Love in the Snow (Luke's P.O.V)

Luke has moved out from his old house in Australia and bought a new house in Britain with his mother and two sisters; Emily and Luna. After looking from the window one night, he sees a very beautiful girl in the house in front of his, he soon finds out that the girl's name is Lilly. After spending just three days Lilly and Luke start to have some strange feelings and they soon discover - that the'v fallen in love.

PS: you might think that things go on very fast between Lilly and Luke but what can I say .. I believe in love in first sight =) .. hope you like everyone


14. The Birthday

I did wake up early the other day. Before washing my face and brushing my teeth I looked from the window, she wasn't there. Maybe she  as awake but doing something interesting, today's her birthday after all. I went to the bathroom again and showered, then I went to the living room, mum was there, my sisters weren't. 

"Morning." I said,

"Oh good morning honey." mum replied.

"Where are the girls?"

"Still asleep."

"I'll go wake them up, today's a big day."

Mum just smiled and nodded, I went to my sisters' bedroom, knocked in case they were awake, but there was no response, they were still asleep. I got in. 

"Wake up, my beautiful girls." I said loudly.

"Lu." Lu said. She was the only one who could call me Lu, because if everything else called me Lu both Luna and I will answer.


"Can you sit beside me? I had a very bad nightmare."

"Oh." So I sat by her side, brushing her hair off her face and trying to comfort her. "It's ok Lu Lu, whatever it was, it's not gonna happen, so just don't think about it. today will be very nice, it's Lilly's birthday, a balloons man will come in a while, a flowers' one will too, don't you wanna show me the dress you're gonna wear tonight?" I said. Waking Luna up was a lot easier than waking Emily up. 

"Yes,Yes!" said Lu, enthusiastically. 

"Then wake Em up, and you can both show me your outfits," Lu tried to help me, she could wake Em better than I did, it just took her a matter of second til she was up too, then they both showed me their dresses. 

"Wow, that's a very nice dress, Lu!" I said as she showed me hers.

"Thank you, mum got it for me." It was actually a pretty dress, a baby blue one. Em was wearing a short skirt with leggings and a nice shirt, I wonder what Lilly was wearing, I wonder how her reaction will be when she sees me. Suddenly as I got lost in my own thought the doorbell rang. 

"It's the balloons' man!" Lu called. I opened the door and let him in. I showed him how and where I wanted him to put the balloons and went to take the guests room's table to the living room so there would be enough space. I got the dining room's chair and the kitchen's, these were enough. I then though I had to send the first card by mail, I would put it personally, but then what if she saw me? I had to wait, they must be going out. My thinking was correct, Lilly and her family were out of the house, but they didn't go anywhere far, they went to the land that was next to our house. I saw them playing with snow and then hide and seek. I started watching them from my window, without them noticing me. Just after about half an hour, the flowers' man was there too. He put the flowers between the balloons, on the small tables that I didn't move, and he gave me the bouquet, it was wonderful! The whole guests' room was now decorated and full of flowers and balloons. I thanked him and gave him the money, then went back to the window. Since they were playing hide and seek Kim was hiding somewhere near the window I was looking from, no one was with her or close to her, I looked at her and the others when I heard a very soft call that was almost a whisper, 

"pssssst. Luke!" I looked back at Kim, it was her, she was looking at me from the ground, raising her head. 

"Yeah?" I whispered back a bit surprised. How did she see me? I was hidden perfectly!

"Listen, is the balloons' man here?" 

"no, but he brought the balloons."

"Okay then. I want you to watch Lily for me now, can she see me?" That was exactly what I was doing the moment she called me.

"No, she's hidden in a far place, by the Collins' house."

"Ok, perfect. Now listen closely, we'll be going out, so I'm gonna throw you the house's spare key. Once we get out,you get in ourhouse and put the flowers and the card in our mailbox. I won't be able to do it. I put the other cards in their right places, and ... well yeah" she said very fast.

