Love in the Snow (Luke's P.O.V)

Luke has moved out from his old house in Australia and bought a new house in Britain with his mother and two sisters; Emily and Luna. After looking from the window one night, he sees a very beautiful girl in the house in front of his, he soon finds out that the girl's name is Lilly. After spending just three days Lilly and Luke start to have some strange feelings and they soon discover - that the'v fallen in love.

PS: you might think that things go on very fast between Lilly and Luke but what can I say .. I believe in love in first sight =) .. hope you like everyone


15. The Reaction

When I arrived I tried to make sure she was there and she was.

"Aaaaaah!" Was the first thing I heard from her. She screamed very loud, a scream that filled the whole street. The light wasn't very bright, for now the sun sat and disappeared, but the light from my house was lightning her face, and it looked as usual very beautiful. I havent seen Lilly closely for a while. She started getting just a bit neared to me to discover who I was, and when she finally did her expression changed. I wondered what was going on her mind. She seemed puzzled and a bit sad, I really thought I could read her mind, because all what was going in my head was that I wanted her here, between my arms and in my chest. I wanted to hold her closely and hug her tightly. I wanted to tell her how much I loved her and I wanted - well let's just say, I wanted her to solve the card's puzzle.

"I-I-I'm sorry for my disturb. I - someone told me to meet them here and-" she spoke again. 

"Wow," I interrupted just to see her reaction. "You're already meeting somebody?" I didn't really mean it, but just saying it made me feel bad, especially when I saw her blushing. I started to believe my own lie for a second. But then her expression changed, she shook her head very strongly and shouted,

"NO,NO!!" But then she changed her tone. "I mean, no, I'm not. It's just umm-" I was sure now she wasn't meeting anyone and felt how ridiculous I was. How could I get such a crazy thought?! I suddenly stopped the ability of being patient and waiting.

"Never mind, won't you just solve the puzzle of the cards?" And I smiled automatically, she was shocked. 

"How come you know about the cards. How - wait a minute!" I burst out laughing. The look on her face, the surprise she was in - it was just so adorable and so cute! She started opening each card and she started solving the puzzle, smiling. 

"PUT, THIS, CARD, DOWN, AND, KISS, ME!!" She said out loud. My smile was from ear to ear now, she was happy and then I was extremely happy! "Oh my god. Oh my GOD!"She said. And then in no time she was in my arms, her hands reaching my shoulders and hugging my neck, she got her face closer to mine wanting to kiss my cheek, but this wasn't my plan. I waved my head very fast that her lips didn't reach my cheek, instead they reached my lips, finally. This was our very first kiss, and it felt amazing. It warmed my whole body, and gave me great sensation. Neither her nor I wanted to separate  but at the end we did, but only to gaze at each others' eyes and kiss once more, the only thing that stopped us was our laughs - our laughs of joy. Lilly kept on laughing that I couldn't carry her in my arms anymore. So we both fell on the snowy ground. I was looking at her with a smile on my face, I wanted to freeze this moment and live it forever. Lilly's expression soon faded, however. Her face was worried once again.

"This is wrong, Luke. We're not supposed to get-"

"Relax. We weren't supposed to get away from each other," I suddenly interrupted, trying to explain everything for her. 

"What d'you mean? I saw your suitcases, you're moving out again, aren't you? Or at least leaving or a while." I couldn't believe how evil Kim and I were. I laughed at the thought and said,

"No, actually we are not. I was watching you and waiting for you to see me so you can see the suitcases and think about all of this. It was all a surprise for your birthday." Lilly took a moment then started laughing too. 

"What?! You are - This is such a bad thing of you to do Luke Long! I was dying these days !" And she started hitting me -if you call it hitting, for it caused no harm at all-

"Ouch! that hurt!" I lied laughing even more. "And besides, it hurt me too, more even. You know how hard it is to stay away from you?" I smiled. Lilly did too. 

"No. But I do know how hard it is to be away from you, and I don't want to get this feeling ever again!" she said. 

"Oh no we don't. We both don't." I said. "Oh come on now. Get up, my beautiful girl." I gave her a hand and helped her up.

"You sound like my daddy!" She said laughing. I joined her. 

"Don't you wanna know what was in these suitcases?" I asked as we were walking towards my house. 

"Yeah of course. " She answered. 

"Your clothes. Well not all of them, but all we could get." I said, 

"What? Why?" She asked.

"Because, obviously you're moving in with me!" I answered enthusiastically. 

"Shut up!" she said a little too loud.

"Well, only if you want to of course," Lilly gave me a look. 

"Are you kidding me? Of course I do! But where will I be sleeping?" 

"In my room, we got a bed for two." I winked her, she rolled her eyes. We finally reached my house.

"Allow me," I said as I opened her the door, why are the lights still on?! They're supposed to be off by now! I was just going to freak out, but then they were off, pffft. Finally! We got in.

"SURPRISE!!!" Everyone called. Yes, this was perfect. 

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