Love in the Snow (Luke's P.O.V)

Luke has moved out from his old house in Australia and bought a new house in Britain with his mother and two sisters; Emily and Luna. After looking from the window one night, he sees a very beautiful girl in the house in front of his, he soon finds out that the girl's name is Lilly. After spending just three days Lilly and Luke start to have some strange feelings and they soon discover - that the'v fallen in love.

PS: you might think that things go on very fast between Lilly and Luke but what can I say .. I believe in love in first sight =) .. hope you like everyone


10. The Disaster

Em was stunned, tears were falling from her red puffy eyes, her face gave me the impression that she couldn't sleep last night. I, on the other hand was furious! I was just so mad at her, she destroyed one of the best moments of my life, I mean she could've knocked the door. I also pitied her, this wasn't the best time for her to see me with Lilly, not like this at least when I'm shirtless and kissing her cheek, who knows what came to her mind, especially that Lilly didn't enter the house from its door but from my window. I didn't really know what to do, I finally convinced her to try to like Lilly and now she's never going to like her and things would never be good between the two of them, I'm almost sure about it. 

Em shut the door and went to her room crying. I looked at Lilly, she wore a sad face too and then gave me a shirt. 

"Go talk to her. I would, but it'll only make her more upset. She hates me now." she said. I was a bit puzzled, I didn't know if "talking" to her now would be the best thing to do, and even if it was I didn't know how to do it! Lilly apparently was better than me with her knowledge of the girls emotions. When I hesitated Lilly gave me a look. 

"Are you sure it's the best way?" I asked. 

"Go!  It's the only way now. Just try it, please." She said. Then she came closer to me and planted a kiss on my cheek, it cheered me up a bit. I nodded and was heading towards the door when Lill called me, 

"Hey Luke, I'll be outside, call me when you're ready." I nodded again and she got out from the window. I went to Em's room and knocked the door. 

"Emily." I called. 

"Go away!" she shouted. Luna was up.

"What's wrong Em?" I heard her ask, and I got in.

"Lu, sweetie, would you mind if I had a little conversation with Emily alone?" I asked Lu. 

"DON'T, Lu!" Em said. Lu hesitated at first, so I gave her a look and she was out, she closed the door behind her. 

"Em." I started. Emily didn't answer, not that I expected her to do, but after a while she said,

"You think I need some explanation from you? Because I don't. After all I'm not your girlfriend just your sister who tells you almost everything. You just like Lilly, don't you?"

"Em, I don't have to explain anything for you I just want you to know the truth. Nothing was happening, we were going out on a date and she saw me from the window, so I got her in from the window because I thought you were all asleep and I didn't want to wake any of you up. I was changing and she was on my bed, not looking at me for being shy, she then tied my tie and I kissed her cheek. And this is it!" Emily was crying. Somehow I didn't feel like telling her that I told her to tie my tie on purpose. 

"You don't get it, do you?" She said through sobs. 

"I completely do, you're jealous, and it's natural." I don't know what I was thinking when I told her so. The words just got out of my mouth without even thinking, I found myself so dumb when I said it and regretted it a lot. 

"WHAT?! I'm not jealous it's just that - that ..." She paused and sighed then continued. "Luke, since our dad passed away, you took his place, and you took his responsibility, but you didn't do anything responsible!" Em yelled. I was starting to get some heart ache, I felt how right what she said was, but I was so angry with her. I was her older brother, she wasn't supposed to talk to me this way! I was so angry that I didn't stop her instantly, she continued. "And especially when you met this - this" she was going to say a bad word so I finally found my voice and shouted. 

"EMILY!" I stopped her just in time.

"Oh, do believe me, I was going to say something bad about your girlfriend, the only girl you love and care about in the entire world! Wake up, Luke! Can't you remember when you met her? you spent the entire snow day with her, even that it was the first time any of us saw snow. Let's see what happened the next day .. you spent the day with her too, not only in the morning, but also in the night. You went to her house, didn't you? That's what took you so much time to get home. You almost freaked mum out, and Lucy and me! But then I got this feeling, that maybe he went to her house. I looked from your bedroom's window and sat on the sofa you put facing the window so you could watch her closely, and found you there, playing the piano and having fun without caring about us!" 

