Nobody Compares

A young 18 year old girl named Vallery moves to England after her Dad dies. What she didnt know is she would be finding a boy that would change her life forever


3. meeting the boys



     NIALL ' S P.O.V 

     I felt very bad after knowing she had no one in her life but her uncle and her friends so i took her to my house so she could meet my friends " hey Niall youre back and with a girl " Harry screamed " hey mate " Zayn said "hey you guys i meet her today her name is Vallery " well nice to meet you Vallery " Louis said " nice to meet you to " Vallery said " this is Zayn,Louis,Harry and Liam " Niall said " hi " Liam said we sat down and started talking until i realized it was late " I have to go back home " Vallery said " I'll take you " i told her " no its ok i can walk " she said "adleast give me youre phone number " I told her she gave it to me and walked home 



   the next day....



   I had met the best friends of Niall i thought it would be fair if they met mine so i called Niall and he came 20 minutes later with the rest of the boys 

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