Love in the Snow (Luke's P.O.V)

Luke has moved out from his old house in Australia and bought a new house in Britain with his mother and two sisters; Emily and Luna. After looking from the window one night, he sees a very beautiful girl in the house in front of his, he soon finds out that the girl's name is Lilly. After spending just three days Lilly and Luke start to have some strange feelings and they soon discover - that the'v fallen in love.

PS: you might think that things go on very fast between Lilly and Luke but what can I say .. I believe in love in first sight =) .. hope you like everyone


17. The Future

Lilly stayed with me for a long time, almost two years. She was perfect with me, my sisters, my mother and even her own family. She found time for each one of us and even for her own self. Mum and the girls loved her very much. As for Kim, she never left us alone. She literally lived with us, but this didn't upset us, for Kim was then just like a sister to me. Ginny and Tina -Lilly's friends- visited us every once in a while. When Lily and I had some times alone, it was perfect, funny and sometimes even silly - but perfect. She probably was the most I've every loved, and everyday I loved her more and more. 

It was a very nice night, two before our meeting anniversary with two days, when I was alone with her that I discovered I had to be with her alone always. I wanted to marry her. The next day, while I was sitting in my room with the laptop on my laps -I was looking for houses- it had stopped raining and I heard Lilly, the girls and Kim starting to cheer and I was wondering why they were doing this, but then Lilly answered my wonderment. She got into the room so abruptly that she didn't knock and I freaked out and closed the tab that was open. I wanted it to be a surprise. I haven't proposed her yet. 

"It's snowing." She said smiling, and this made me smile too and both of us knew why. Tomorrow was our meeting anniversary and it was snowing, so it would be exactly like the day we met. I closed my laptop and gave her a big hug and a kiss and then I placed my forehead on hers and whispered, 

"Happy anniversary," 

"Not until tomorrow." She said winking and going out. Pfft! She almost saw it! I thought. I heard Kim's voice saying, 

"well I guess I'm leaving now. I'm getting so sleepy."

"Alright, good bye. Say goodnight to mum and dad for me."

"I will, bye all. Night."

"Bye Kim." Lu said.

"Ba-bye." Em said, then Kim left.

"I think it's time for us too to go to bed, girls." Said Lilly and then they said goodnight to me and were to their beds. Lilly was now in our bedroom.

"Luke, aren't you gonna sleep, baby?" She asked. I picked the laptop and turned it off.

"Yup." I said laying by her. 


I woke up the other day very happy. Today was the daay, I was extremely excited but extremly nervous. I looked at the window and admired the white snow. When I looked to my right I discovered something more beautiful. Lill looked so peaceful asleep. So innocent, so young, so pure. She looked - just perfect. 

"Good morning beautiful." I  as I got my face closer to hers and whispered. Only this one whisper woke her up, only she refused to open her eyes. "Wake up and look out of the window. Everything's white." I knew this would wake her up, she simply loved snow. She smiled st me and looked at the window just like I, then stoop up and went to the kitchen. I went to the bathroom first, only fast because I had some plans for today. I brushed my teeth and then went to my sisters' room. After I knocked I got in, they were both still asleep but they had to wake up.

"Pssst! Wake up you two, I have a surprise for you." I leaned closer and whispered to them. 

"What is it Lu?" Em asked with a sleepy voice. 

"It's a surprise. I've taken a very big decision and ... Well, come on! Wake up and get dressed very fast, go to the rock in the land we played with snow in and after you do - you'll understand."

"Alright." Said Lu and Em both very slowly. 

"Em I need you to tell Kim and Lill's parents too and Lu, you and mum should tell the other neighbors." They both nodded. I winked them and wet to mum's room next. "Mum, wake up."

"What's it sweetheart?" she asked. 

"Nothing, it's just ..." I hesitated. I had to tell her finally. 

"Yeah?" When I finally found the enough courage to talk I started, 

"Mum, do you like Lilly?" Mum looked at me in surprise. 

"Of course I do sweetie. She's just like a daughter to me."

"And - well, do you think that she could be my girl - or like - my wife?" I looked at her unsure of her reaction, if I was any younger I'd get my fingers crossed. I wasn't sure what to except of her reaction to be like. Our whole conversation wasn't loud so I wasn't afraid to get heard by Lilly. Mum finally reacted, she looked at me in teary eyes. 

"If you want the truth, I do - I've always did actually and I've always wished for you to think about it this way ... it's your decision after all." This gave me confidence. 

"Yeah, but you know I need your approval." I said smiling. 

"come here." mum said and hugged me tightly. "I - totally approve." I kissed her cheek.

