Sapphire's mom dies in a car crash and her dad is the one left to take care of her but the thing is he abuses her.


1. Runaway

 I gripped my brown teddy bear, my eyes filled with tears, I couldn't stop running because Dad would just beat me again. I'm full of cuts and bruises I don't want anymore.
    I ran until I got to the forte, it still had rusty screws and a tiny amount of mold on the one board closest to the latter,my mom help me make last year before she passed away a month later from a car accedint. I quickly climbed up the robe latter, once I got up I pulled up the latter just in case dad came looking here even no he doesn't know up the forte. 
    I opened the wooden chest and grabbed my sleeping bag with twinkling stars glowing across the night sky as the picture and a pillow with no pillow case on it. I kept the sleeping bag and the pillow in my forte because when my farther was away on a buissness trip my mother and I would camp in here and look at the fireflies roaming around the forest.

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