"Erm, okay then. Throw it." i said opening my hands and getting them out of the window, it was ok, Lily was still in her hiding position and she couldn't see me. Kim threw it twice, the first one failed but the second succeeded. So I got the keys getting my hands in. Kim said goodbye, but I still had to know one more thing. 

"hey Km, wait!" I called.

"What? I want to continue playing!" 

"How did you know I was here? Did you see me?" Kim laughed a bit loud and said, 

"No, I just knew you would be watching Lilly - ROMEO!" I laughed too and then she left, then her father saw her and she lost. She gave me a look and then I went to the kitchen. The scent was amazing! So delicious. Mom was a great cook, and liked to bake cakes, cookies and make sweets. By looking at the cookies I remembered Lil, when she came to my room and saw me shirtless, out first date that never happened. I sighed at the memory. When I pretended I didn't know how to tie my tie and let her do it for me, our faces were inches apart, I was just going to kiss her cheek when Em entered and everything was a mess. 

"like the smell?"  Mum said interrupting my thoughts. 

"Very." I came in and took a cookie.

"Just one!" Mom warned me, "They're for the guests."

"Mum!" I begged like a little child. Mum gave me a look but then we both laughed. Mum always used to say this in my birthdays when I was just a little boy. We both knew it. There were many things; cake, cookies, ice cream -in the freezer of course- nachos, pizza and hot buffalo wings. Tnigs that are my and my mum's and sisters' favorites. I went back to my room and saw that they were leaving, I played a bit with the key that was still in my hands, I waited for them to leave and they finally did. I then went back to the kitchen. 

"Mum, I want to go out just for a bit."

I told her, then I put on my coat got the flowers bouquet and the first card and went to her house. In the way I found Kim's footsteps and followed them deciding to erase them somehow in my way back. And there I was, I opened the door and got in, now the lowers had to be in the living room. 

"AND now turn to your left, near the TV there are flowers , these are yours, hope they're your favorite."

I remembered the fifth card's text and followed it myself. I went to the window, turned to the left, and put the flowers on a small table that sat near the TV set and went out, locking the door behind me. Then i went to the mailbox, opened it and put the first card in it and started letting my and Kim's footsteps from last night  fade until i was home. After a couple of hours the guests started arriving. Lilly and her family were still out, that was good. I greeted the guests and now weverybosy invited was there, and mum was putting the dishes on the table already, eith Em and Lu's help-Lu of course carrying the small dishes so they wont get broken or something- everyone was talking and laughing, then I noticed something - Lilly and her family were finally there! Now all she had to do was to follow the cards. She got the mail and they all went inside. Her father sat in the loving room and - oh no! she gave him the post, now how on earth was she gonna read it?Then something else happened as she started walking to her room ... Her father called her and - YES! she got it. She started reading it and everything's started now, she went to her room, probably to wear the dress, I guess it would take her a long time since she's a girl and everything, and once she's fully dress she'll go to the kitchen and make drinks. Our house's doorbell kept on ringing at this time, my sisters and mum greeted the guests and I thought I would join them in a couple of minutes, after all now when Lilly gets in the kitchen I won't be able to see her and then she'll close the curtains. And so I closed my room's curtains too, so she won't be able to see me either. I went to join my family and the whole lot to the guests room, I greeted them and talked to them. Most of them came with some dishes and so I put them with the food that mum cooked. Everything was ready now - almost actually, for only one thing was missing - Lilly! I wanted so bad to see her reaction when she sees all of this.She must now be in the fifth or sixth card, either the one which is in the flowers or the one in her mom's hair. I thought. so I'll wait for five minutes and then get out. After waiting for these few minutes that seemed more like five hours I took a glimpse at her house. Her parents and Kim were sneaking out and then she must be out too now. I must've been late.

"I'm bringing Lilly everyone. Em, turn off the lights in about a minute or two." i called as I wore a coat and ran like a bullet out to the rock Lilly and I hid behind the first day we met.


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