I was supposed to get even more angry by what she said, but I don't know what happened to me. Suddenly all she said felt true! I started crying like a baby, I couldn't even control it. Tears started running down my face. Not that it stopped Emily, no it actually got her stronger and angrier. I felt like I was a little child who was punished by his mother for doing something bad, but I didn't stop her, I couldn't stop her, she was so right to be stopped. 

"You then went home and said bad things to me, then you lied and said that you love me. Do you even know me Luke? Do you still know me to love me? I don't think so, because I don't even know you anymore - look at you! .. Remember dad's last words, Luke? He pointed at you while we were all with him and he let out his last breaths saying, "You're her husband, and their father, brother, and best friend now- take care of them." And then he asked you to promise him you will, and you did!" 

Now I couldn't feel worse, I officially was a baby. I did, I did promise him. Could this all be true? I think it is. I guess she's right. Oh, but I do love them all, and I do love Lilly! I can't just stop meeting her! I was having a war inside my head and this was obvious because of my crying. Emily opened the door, and there I could see mum, awake now and Lucy was holding her hand crying, mum was shocked. I hid my face with my legs and Em ran out while mum came in. 

"What's wrong, Luke? What's wrong, darling? What were you and Emily talking about?" I shook my head not giving her an answer, she kept on trying, but she failed. I gave her nothing. After not a very long time someone else was by the door. 

"Excuse me," I heard, it was her voice, Lilly's, the last person on earth I wanted to see me crying. She was however, the most person I needed now. I don't know why, I just felt that somehow she could understand me. 

"May I just talk to Luke, urrmm alone, if possible?" That was even better. Mum and Luna -who was still crying, I don't know why- got up, I heard a whisper at first and then mum called Luna and they were both out. Lilly and I were alone now. I tried to stop the crying but I failed. Lilly close the door and sat next to me on the ground. 

"Luke, my Luky. Oh come on, just stop this! Please stop it." She said. Don't! Don't love me, I thought. It will only make things more complicated. I don't want you to suffer too.

"Come on!" she begged. "Luke, Luke, look at me." I felt her beautiful soft hands touching my face, she held it in her hands. "Look at me now!" she shouted. Her words woke me up a bit, and our eyes met. I kissed her hands and hugged her tight, she hugged me too. I finally found my voice. 

"I can't do it. I just can't!" I yelled spitting everything out.

"Do what, Luke?"

"This family! I can't just be responsible for a family now. I'm not ready for it, I'm just not! We thought that moving out would make things better, would make us forget and would make our lives easier, but it only got things worse! I look at my father's picture and all I feel is that he isn't happy with me, I haven't done his job!" Her face was sad, I felt that she knew what I was through. 

"I know, I know Luky ...  Just listen to me." she took a deep breath and said."I met you two days ago, just two days. Yesterday I barely knew anything about you, but I know one thing, ok? I I am positively sure about it. You. Can. Do. This! And I know it by my heart, because you're a tough guy, and you've got the best personality ever, and because no one can take care of this family the way you can. No one can give then the love that you can give to them. In just those two days I knew your heart and you're a lovable person. The way you kiss your sisters, the way you get worried that maybe your mother will get worried if you were late, all of these things Luke, you can't find them in any person, but you have it, and that's what gives you the ability and  the hope. It's a normal thing to have some struggles and feel like you can't do this, but it's not normal to give up, after all you're everything they have and they're everything you have. And lemme tell you something, if your father was here now and saw the way you treated your family, he would've been very proud of you, very!" 

I have to admit it, her speech gave me a little strength and hope, I looked at Lilly and I find tears running down her cheeks too. 

