Love in the Snow (Luke's P.O.V)

Luke has moved out from his old house in Australia and bought a new house in Britain with his mother and two sisters; Emily and Luna. After looking from the window one night, he sees a very beautiful girl in the house in front of his, he soon finds out that the girl's name is Lilly. After spending just three days Lilly and Luke start to have some strange feelings and they soon discover - that the'v fallen in love.

PS: you might think that things go on very fast between Lilly and Luke but what can I say .. I believe in love in first sight =) .. hope you like everyone


7. The Invitatinon

"Would you like to join me for lunch?" Lilly asked me.

This way I could spend time with her and her family and eat in the same time, but what would mum say? Would she get worried? I don't want to tell her, I just don't want to. I thought.

"Umm, I don't know-" I started. Well if I went there and didn't spend lots of time she wouldn't get worried, okay then I'll go. How nice of her to invite me. "Wow, yes I'd love to."  she smiled. 

"Do you like Chinese food?" she asked. 

"a lot." I answered.

"perfect!" We reached her home. "Mum! I got you a guest!" Lilly called. Her mum's head appeared from the kitchen's door.

"Oh hi Luke!" she said. Oh she remembers me. Sweet. I smiled. "Oh Lilly, you got us the most handsome neighbor as a guest!" her mother said. God they're so friendly; first the invitation, and now complements. Lilly's cheeks blushed, she looked so cute. 

"Mum!" she yelled.

I thanked her mother and we both laughed. Only the three of us were there. 

"Act like it's your own house, alright?" Lilly told me. I nodded and went to the living room, I was looking forward to seeing this room from the inside, plus after all I wont just stay here in the kitchen forever. As I went there I finally saw it, the place where I first saw Lilly with her mother. It was a big room, there was a piano, a fireplace and a huge TV, I really liked this room, it was so cool and elegant in the same time, the golden wallpaper gave it a nice touch too. Kim was in the room, she welcomed me. 

"So, here's where you do almost everything, right.?" I said the first thing that appeared in my mind. I saw a book on the mantelpiece, The Hunger Games. I read. I held it and started examining it. so that's what she reads every night after all. It must be a very good book or she wont be spending so much time reading non-stopping. 

"mhmm." Lilly answered. "can you play the piano? mum says that lunch'll be ready in a minute. Now I know you're starving but-" 

I didn't want to hear excuses, it was ok if the lunch was a bit delayed as long as I'm with Lilly. After all I've been delaying it for hours just to spend some extra hours with her, I was having a very good time here. 

"Just a little bit." I interrupted answering her. "And I'm not that hungry. Let's try playing it together." 

"Okay!" Lilly said enthusiastically. So I sat on the piano's chair and she sat next to me. Our elbows were touching for the chair wasn't that big, that was the best part. "What would you like to play?" She asked after she sat down. 

"Anything you like." I finally said. I could play almost anything if I heard it before, so that wasn't a problem for me. 

"I'll just go to my room, you guys. If you want anything just tell me." Kim suddenly said, and out she was. Wow, thank you Kim! 

"So." Lilly turned back to me, then she started playing. Her long fingers landed on the piano so gently as if they were butterflies. They were flying up and down with the beautiful harmony. I joined her soon, I didn't have to rely on my senses, I knew this melody and loved it. I wasn't a professional I just loved music, I haven't played the piano since a very long time, dad used to take me to his friend's house when I was younger, and there was a big white piano, I absolutely loved playing it. This was the last time I played it. I refused to play it at school when I was younger, but now that I graduated there wasn't an opportunity for me to play it, except for this time.

Playing the piano with Lilly was awesome I really loved it and enjoyed every single second of it, our fingers moved together as if programmed or something. My amusement was obvious. Actually both of us were amused, at least I hope so. The melody was better than I ever heard heard it being played before. I don't know if it was that good because we both were good, or if it was that good only because I was doing this with Lilly, for honestly doing anything with Lilly felt great. I didn't know why I had these strange feelings, it was so weird, great but weird. I've never felt this way before. Her beautiful personality told me that I had to be with her always, so did her charming smile and sparkly eyes. Everything tells me that I can't leave this girl, why? I don't exactly know. 

The music was sadly over and Lilly's mother came to us then.

