Glitch. That word could determine life or death, and for Cynthia Yorkshire, it means death. Living in a future society where everyone at birth is implanted with a chip is not easy. Those who are able to reprogram themselves are 'Glitches' and are immediately executed. In hopes to save herself, she hides who she really is. But when an unexpected visit from a so-called 'sister' goes horribly wrong, Cynthia is suddenly pushed into a world of death. With guns, killer chases and murder, it's the story of breaking free from society and living to tell the tale.


1. Prologue



Perfection has it's flaws.

Now, that statement probably doesn't make any sense, but it is true. I, of all people, would know. Living in a world full of programmed people, I've had my fair share of experience dealing with so-called perfection. And it definitely needs some improvement.

I remember thinking that everyone was like me, given the opportunity to decide right from wrong, the opportunity to have an opinion, the opportunity to live, but I was completely wrong. Not only had the government taken away our freedom, but they had taken away our emotions.

I was part of the few who were able to live on their own will. I was free from the clutches of society. But, in a way, I wasn't really free. I had to hide who I really was just to be able to live every day. I couldn't go out in public without that stupid fake smile plastered on my face, or have a normal conversation. I couldn't even show any emotion. It was all for fear of death. For fear of everyone finding out who I really was.

A Glitch
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