Love in the Snow (Luke's P.O.V)

Luke has moved out from his old house in Australia and bought a new house in Britain with his mother and two sisters; Emily and Luna. After looking from the window one night, he sees a very beautiful girl in the house in front of his, he soon finds out that the girl's name is Lilly. After spending just three days Lilly and Luke start to have some strange feelings and they soon discover - that the'v fallen in love.

PS: you might think that things go on very fast between Lilly and Luke but what can I say .. I believe in love in first sight =) .. hope you like everyone


5. The Snowmen

I woke up having the feeling that I overslept. I looked at the clock - HOLLY SHIT! I thought. It was nine thirty. I looked from my window, she wasn't home. She must've gone there before I did. 

I wore the same shirt I was wearing yesterday and my coat. I kept sure I was doing this all so fast, I didn't want her to keep waiting for me, then I was out. I went to the same place we met in yesterday and there she was. 

"Oh hullo!" she said as she looked at me, I smiled.

"Already here?" I asked. 

"Yup -" she said. She then handed me a drink that she was holding, "here, take this. I usually drink it at night while reading next to the fireplace , but yeah. Hope you like it. - cheers" 

So that's what she drank that time I saw her. I started drinking and it tasted very good! It was a cup of hot chocolate, the best I'd ever tasted. 

"hmmm, it's delicious! Thank you." I said. 

"Glad you liked it." she said with a grin. 

"So we're making snowmen today?" I asked, starting a conversation. 

"mhmm. I love to make snowmen, I bet you'll too" She answered. Then we started chatting, it was a very lovely conversation , really. We talked about random stuff and ourselves, she told me a bit about herself and I told her about me too, only the things she told me weren't enough, I really wanted to know many things about her. Then one of the neighbors came, so we waved him hello and then Lilly suggested to start making snowmen and I agreed. We weren't very close to that man, Lilly said we could have all the snow there for ourselves, I liked it because there we were almost alone and I liked spending time with her alone. 

Lilly kept on telling me about how much she love building snowmen and how she had a special technique that she invented herself. Lilly told me they previously made many snowmen, they even made snow-women it must be really fun.

"D'you know how to make a snowman?" Lilly asked me. 

"Just a little bit." I replied. "I mean I never tried it myself" I continued honestly. I did watch many videos and movies that had people who were building snowmen, but as I told Lilly I never tried it. 

"Then just watch me first" she said. So I did. 

Lilly made a small ball and got it bigger and bigger by adding snow to it and then scrolling it on the ground . She then did something very funny when the ball got bigger; she laid on it and started scrolling it while she was laying. I couldn't help it but laugh a lot! The scene was very funny! When Lilly finally noticed I was laughing, she joined me. I loved her laugh, it made her look even more beautiful. I just loved watching her laughing, it sound weird, however. Lilly laughed so much that while she was laying she almost slipped! NO! I thought and I put my arms right under her back and butt just in time, that I caught her! And man I was lucky to do so. I looked at her carefully, our faces were inches apart. I was literally staring into her face, with my worried expression that refused to leave my face after her falling -almost falling, actually- Lilly, however, was smiling. 

"Are you ok?" I asked her. She didn't reply instantly, she must have been shocked too, at least she looked so, but then she said,

"yes" in a whisper. "Yes! Very good, thank you!" she got her voice a bit louder. We both were smiling now, I didn't let go of her now, we just kept on looking at each others' faces closely as if waiting for something to happen. I almost kissed her, but I didn't. I then felt like I was just dreaming and I suddenly woke up, Lilly blinked a couple of blinks and was on her feet again. I was still having a wonderful moment, even that we didn't talk, our eyes did, and it was enough. I think my eyes said lots of things, maybe they even said, 'I love you' I didn't know. But I didn't love her, I mean how can I love her when I met her yesterday. I don't even know it I have a crush on her of like her, I just - nothing else, right Luke? I was thinking. nothing else. 

I really should've kissed her, she probably was waiting for me to do it and me being a fool didn't. Whether I had a crush on her or not that moment was so romantic that I should have kissed her. I just didn't know what stopped me, probably the same thing that have always been stopping me - fear, fear of the reaction and the rejection. She then started continuing her snowman, I helped her a bit and kept on watching her. None of us said anything while this. Each of us was lost in their own thoughts, but it wasn't bad, or awkward. It was really -if possible- romantic. 

Lilly then finally spoke, 

"You can start your own one if you want." she said I agreed by nodding and started doing my first snowman ever, following the way she did her snowman -only I didn't lay on the ball when it got very large-. The ball started getting bigger and bigger, and man, heavier and heavier! That was enough for the snowman's body, so I stopped and started with the second ball. While I was doing this, Lilly turned to me,

"Have you got any carrots at home?" 

"I dunno." I said, "Just wait till I see." I said and went home. Mum, Em and Lu were all asleep. I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Where are the carrots mum bought that day? Oh here they are. I thought as I finally found them, took 

one and left without making a noise. I reached Lilly, 

"I got one." I told her shaking the carrot so she can see it. 

"Great. Thank you."  she said, I gave her the carrot, she examined it and then put it by my mouth ordering me to open it.

"You made me go to my house and get you the carrot so I can eat it?" I said. Lilly laughed. 

"No, silly! I wanted you to bring me the carrot so I can put it on my snowman, but it's long and I thought I'd treat you for doing me this favor!" she explained. 

"Oh." I said slowly, "well then, aaaaaah" I opened my mouth and she got the carrot in there and I started chewing it. 

"That's my boy, oh yes he is. oh yes he is!" Lilly said tapping on my head and getting my hair untidy. We both started laughing harder. 

Lilly's snowman was ready after a while, so she helped me with mine. It took us so much time that most of our neighbors were there then. Everybody was doing their own snowmen, but finally my snowman was ready, but Lilly said it needed one more thing. 

'A carrot!  "She shouted. We started laughing again. Then Lilly started looking around, as if expecting someone or looking for someone. "Hey Luke?" she called.


"Can we go and wake your sisters up and then wake mine?" She asked. Wake my sisters up? I thought. Would they like it? Yeah, probably they would. they did really like Lilly after all, I think. 

"Alright." I replied. 

Lilly was so happy that she started jumping. man, she does this a lot! I was very happy to make her feel so. I looked at her in admiration and couldn't help it but hold her hand. As I did she let go of it, I was taken a back a bit. Was I acting very fast? I wanted to apologize but I noticed that what was in my mind wasn't the reason she let go of my hand, it was way better. She was just removing her glove and now i could really hold her hand. They were cold, not as cold as mine because I don't wear gloves, I don't like to. Her hands were very soft. Lilly started getting my hands warmer by her breath, I loved those moments and I think she did too, for she had a smile on her face the whole time. While she was warming my hands I felt like kissing her cheek or at least her forehead, but two things stopped me; one, the voice that was in my head that said she was just my friend and two, we were there. 


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