Same Mistakes

Ella had made a mistake the same mistake. Will she ever trust anyone again? Read and find out.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4
    I raced up the stairs to get some burn cream, on the way back down I tripped on the last stair and just as I was about to fall strong arms caught me and helped me steady myself. When I look up I see Harry smiling at me. " h-here's some cream for your burn" I say quickly stuttering a bit.
"Why thank you love" he says. I internally melt. Why am I acting like this, why do I feel this way? I've only known Harry for maybe 24 hours, I couldn't have feelings for him. Could I? No, of course not. I got snapped out of my thoughts by the oven timer. I walk to the oven and take the pizzas out. I let them cool for a bit then I call everyone down to eat. Niall is the first to the table then Ed, the rest of the boys, then Abby.
"You guys go ahead and eat, Abby, can I talk to you, alone" I say. " uh sure" Abby responds. I grab her arm and drag her upstairs to my room. I plop down on my bed and she sits down next to me. " what's wrong baby face" she coos like I'm her child. "I'm not sure Abs, really" I mumble stressfully. Abby sighs. " well, while you were cooking, I beat Niall in four different video games, twice" Abby says proudly. " good job, Abs" I reply.
     " let's get back down there, I don't think I'm quite ready to talk yet, sorry" I say to Abby. " hey, it's ok, don't worry about it, whenever you need to talk you can come to me ok?" Abby says reassuringly. " ok" I say.
     We walked back down the stairs and into the kitchen where we snagged the last two pieces of pizza of the table. " sorry guys " Liam said as we entered the living room. " don't worry about it " Abby and I say at the same time. After Abby and I finished eating and I put everyone's plates in the dishwasher I suggested we go on a walk: " hey guys, you wanna go on a walk?". " where would we walk " Niall asked. " I looked at Ed then Abby. They knew where I was thinking we should go. " well, there's a lake at the edge of the property and we can take the boat out to the floating dock and we can go swimming" I suggested. " yes, that is a great idea!" Louis exclaimed. " wait, what about you Zayn?" Liam said. "He doesn't have to swim, he can just hang out on the dock, we have some pretty cool stuff out there" I said smiling. " let's go" Ed said. Everyone went to their rooms to get changed. Then we started walking.
     The walk down to the boat shed almost left me in tears. This is where Jack left me, and this is where we started 'us'.  I would never fall for another guy like him like ever. I had Abby help me haul the boat out of the shed and onto the launch dock. I tied the boat up to the dock and started explaining. I said, " you see, this is my daddy's boat. He started teaching me to drive it when I was seven, I could drive this baby before I could drive a car. This beauty will only hold three people at once so I will have to make trips, but it has a dual-powered motor so it won't take long.". The boys just looked at me like I was a unicorn or something. Weird. " Liam, Louis, lets go" I yelled. I helped in the boat and told them where to sit so they didn't flip us over. I rolled over the engine and pushed the throttle, with a jerk we started moving, slowly at first, then in a few seconds we were flying across the water. My long curly hair was flying behind me as we went and my sunglasses were pinned to my face by the wind.  When we reached the dock Liam and Louis got out and heaved two bags out with them. When they were safely out I turned the beauty around and sped back to the other side of the lake where Niall and Zayn hopped in. This continued until it was just me and Abby going across the lake.  I could tell that inside she was really exited. We have spent most of our childhood summers out here.  I tried to focus on the good memories but some of the bad ones just wouldn't leave my brain.




A/N: Hey, Guys its Rachel! Sorry it took so long but here's Chapter Four! I am currently writing Chapter 5 and it should be up shortly. If you have an instagram you can follow me on my personal: @rachelmbentley or my 1D one: 1Derful_rachel. Thanl you to my readers and like, favorite, and comment!

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