American Girl

Lee Lavingne comes to London to escape her old life,

when she meets a group of friends who might make her forget the darkness of her past.

Will she ever find out the answers for the secrets that haunt her?

Or will new issues cause her to make another disappearance?


2. So Can We Call You LaLa?

“So here it is!” Eleanor sing-songed as we stepped out of the elevator. We were on the top floor of some shmancy hotel. The penthouse suite. As in we had the whole floor. I feel like fricken’ London Tipton. So then this makes this the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Interesting… 

Regardless, I think this is the start of something good. Whoa for a second there I thought I was going to go all High School Musical on you with the start of something new. But alas, only in my dreams. I’m getting off topic again. 

As Elle turned the key and pushed open the door, I just about died. But I made sure not to really die because then I wouldn’t get to experience this. It was complete perfection. I walked into the entranceway which is probably big enough to call a lobby, and I intend on calling it just that. 

“Holy mother of Neptune” I managed to say while stumbling into my new palace. I looked back at Elle who was giggling at my reaction. As I looked around the room wide eyed and amazed at everything I was barely able to withhold my excitement. Well actually I couldn’t withhold my excitement. Practically fangirling. 

Holy shit. 

Holy shit. 

I’m sorry did I mention holy fucking shit? 

Elle reached for my hand to guide me because I was clearly incapable of movement on my own. 

“Here, let me show you to our bedroom,” 

“Works for me,” 

We walked in and she plopped down on one of four beds. Four magnificently perfect beds might I add. 

I swear to god I’m gonna pass out. 

I took a deep breath so I was able to communicate fully again. 

“Where should I put my things?” 

“In the closet over there,” Eleanor said while pointing to double doors on the opposite side of the room. Double doors. On a closet. 

I jumped over a bed running to the closet and I think that was an Olympic-worthy moment. I flung the doors open and fell to the ground while letting out some gross inhuman gurgling sound at the sight. Clothes as far as the eye can see. AND SHOES. 


“Really though Elle, this is amazing. I can’t thank you enough” I said managing to push myself off of my back. We had just met a couple of hours ago and we were already acting like best friends. You know, I could get used to this. 

“So when will I get to meet Danielle?” 

“Uhh, probably in a couple hours. She’s at dance practice right now. Oh and by the way we have another roommate, Perrie, who is out with her group Little Mix right now. I’m not quite sure when she’s coming back though…” she said not even bothering to look up from the fashion magazine that had appeared in her hands. So she was one of them… 

“Oh yeah I’ve heard some of their music. It’s good.” At this point, I was holding the clothes up to me to check for size. Looks like we’re about the same. Awesomeness. “Didn’t you mention something about your boyfriend L-, Lo-, Louis was it?” 

“Yep Louis. Him and the boys live in the adjoining section of the floor.” 

“Who are ‘The Boys’? And how many of them are there?” 

“There are 5 of them; I thought I told you. Louis and the rest of them are in the band One Direction. Well I guess it’s not a band because they don’t play instruments. Let me rephrase that to boy band.” 

But before Elle got to say that last sentence, I dropped the stilettos I was examining and tensed up. One Direction? As in Harry Styles from One Direction? Fuck my life. 

This would be one of those times where a spit-take would happen. But I have a feeling that would look overly dramatic. So let’s not Lee. 

“So Eleanor, when are they coming back to the apartment?” I was hoping she would say they were leaving on tour or something that would give me time. Lots of time. 

“Probably like half an hour,” 

“THIRTY MINUTES? YOU EXPECT ALL OF THIS TO LOOK SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE IN THIRTY MINUTES?” I half-yelled motioning up and down to show my body, shocked. This was one of my more spazzy moments. 

Deep breath Lee. “Okay. So I have to make a good impression. I will be living with these people after all. What can I do to make a good impression? I can do that singing-dancing number I have prepared for moment like these; pull a Broadway on them. Yeah that’s the ticket. Or maybe that will scare them. Well I will end up scaring them all the time with my shenanigans but let’s not start like that-” 

“LEE, it’s okay. You look fine. You really don’t need to impress them.” Elle said in a calming voice while gripping on to my forearm to stop me from pacing. 

