Me and My Guitar

The greatest journey in rock history since the beginning of time itself. Just me, me guitar and the world passing by. Where my days of standing in the shadows over?


1. Sitting in the Shadows

The shadows, the background, avoiding speaking up or sticking my foot down. These were my favorate places, just letting myself be walked all over and scraping through life the quietest way I could. There weren't many luxuries in my life, no friends, no laughs and no relaxing. I was constantly on edge, looking for other kids who may have beaten me for being different. Being expressive in different ways surely shouldn't bring out the deep rage and sheer nastyness that a person has to search for deep inside their body and conjurer up because of a truly enraging. Why was I so enraging? Why did I always make people bring out the hate they they had stored for all their life? My Mother always told me it was jelousy but... Why would somebody be jelouse of ME?

My mother was my only family member left, the only animal, the only living thing that I could trust anymore. She was always worrying about me to quite an embarrassing extent really. She was constantly weary of the world that surrounded me+her, the world that there was no escape from. I always told her to stop worrying but after what happened to Dad, there was really no supprise that she acted in the way she did. 26th June, 2002, in on that day I turned 7, on that day my farther died. On that day day it all began!

It... You may be wondering what It is. It is when I would finally break through the shadows, the day I would create ME, the day.. in which my personality would be created. Nobody knew who I was before, so I could be anyone, I wanted to be. I could be a joker, a ladies man, a salesman, a counciler or ME.

Why, Why only now was I only able to make such a jump in my life? It was now because I recieved the greatest present anybody could get for my birthday. My guitar. It was the perfect way to fit in with a crowd, to express myself in different ways wich wouldn't enrage people, wich wouldn't bring the dark side of the human race out. I could finally be normal, be a teenager be Me! And so my epic journey began. Little did I know, just how epic and heart racing would it really be astonishing beyond belief! My world was about be turned upside down...                                                                                                                                                                

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