"I'm so sorry it took me so much time bit, KIM DIDN'T HELP ME." she said the last sentence aloud, apparently wanting Kim to hear her. Lilly and I went to the kitchen, then both Mr. Williamson and Kim  we there too. Mr Williamson greeted me and we all started talking. I loved the food, Lilly's mum was a great cook, just like my mum. I loved talking to Lilly's family, we joked a lot, they laughed at my jokes and everything was great. Lilly was sitting next to me and she kept on insisting that I had to eat more. I ate so much that I almost exploded. They all made me feel like talking to - to my family actually. They made me feel like I was one of 'em, they really were great. 

Suddenly I looked at my watch and discovered it was ten! Shit! I'm late, now mum will be freaking out. 'where did he go? Is he ok?.. she would think, mum gets very worried when I'm late. She sometimes forgets that I'm not a child anymore, maybe also because ever since dad was gone, I was the only - man in the family, I was suddenly extra precious. This was good sometimes, but very bad at the others. 

"Oh, it's too late." I said.

"It's only ten." Lilly said. 

"I go home at six usually. I had so much fun, and the food was perfect thank you all, but I really have to go now."

Lilly nodded and offered to lead me to the door, she got out with me just to say goodbye and closed the door behind her. We stood outside together.

"I really had so much fun with you today, you know?" I repeated. 

"I did too." I couldn't blink, I couldn't help it but just stare into her beautiful eyes. Could I really have feeling for her? She deeply looked into mine too, then flew her arms around my shoulders, she was shorter than me and her head reached my shoulders. She put it in there near my chest and I couldn't just get away, it was so magical. We stayed like this for a while, but then I suddenly said,

"give me your number," 

Apparently, I did have feelings for her, strong ones too. Well, either this or I just don't know, but I just couldn't feel happy unless I heard her voice or saw her face, so i had to get her number. 

"Okay." she said happily, and she gave it to me. 

"Bye." I then said, not that happy to leave her, but thankful for this great day. 

"bye." she said back. "say sorry to Em." she added. Man! she's still felling bad for her? I nodded and was off to my home. I thought all the way back home that if these feelings that I had for Lilly were love, then I would be the first one in line to believe in love in first sight.

I got in. 

"Mum! I'm home!" I called. 

"Where were you?!" mum asked hurrying towards me, "Do you know how much you made me get worried, young man?" she was worried as I thought she would be, if only she had a cell phone.

"Mum, I'm not a child anymore." I said. "I'm sorry I got you worried, but you have to stop this mum. I mean I wasn't in the bar or something. I was chilling, just chilling." mum looked at me in surprise. 

"I know you were not, and I know you weren't there. I just get worried about you because - because you're my son, Luke and because I love you!" mum said. 

"I know mum, I love you too. But sometimes I will get late without telling you and I don't want you to feel worried for that." I kissed her forehead and went to my room. I reached the door and before opening it I decided to go to Em. I knocked the door, 

"come in." She said. Luna was asleep."Oh, you're finally here." Em said. i was furious!

"Yes, I'm finally here, Emily! I'm your older brother I don't expect you to tell me when to go back home!" I stopped myself from shouting just in time so Luna wont wake up so I was actually whisper-screaming.

"I wasn't saying this!" she answered. "God, Luke! I was so happy you were finally here and maybe a bit worried that it took you that long, but I knew it wasn't my business." 

"Good." I said. "I just wanted you to know something, what you did today - how you behaved with Lilly, it was not acceptable at all .. And after all of this, Lilly said that she was sorry for waking you up." I paused a bit, Em was surprised, no wonder. 

"What?" she asked, confused. I sighed and tried to stop being angry.

"Em,  She likes you and she like Lu. Why do you act like this with her? She's very friendly and a very good person, you know. Just give her a chance." Em looked at her bed cover as if feeling ashamed of herself and maybe guilty. 

"You like her don't you?" She then said. What should I say? I decided to tell her the truth, the truth will be the best. After I paused Em said, "Luke, I'm a teenager and I can tell that you like her."

"Yes - yes I do like her, you're right. So can you do this for me? Can you be good with her just for me? I don't want her to feel bad, and in the other hand I want to to be her friend." Em was a bit sad, well maybe she's jealous! I suddenly thought. And this was perhaps the right answer. "but I love you." I added. 

"I love you too." she said. 

"So now what?" I asked her.

"Ok, I'll do my best." She said. I kissed her cheek, she smiled. I went to the sleeping Lu and kissed her too. I wished Em a goodnight and then went to my room. 

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