Nobody Compares

A young 18 year old girl named Vallery moves to England after her Dad dies. What she didnt know is she would be finding a boy that would change her life forever


2. walking trough England



      NIALL ' S P.O.V 


       I woke up feeling really happy so i decided to go on a walk trough England I put on what ever i found when i looked at myself in the mirrror i saw i had black skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt then i grabed my phone and walked out the door.



     VALLERY ' S  P.O.V 

      I woke up and the girls were gone and aparently so was my uncle so i got dressed and walked out I was wearing red skinny jeans and a white Aeropostale t-shirt while in was walking I was looking all over for them and then i bumped into this guy " Im so sorry i wasnt paying atention" I apologized " its ok I wasnt paying atention either " he said, he was cute and blonde and he had acute accent " whats youre name " he asked " Vallery " whats youres " Niall " it was a nice name and unique to "youre not from here are you " he asked " no im not i barely moved here yesterday my uncle lives here i live with my friends " i said " were are youre parents " he asked I froze for a while then i spoke " my mom died when i was little and my dad died a month ago " I saw a tear go down his face " Im really sorry " he said " its ok you didnt know anyway " it stayed quiet after that we just started walking toghether talking until we got to his house 

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