"This isn't just it, Lilly. They hate me because I'm always with you and the only thing that I like to do now is being with you and spending time with you and watching you while you're reading The Hunger Games by the fireplace. See these things, Lilly, they make me happy, and when I'm happy I can do everything right, but they don't get this, they think that if I were with you I wouldn't be with them, and I'm starting to get fraid of this too." I said. Lilly looked at me in pain.

"So do you want us to stop meeting?" she said. I stopped crying now, I was too shocked to cry now, somehow her saying the words made it sound way worse. 

"Lilly Williamson, the way I feel when I'm with you, the way you make me smile, the way you make my heart beat so fast, I've never felt this way to any other person in the whole world. I love you Lill, I love you so much that I can't sleep without seeing your face or hearing your voice ... That's how I feel about you. You're the only one who can make me stand up when I've just been knocked down, you're the only person who can make the impossible for me possible!" I finally let all of my feelings out. I didn't know if she liked what I said or not, but I felt relieved. 

"Then let's do this thing! And let's make the impossible possible, together. I can't breathe without you Luke , I can't do anything without you. this is why I need you too. But what I need now isn't that important, what you and what your family need now is. I love you too Luke, Oh I love you more than I love life! And if you told me that you were gonna stop meeting me for your own need, I'll go and you'll never see me again. And if you wanted me to hold your hand and help you get through this , then it's be my pleasure. So it's up to you, everything is now, so you decide and I'll give you some time to think about it with your family." Lilly said. wow, it made my chest feel all warm, it made me wanna hold her close and be with her forever, she gave me a strong kiss on my cheek as if saying goodbye and she was gone. She was gone and I now had to make a decision with my family and tell her then. I stood up and mum got in. 

"So now what?" I said turning to her. "What do you think we - I should do? mum sat on my bed and then I did too. 

"I - I don't know." She said barely audible. Em was holding Lu and they were both standing by the door. 

"May ... May we enter?" Em said nervously. I didn't know what to say , was I angry with Em or did I owe her? After all, I was her father, brother and best friend and I had to be good with her. 

"Come in." I said my voice still tired. 

"Look Luke-" Em began.

"Save it for later. Now just tell me, all of you. What do you think I should do?" I asked. Yes, Em and Lu were both young but I still had to take their opinions , I needed them. 

"I think-" mum started bit then paused. "I think Luke that you should stay with her, you girls should give her a chance. She's a good girl and you know she is."

"And she likes you all." I said hopefully. "She likes like just like she likes her own sister. She cares about you, doesn't get angry with you, she gives you chances. So whether we decide to stay with her or not, I say you should give  her a chance too." I looked at Em while saying this, I meant her with every word. 

"Luke," Mum started again. "To me, your happiness is mine. So whatever you decide to do-"

"we decide, mum - I don't want to take this decision alone and make everybody feel bad again." I interrupted her. Mum nodded and I turned to the girls.  "I may spend some time with her, but I'll always go back to you in the end, because you'll always be my favorites, you two will." There was a pause and then, 

"I think ..." Em began but stopped again. 

"Yeah?" I asked. 

"I think you two shouldn't stop meeting and should go on a date. She's a good girl, I know it, but I only hope if there was a way you could see her all day and see us all day too." She had a good point. I wished if there was something I could do to make this happen too. I sighed and then we all started thinking again. Lu wasn't very useful in this conversation, not that I expected her to be, she was still young, but then she kept hugging me and so it made me feel good. Suddenly as if a bell rang in my head and a voice said, "What if she moved in with me - with us?" 

I said it aloud. Suddenly everyone's faces were looking into mine. 

"I mean, it's just an idea, it doesn't have to be right-"

"Yes!" someone interrupted me. To my surprise, it was Em! Yes?  "This would do it!" she continued. 

"I think it would do too." mum said. I couldn't help it but grin widely.

"Yaaaaaaayyy!! Lilly's moving in with us!" Luna said. I really love this girl.

"I think so, Lu ... Are you sure, everyone?" I just said to make sure. No one was upset, actually they were all nodding and smiling, I knew it was the best thing to do. 

"Then I'll have to call her now!" I said. And so did I. I picked the phone, ringing, ringing and she finally answered.


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