"Thank you. Now mum, to make my plan work, you should get dressed and go with the girls, they'll lead you somewhere so follow them, please. But be fast." I said and walked out. I went to my room again and put on my blue coat that I wore two years ago when Lilly and I first met, and the same black hat too, a black scarf - for a specific reason- and then went to the kitchen. The hot chocolate's scent came from there. Lilly made two cups of hot chocolate and had two cookies in her hand. They looked so delicious and smelled so delicious. I couldn't wait to eat and drink them. I kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear,

"I'll see you in our secret place." And went out. It didn't take her even two seconds to come. She was there, wearing her scarlet coat. We started chatting and laughing and eve kissing, but we sat behind the rock and saw nothing behind it. Just the snow, sky and each other. When I felt it was the time that my an Lilly's family i addition to the whole neighborhood to be there I stood on the rock and looked at the amazing quiet crowd. Everyone was there. I told Lilly to stand next to me. I took my scarf off and put it on her eyes, getting her blindfolded. I took her hand and helped her up next to me. When I took it off Lilly was surprised, but not as surprised as she was when I did my next action. 

I sat on my knee and tried to start toe proposal, wanting it to sound very honest. 

"Umm, Lill - wow that's hard." I said looking at Lilly then at the crowd. I couldn't say anything, my mouth got so dry, my mind got shut. Especially with all those people it was so hard, plus the surprise , amazement and astonishment that was on Lilly's face. She didn't say a word. guess she was as speechless as I was. OK Luke, you can do it! Then I realized that everybody was laughing but trying to encourage me. ok, let's start again.

"My - my beautiful, gorgeous Lill, I've passed many problems in my life and you were the only one who could truly help me with them after my dad passed away. You were the best shoulder I could cry on, the best had that grabbed me to stand up, you were my hope, my love and you always are ad you'll always be. Lilly, from the first time I saw you while you were reading by the fireplace and drinking - apparently hot chocolate-" Lill laughed at this and nodded. "I knew you were the one. And from that day we talked, I knew that you were the one. Call it the sixth sense, call it fate, call it love in first sight - because it was all of these mixed together. I am now here, Lilly leaning in front of you and all these people, in the same place we hid in the first day we met, because I know that this place means so much to you as it means so much to me. I'm asking for your beautiful hand, ad wishing for you to be mine." I said my lines that's been in my heart for such a long time. Then mum came to me, giving me a small box, it was the ring that we once bought together and swore to give to my bride to be when the moment comes. Just by the look of this box, I knew the support it was going to give me. And indeed it did. It gave me so much support and strength and so I continued, almost hearing my and Lilly's heartbeats. 

"I love you, Lilliana Willamson, would you marry me?" I noticed my hands were shaking as I opened the box and showed her the ring. Joy was o her face, better even. Her grin was so wide that it almost touched her eyes. Everything I wanted to see was drawn on her face. Lilly started nodding the shouted out, 

"YES,YESYES!!" With tears running down her red cheeks. I immediately grabbed the ring and put it in her finger and it fitted perfectly, just like it was made just for her. I gave her a squeezing hug ad a kiss. 

Our wedding was just after a couple of weeks. It was snowing then of course. It took so much preparations  it was great doing them, but man was it exhausting! When the day was finally there I woke up with great happiness, the only bad thing was that Lilly wasn't sleeping in my house the previous night she was at her family's, other that that everything was perfect!

Yesterday was my farewell bachelorhood celebration and both of my friends Jeff and Sam were my best men. I shaved and went to the salon to do my hair. Then I wore my black suit with a red tie.Mum cried when she saw me, how proud she was of me. She kissed my cheeks and straightened my tie. When Lilly and I finally met at the wedding I was really impressed, she looked just like an angel! We had some pictures there, did the "I do's" and exchanged rings. When the whole wedding was over we wet to our home. Lilly loved it and insisted we should buy it. 

In our honeymoon we went to France and Italy, the weather was perfect and we had great times there. 

Lilly's love was very strange, it ever faded but instead always reborn. Her smile, hey eyes, her voice and her everything kept this love forever. 


So, my dear son, Mathew, this is how my love story started." I was telling my oldest son the whole time for today was his farewell bachelorhood celebration and tomorrow was his wedding.

"Wow, dad. It's so great to know your marriage story and to know how tremendous it was. It makes me get sure that what I have for Amy is real - and that this is true love." Mathew says. 

"Of course there is such thing, and man how strong it is!" I tell him. He looks at me in admiration.

"Thanks dad, really." He smiles at me, and so I do too. "It helps a lot." and he comes closer and gives me a man hug which allows a small tear to slip from my eyes. 

"Oh stop it." I say. "You know, it was your mother's idea, to tell you all when you got married."

"Really? Then I should thank her too."

"DAD LIA'S CYING AND MUM'S COOKING!" comes my Mike's from behind the door. "Dad, let me in, pleeeeeease!" Mathew and I chuckle.

"Come on." I say to Mathew. "Let's go see your sister, Lia." We open the door ad get out. I smile at the memory of all of this and how beautiful it was and it always gets. It feels so good to recall the story.

Many things have changed now;

We've got three children and Lilly's also pregnant with the forth. It turns out we love children and hope to get more. The baby's a girl and I wonder what we'll call her. I hope naming her doesn't take so much time, because it always did with the others. Finding names for the babies, wasn't the easiest thing for Lill and I. But it's ok, now we have our kids to help us.


Knowing that Mathew is actually getting married gives me a feelig that I'm getting old, but it also gives me a great and warm feeling. He's a good boy and he deserves all the best.


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