Same Mistakes

Ella had made a mistake the same mistake. Will she ever trust anyone again? Read and find out.


1. Chapter 1

I was broken. I was missing pieces, no one could fit. I didn't think I could love anyone else, until he came into my life.
My world was falling down, suffocating me. I wanted to just let go. He had ruined me. I had made a mistake. I had made the same mistake. I had trusted someone with my heart, for it to only be broken. My parents, missionaries, my only brother, at college, I was alone. The boy I had loved, broke my heart, and left me completely alone. I was hating the lonely silence, when my phone vibrated, signaling a new text. I picked it up, it was a text from my cousin, Ed. It read:
Eddie!: I'm coming to visit!
Me: it's just me you'll get bored
Eddie!: I'm coming just for you, be grateful, young one.
Me: why!?
Eddie!: because you're all alone and I'm going on tour with some of my friends and I wanted them to meet my cousin! But you're like my sister.
Me: fine!
Yeah, he said tour. My cousin is the amazingly talented, Edward Sheeran.
I wonder who his friends are, as long as they weren't any of his friends from high school I was okay. Man, those guys were jerks! I was broken out of my thoughts when the doorbell rang. I opened it up to my fiery red-headed cousin. "What are you doing here now! I was texting you like 5 seconds ago!" I said. " I forgot to tell you, so I texted you to make sure I could come" he explained. " you're crazy" I mumbled under my breath. " why yes I am" he said proudly, I guess he heard me. These are my amazing friends, Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam, of One Direction. I shook each of their hands, and let them inside. I showed them where they could stay, in my eerily quiet and abandoned home. We all came back down to the living room and just sat in awkward silence. Despite my broken heart, the house was perfectly clean, I couldn't stand messy or unorganized spaces, I guess you could call me OCD. Ed broke the silence, " So, Ella, how have you been?"
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