Kidnaps You Tonight

Imagine this no One Direction. 17 year old Angela wants something, that some thing is fame. When she kidnaps 5 international superstars. (One Direction)
Things change big time...................

***co-writer, Bridget124bb1


1. A Pageant Life for Me

"And the winner of our Miss 2013, goes to Miss Debrecen" the stubby announcer screamed in to the microphone.

Angela's P.O.V

I was overwhelmed with excitement, I walked up to the podium. I felt this shock of something shoot up my back, as I recieved my silver crown. That something that shoot up my back was fame. ''YES'' finally I'm famous. '' When I was little my parents told me to be the change I want to see in the world." I said emotionally. The crowed roared in excitement at my speech.

At the end of the Miss Grande Prix 2013, I got many prizes such as a private meet and greet pass to One Direction. I was like OMG this is what you get for being famous. I wish I had this life from the start.

***At the Meet and Greet ***

I was wearing a nice floral dress with knee high socks, and boots, a skinny leather belt and a jean jacket. I was waiting for One Direction, I had to admit I was a little shaky. I touched up my hair a little, it was perfect. I made my way to the big doors leading up to the room where One direction sat.

OMG OMG chill Angela chill. I walked in just me and them. If I hadn't read the book about One Direction, I would of screamed at the top of my lungs. I awkwardly walked up to them. Harry came up to greet me first. I decided that I wouldn't fall for any of his tricks because I knew he was a flirt.
"Hello love! I'm Harry!" He said and winked before sitting back down on the big couch.
"Oh I know who you guys are!" I said enthusiastically. I loved all of te boys honestly....I even had a soft spot for Niall.....But fame is better than love so I guess I'll just play. Nice for now.
After I introduced myself I sat down in between Niall and Zayn.
"So guys ever heard of a tazer?" I said as I stood up and took the tazer out of my jacket pocket.
"Wha-" Harry started talking but I didn't let him finish. I ran towards him and tazed him. All the boys looked at me in shock.
"Who's next?!"

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