This Little Thing Called Love [Harry Styles AU]

"I won't let them hurt you. I know this seems bad now, I know it all seems bad right now, but you mean more than the world to me. If they hurt you, I'll kill them. I swear to you I will protect you until the day I die. It's my fault for getting involved with the wrong kind of people; you're not going to pay for my mistakes." -Harry Styles


1. One.

Life is never as easy as it seems. Sure, people come and go, boyfriends appear and disappear, but there seems to be something that everyone is always hiding. Scars, bullying, diseases, disorders. Nobody is perfect, no matter how hard they try to be.

My brown hair was tied up in a neat bun, the hair that was normally flowing down my back pulled up and out of the way as I worked endlessly on my Chemistry project. The partner I had been assigned to was sick, leaving me all alone to work on adding and subtracting chemical equations and ensuring that the right amount of chemicals were added to the actual project. Wouldn't want the whole school to blow up, would we? 

Caramel colored eyes were occasionally turned away from the bright shining of the lights embedded into the classroom ceiling. I had been focusing on the translucent piece of paper that was laid across the lab station, the carbon filled pencil scrawling messy words and notes across the page. Simple things that would be redone later.

"Mickey? You ready to go?" The sweet, sing-song voice of my best friend filled my ears. I'd recognize that voice anywhere. It went along with her looks, blonde, tall, bright blue eyes and dimples that shone. Her name was absolutely beautiful as well; Annabele. Such a pretty name for such a pretty face. A small smile crept upon my lips as I glanced up from my work, only to discover that the bell had rung nearly fifteen minutes ago, and I had been shutting things out for far too long. With a quick nod of my head, I piled all of my papers together and placed them into my binder before shoving the whole thing into my backpack.

"Mickaela, I'm going to need to see you for a second; please." A drawling, scruffy, disturbing voice called me over. It was my Chemistry teacher, Mr.Hathaway. He had to be one of the meanest teachers there was. He wasn't my favorite teacher by any means, but throughout the year I had learned to respect him way more than the other kids in my grade did. He was only trying to do his job...though I can't say he was doing it well; per-se.

My eyebrows peaked up in question as my feet planted themselves firmly in front of his desk. "Yes?" I was growing quite annoyed. By now the lunch lines would be packed to their limits, and I wouldn't have time to get lunch anyhow. I needed to tutor Annabele.

"I need you to tutor another student in your free time. I'll give you extra credit for doing so."

It wasn't that I was a total nerd; I dressed nice, didn't have glasses either. But it was my work ethic that kept me successful in my school work. I was always on top of things, completing the necessary assignments days before they were due instead of the night before, and my test scores were the top in nearly all of my classes. "Who is it?" I would always be eager to help someone as long as I got some form of payment.

~At lunch~

"No way!" Came Annabele's high pitched squeal. I nodded my head in a solemn response. We both knew that horrible things seemed to only happen to me; nothing bad ever happened to her. "I can't believe you have to tutor Harry Styles. Of all people!"

Yes, Mr.Hathaway had asked me to tutor Harry Styles. The horrible boy who was a year older than me, but still in the same year. My eyes rolled in annoyance. I was never going to be happy about this. Our personalities clashed violently, hell, his personality clashed with anyone and everyone. He just wasn't the kind of person you would normally see hanging out with a person like me. I was a good girl, and he? He was a bad guy.

The kind that had tattoos covering his body, the kind that had lip rings and listened to music that the Devil himself surely created. I didn't trust him, and the rumors that constantly swirled around the boy didn't help his case at all.

Rumor has it that he is a drug dealer as well as a drug user. Sure, I had seen him smoking numerous amounts of times..but that? That seemed more likely to be true than the other ones. Well...except for the one that said he was a player -- I could tell that just by looking at him.

"I don't want to even think about it anymore. It's bad enough I have to seem him after school." The disgust in my voice was clearly evident as we walked back through the halls and to our lockers. Everyone had either taken refuge from the rain in the cafeteria or had begun to walk the halls, waiting for the bell to ring. A long, deep sigh escaped my lips as I unlocked the metal cabinet, shoved my Chemistry book into it, and grabbed my AP Social Studies. My day was supposed to be free of stress and worrying, as it was Wednesday, meaning much less homework to deal with. But nope. I had to tutor Mr.BadAss after school for two hours. "Kill me. Please." I groaned, practically banging my head on the locker as Annabele laughed at my reaction. 

~After School~

As I walked to room five-o-four, I couldn't help but feel I was being a bit of a hypocrite about his piercings and tattoos. Yeah I had a nose ring, and yeah I had a small Pirates of the Caribbean medallion tattoo that I got when I turned sixteen, but the amount that he had disgusted me. Hypocrite, I hissed at myself. Shaking off the feeling of remorse, I hurried into the classroom and took a seat, getting out the required materials before Harry even got here. 

When he showed up forty five minutes late, I knew this was going to be a long night.



*Complete crap, I'm sorry. It will get better, I promise! I'm just not in a good mood today. *


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