Same Mistakes

Ella had made a mistake the same mistake. Will she ever trust anyone again? Read and find out.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Ella's POV
I leaped down the stairs and yanked the door open. When I opened the door I screamed with happiness. " Abby-Cakes!" I squealed. " Ella-Boo!" She squealed back. We best friend hugged and I shut the door and dragged her upstairs. " boys, guess who's here!" I yelled halfway up the stairs. " who?" They all yelled. " it's Abby!" She screamed as we burst through the music room door. " heeeeyyyyy!" She said in her Texan accent, it's different than my Tallahassee accent. ( if any of you are from Tallahassee or have ever been there, I will love you forever! We could be like sisters! Any Seminole fans out there? Huh huh) " um hi" Ed said ( rhymey there). " guys this is Abby, Abby this is Ed, Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam" I said pointing to all of them as I said there names. " nice to meet y'all" , " again I'm Abby, Ella's, best friend" Abby said. Bless her heart she is so hyper. Like all the time. ALL THE TIME! 
" I'm bored!" Louis shrieked. " me too" Abby whined from her position, which currently was upside down on an arm chair eating a lollipop. " what do want to do?" I asked to everyone. I was in a desperate need of an idea. " Ella make us food!" Niall suggested from the couch. "Fine!" I yelled and ran to the kitchen. "Tell me what you want in the next 10 seconds or you won't get anything at all" I warned. I don't like to waste time with food. It's a delicate subject. " 1.....2.....3....." I started to count. " pizza!"screeched Niall again. " yes" everyone chorused. Ooh, are they in for a surprise. In 6th grade I won first place at the pizza making contest in Gainesville. It was for adults.....I was 11. I got out the yeast,flour,water,oil,and the other ingredients for my dough and began kneading it. After I covered the dough I walked back into the music room where everyone was to ask about toppings. "I made enough dough for 3 pizzas....what do you want on them?" I asked. There was a lot of yelling and arguing and Abby choking on her candy and such activities. In the end we had cheese,pepperoni, and one whole pizza for Niall with basically every kind of meat in my house on it. So, yeah. I went back down stairs to check my dough. It had set, so I took it out and began fitting it into my pans. I covered the dough with olive oil and went into the pantry to get the sauce. When I came back out I found Harry sitting there on his phone. "Can I help you?" I asked as I came into the kitchen. " what...oh, I thought maybe you could use some help.." He answered. " sure " I responded blankly. I opened the can and spooned it out onto the already spread crusts. I had dollops of sauce on each pizza, I handed one pan to Harry and told him to spread it out. I handed him a wooden spoon and got one for myself. I picked up one of the pizzas and in one swift motion, I had covered the pizza evenly. I took the other one and did the same thing to the other. I looked to Harry and found his pizza was......interestingly covered with sauce. It was too thin in the middle and thick on the sides. I took the spoon from him and gave a demonstration, then let him do it. He did it well this time, I was pleased.
I got out the toppings and set them on the counter. I looked at Harry and, he looked, intimidated? I took one of the pizzas and spread the cheese out on the sauce covered dough. This pizza was the plain cheese one. I handed one of the pizzas to harry and told him to do the pepperoni one, while I did Niall's. I began chopping the meat into small pieces to go on the pizza. I looked to Harry once again, and he made the pizza look like a smiley face with the pepperoni. He looked up at me and smiled. " like it?" He asked pleased with himself. " yup" I said popping the p. I went back to my chopping. I asked Harry to put cheese on the pizza that wasn't done yet. He did and then I put all the meat on. I then turned the oven on and started preheating it. I turned around to harry and began " soooo". "Soooo" he said back. "Yeah" I said. " yup" he said popping the p. Right at that moment the oven dinged, signaling it was ready. I picked up two of the pizzas and carried them to the oven and called to Harry to bring me the other one. I placed the pizza pans on the rack and stepped back so Harry could put the other one on. I guess he burned himself because he yelled "ow" and pulled back almost dropping the pizza pan. I grabbed the pan before it hit the floor and placed it into the oven, I then turned to Harry and asked if he was ok. He said," yeah, I think I just got a little burned.". "I'll look at it in a second ok" I offered. He simply nodded. I shut the oven door and set the timer. I walked over to Harry and led him over to the sink so he could put the burn under cold water. He winced as his finger made contact with the icy cold water, " I'll be right back, k " I said as I turned to race up stairs. " k" he said.


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