“We’re wasting precious time woman! Now make me fabulous!” 

Elle just laughed at this. I walked into the luxurious bathroom to get ready. And whoa. I had a lot of work to do in half an hour. 

“They should be here any minute Lee so prepare yourself!” 

I looked myself up and down. I was no runway model, but I was presentable. Cool beans, good enough for me. I was wearing galaxy leggings with blue converse and a completely random shirt that for reasons unknown to the world said, and I quote “Pineapple” on it. 

“Oh and Eleanor, whatever happens out there, play along.” I yelled from the bedroom. 

She walked in the doorway looking spectacular and looked at me like she was questioning my sanity. Which I completely understand. I was questioning my sanity. After she walked away I sat in the closet thinking about the day so far. What would I do when Harry got here? Craaaaaaaaaaap. 

Just then I heard a pair of muffled laughs coming from outside the door and I ran to check if it the boys were here. I’m pretty sure I made the face that the raisin face guy makes in rage comics. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit-ake mushrooms. I did a combat roll to get back to the bedroom before they walked in because I’m just that skilled. 

I hear footsteps in the apartment; I hear conversation; I hear Eleanor tell whoever it is about the new roommate. THAT’S MA CUE. 

I skip-literally skip- into the room all smiles and lollipops and rainbows. I look over at the two boys standing there like I just noticed. All part of the plan **devious smile**. 

I recognized them as Louis-Elle’s boyfriend- and Liam. And they looked good. 

“Hiya! Well my name is Lee! I live here now!” I practically yelled in a perfect southern accent while I skipped over to them. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Lee. I’m Louis and this is Liam,” he said gesturing to the boy next to him. They both reached out to shake my hand but I gave them a little wave I felt should only be used when using the phrase toodle-o. 

Man, I was good. 

“So where are you from Lee?” Liam offered . 

“Umm..” I took my time and made a face like I was thinking really hard about this question. “America.” I finished confidently. To perfect this piece, I had been looking around the room and picking things up and looking at them for a second like a little kid. 

“Where in America?” Louis asked not sure whether this was an act. 

I walked over to the couch and started jumping on it. 


They started whispering confusedly, clearly about me, looking up every couple of seconds. They made their way over to the couch across the room from me. 


I am too good. 

Just then the sound of a key turning in a door stopped me and I jumped down from the couch. They’re heeere. Eleanor walked over to the boys as I ran to the door and told them something along the lines of “Just go with it”. 


I opened the door to see a blonde boy who was (clearly) surprised to see a random stranger in his home. I think he was… Niall? I greeted him with a warm smile-a normal warm smile- and introduced myself as Eleanor’s new roommate. And note I did this all with a very believable Australian accent. 

“My name is Lee.” I said over my shoulder as I walked in to the main sitting area where Louis, Liam and Elle were sitting. 

“Niall,” he didn’t have to ask where I was from because the accent was so obvious. “So when did you get here Lee?” I spun on my heel and forced myself to tense up. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I said in a half confused half angry voice. Anybody who was paying attention would know this was a line from Moody’s Point on The Amanda Show. 

He began profusely apologizing and I kind of felt bad for the kid. Poor guy. 

I turned back and strolled over to the couch and plopped down with a huge realistic grin on my face. I motioned for him to sit down next to me. He looked nervously at the boys for guidance but they just shrugged at him. He made his way to the couch and sat down. I moved right next to him. And when I say that I mean I was practically on top of him. 

Did I mention I was good at this? Because I am. 

This bipolarness continued on for five uncomfortable more minutes before the sound keys brought all of our attention to the front door. READY OR NOT HERE I COME. 

I gave some space between me and Niall while readjusting my hair and preparing for the next “introduction”. The door flings open and two very handsome-WAIT THAT’S HARRY. My first instinct was to hide my face from recognition, until I realized I looked completely different from our first encounter. I flashed them a smile as Niall made his way to the couch where the first two boys were seated, obviously trying to get away from me. I recognized the second boy as Zayn. The boys stood on the side of the room, between the two couches and looked at me waiting for an introduction. 

