." And with that, the conversation is over. She scribbles furiously onto the blackboard as Jimmuel flips her off behind her back. The class laughs but Madame is none the wiser. I crack a smile.

"Psst, Levi," whispers Sammi, not so discreetly. I barely hear her above the music but I turn my head to the side anyways. She hands me a piece of paper. I unfurl the crumpled mess and make out the writing.

Free period next? It read. I hand it back to her and nod suspsciously. She knows that we all spend free period together. She scrawls something across it and throws it back.

Meet us by the doors after class.

I nod at Sammi and she goes back to her work. I catch a glimpse of Trent behind my back. His black eyes seem darker for some reason, not that that's possible. He catches me staring and winks, his mouth set in a hard line to prevent laughing. I stick my tongue out at him and turn back around.

The minute hand ticks by slowly and the rest of the class continues to ignore Madame's explanations. I put my music up louder still, wanting to get lost in the beat. The only reason that I'm not though, is that wink. Trent's sly wink replaying inside my head. I shake my head and finally get lost.


"What am I here for?" I ask while playing with my finger nails. Chris, Rick, Sia, Ana, Sammi, Jason, John and I are walking on a narrow path that leads to the back to the local ice rink. The path is crawling with overgrowth that occasionally gets latched onto your shoes. I snag my foot free of a particularily tricky one and groan as it leaves little cuts on my ankles.

"We just made up this awesome new game," explains Sia grins at Chris. He grins back at her, somewhat shyly, and they look away blushing. I feel happy for them, as a good friend should, but throw up in my mouth a little as I see them link arms.

"Does it involve ice?" I ask while I looking around. There are huge mounds of ice everywhere, from the ice rink, and I already see Jason leap on top of one.

"No duh," Jason laughs. I roll my eyes at them.

"Where was I when you guys came up with this game?' I ask. Sammi snickers.

"When you and Trent were at the museum," she scoffs. The rest of the guys laugh and Sia lets go of Chris' arm to come and jab me in the ribs.

"Yeah, since you guys are in love," she jokes. I jab her back and she yelps.

"Ugh, just stop. Please, you know that-" I start to say.

"Know what?" whispers a voice in my ear. I jump back a little until I see it's Trent. Goodness, the nerve of that boy.

"Nothing," I spit out.

"Oh, it sounded like something to me," he muses.

"Get over yourself," I say.

"I will when you admit that you want me to be here," he counters. I laugh at that.

"I can honestly say that I never thought of that," I say. His face falls slightly but recovers quickly. Victory!

"Whatever," he says. I smile, double victory! I pull my face back up to see everyone with their "I told you so" faces. I twist my face back into a frown which, luckily, calms everyone down.

"So, um, what's the game?" I say as I clear my throat. We make it to the back of the ice rink and see mountains upon mountains of ice and snow. A true Winter Wonderland.

"The game is kind of violent," admits Sia. Trent's face lights up again. I admire it for a second, the gentle plane of his face. What would it be like to kiss his lips, to feel them. My face grows hot and I need to turn away. I run up and join Jason instead on the snow.

"The violent ones are the best," Trent laughs. Chris claps him on the back and they talk about how the best video games are the violent ones. I roll my eyes, typical Chris.

"Are we goign to explain the game or what?" asks John and Sia gets back to the point.

"Okay so first, you need to get up on two big block sof ice," Sia explains. All of us grab the biggest pieces and separe it them so they're facing each other.

"Then what?" I ask.

"Two people get up on them and fight. Like Sumo wrestling, first one off loses," Sammi says. The guys go first. It's almost comical to see Chris with his giant-like height face-off against John's tiny size. While they try to knock the other one over Sia and I talk.

"So, when're you going to ask Chris?" I ask excitedly. She shoots me a worried look.

"I don't know. Does he even like me?" she asks. We cheer as John manages to overthrow Chris.

"Did you see him today? He was pratically latched onto you," I say. She brightens a bit. A tiny bit.

"To you maybe," she argues. Trent hops on next to face someone new.

"To everyone," I say exasperatedly. And before I know it, Rick lifts me up and throws me down onto the ice block.

"Remember when you made me talk to Sylvie?" he asks, "This is payback. You'll thank me later."

Sia, Ana, and Sammi give me the thumbs up. Sia winks and motions towards Chris I laugh a little, of couse she'd pick the exact moment when I can witness it.

"Scared?" Trent laughs. I wink at him, hopefully not looking like a total creep while doing it.

"Not one bit." And so it begins.  First he pushes me gently by the shoulders. I laugh at this, if he wants to win he's going to do better than that. Right at that moment Sia decides to speak.

"Hey Chris," she practically yells, "We should go out sometime."

"What?" asks Trent, as does everyone else except me. This is what Sia winked at me for. While Trent's distracted I sweep my feet under him and he falls from his ice block  to the ground with a thud. I throw my hands in the air.

"That's right! I just schooled you! Whoop!" I yell, giddy with my victory. It isn't until Trent remains on the ground do I start to think that I actually hurt him. I hop down and to his side where he cradles his arm.

"You okay man?" Ana asks. Trent's beautiful face is contorted with pain.

"My arm, I think Levi broke it."

I feel terrible.

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