Nobody Compares

A young 18 year old girl named Vallery moves to England after her Dad dies. What she didnt know is she would be finding a boy that would change her life forever


1. A new life in England



    VALLERY ' S  P.O.V


      "HURRY UP VALLERY!!!"  my friend screamed my mom had died when I was really little i only had my dad until he passed away a month ago. I was really sad and depresed now i was moving to England with my uncle sense he was my legal guardian I was exited but that didnt take away the sadness. My uncle didnt want me to leave my friends so he offered to buy us a home and we would all move to England with him my uncle understood was i was going trough cause my aunt died last year of cancer it was really painful for him but he moved on after we made him understand that she was in a better place now taking care of him. My friend's were Zara,Lucy,Olivia and Bella they had been with me for a very long time and cheered me up when my dad died.




  Finally after driving for hours we were finally in my new life and i was feeling that exitement again. "THERE'S MY LITTLE GIRL" I had spotted my uncle from the front of the house " hey, how are you " i asked " happy to see you " my uncle screamed " you remember the girls right " i said pointing to the girls " of course i do" he exclaimed " well lets see the new house shall we " Zara said " that would be great " i said. 

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