Kidnaps You Tonight

Imagine this no One Direction. 17 year old Angela wants something, that some thing is fame. When she kidnaps 5 international superstars. (One Direction)
Things change big time...................

***co-writer, Bridget124bb1


2. Fame my only Priority

Angela's P.O.V.

"Who's next" I said, as I pulled out a gun (that didn't have any bullets in it). I only took out my gun to scare them because I knew they would start running or call for help. I held my taser in one hand and my gun in the other as I started walking towards the other boys. 

"I'm gonna tell you this one time and one time only." I said as I was now standing right in front of the boys. Harry was still passed out on the floor next to them. 
"If you run or scream for help I will shoot you." I said confidently pretending the gun was loaded. "I won't taser you or shoot you if you act normal and follow me." I said while pointing to Harry "And I'm gonna need someone to get curly" I said as I headed for the door. The boys slowly followed behind me as we made our way out of the building. I made sure the boys were following me as I stuffed them all into my black range rover. Louis got into the drivers seat while all the other boys sat in the back. I sat in the passenger seat, still holding my gun in my hands. 
"Louis hun, please drive us to the airport" I said while fluttering my eyelashes. He slowly nodded but looked pretty scared. We were almost at the airport when we heard police sirens behind us. 


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