Eleanor jumped at the opportunity, “Harry, Zayn, this is-” 

“Lee, Lee Lavingne,” I interjected (with a stereotypical New Yorker accent might I add) walking over to the opposite couch and sitting right on Louis’ lap. “Louis’ ex-girlfriend.” I added with a smile looking at Lou (who was acting along quite well for being put on the spot), chomping on my gum (f.y.i. I didn’t even have gum; I’m just that good). The room was dead quiet except for the sound of my fake chewing. I glanced at Eleanor who looked faux-annoyed and she threw me a wink. 

We were like partners in crime. Like Holmes and Watson. Well except they fought crime not partook in crime. We were like… yeah that was my only good example. 

Harry and Zayn looked around the room at everyone’s faces, searching for an explanation. Louis was staring intensely at a wall. Liam was looking at his shoes, avoiding all contact with the fake situation. Niall was withholding a small smile, so he had figured out the situation. Eleanor was being perfect looking frustrated. I wrapped my arm over Louis shoulder and crossed one leg over the other so I could swing it. 

“So…” Zayn finally broke the silence. 

Resulting in more silence. 

“Isn’t this great?” I grinned at the rest of the room. 

More silence. 

“Lee, I think we’ve put them through enough,” Elle said to me, laughing. 

“Oh alright,” I walked over to the love seat she was on and sat next to her. The boys all moved to sit on the giant couch next to each other. They were all staring at us eagerly, waiting for further explanation. Let them wait. 

“My name really is Lee in case you were wondering. I’m from London, born and raised. I’m a professional gymnast. I would have gone to the Olympics if it weren’t for my leg.” I explained with a British accent this time. The boys were thoroughly confused. 

“Okay because she has something against telling the truth, this is our new roommate, Lee Lavingne. She is from Massachusetts and she just flew in today.” 

“You’re bloody mental woman!” Harry exclaimed after a few seconds. I took that opportunity to jump on to their couch so I was lying across their legs with my head on Niall and my feet on Liam. 

“Just call me the Mad Hatter. That makes you Alice I suppose. Or the Cheshire cat which may be more appropriate since you are all British- with the exception of the lovely Niall of course.” 

“Okay that’s enough of that,” Harry said standing up and walking to his room, causing me to fall to the ground with a loud thud. Somebody was in a sassy mood. 

“Ow!” I nominate a Mr. Harry Styles as president of the welcoming committee. 

Note my sarcasm. 

The four remaining boys all reached down and offered me a hand to help get up, but I ended up getting up on my own. I didn’t need them thinking I couldn’t handle myself when they’d just met me (the funny part about that is that I can’t handle myself). 

The boys all formally introduced themselves with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. You know, I could get used to this. I mean have you seen them? Like really, I am a teenage girl. 

“So is your name just Lee, or is that short for something? Lee-ann?” Zayn asked. 

“Leah?” Louis continued. 

“Lisa?” Niall tried. 

“Ellie?” Liam guessed. 



“We can keep going if you want,” Louis challenged. 

“Alright, alright. Miss Leila Lavingne at your service.” I said with a civil war era southern gentleman accent. Idk man, I think I have a thing for accents. 

“So if your first name ends with La, and your last name starts with La, can we call you LaLa?” Niall asked completely serious. 

I thought about it. “Fine. Just don’t use my first name. I’ll have to kill you. I’ve already told you too much. Those spies are everywhere these days,” I said with shifty eyes glancing suspiciously around the room. 

We talked for a couple more minutes, me avoiding as many topics about home as possible, before Eleanor suggested we go to bed. 

“I suppose that makes sense. I know how much you boys would looove talking to me all night, but all of this,” I said motioning to my face, “doesn’t happen without 9-12 hours of beauty sleep. Nighty-night, don’t let the bedbugs bite! Mwah!” I looped my arm through Elle’s and we skipped back to our bedroom. I heard the boys quietly chatting about me and my antics. Yeah I think I could get used to this. 

“Goodnight Eleanor!” I said after we entered the room. 

“Not yet…” She said with a devious smile. If she weren’t so charming I would probably be scared. “Dani will be home soon, so I don’t suspect you will be getting much sleep,” 

“Since I have to do this, can we make this a 100% stereotypical teenage girl slumber party?” 

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