Seven Sins

One by one the princes were being slaughtered and there was nothing that they could do about it. But maybe there was a way to fight back. Maybe somehow they could survive the avenging angels and the trials at the same time, and maybe they could get rid of Ezmeralda for good.


1. Introduction: Seven Sins

MALUM AND ABELINDA HAD SEVEN SONS. The Seven Princes of Hell were a peculiar bunch of adolescents. Lucifer, (also known as Luc) the eldest of the seven princes, was very proud and as a result he was very arrogant and thought he was always right. Mammon (or Marlon as his brothers sometimes called him) was greedy and liked to self indulge. Asmodeus (his brothers thought his name was too long and too difficult to shorten) was a ‘ladies’ man’ and was constantly lusting after beautiful women. Satan (his brothers didn’t bother with shortening his name; it was short already) was usually in a very bad mood was temperamental and had serious anger issues. Beelzebub (have you ever tried to shorten this?) had an incurable hunger; but not for food, for power. He was self-serving and thought only of himself. Leviathan (Levi to his brothers) was always envious of others and was never satisfied. Belphegor (also Egor) was the youngest of the seven brothers. He was very narcissistic and very lazy and when he went past a reflective surface he couldn’t help but stare.

Each of the young princes had a head of curly, glossy black hair and a pair of sparkling emerald green eyes. They were all very handsome.  The princes of darkness also had a younger sister called Ezmeralda who carried all of her brothers’ traits. She too had the same glossy black hair and emerald green eyes and she too was very beautiful.

Malum the current ruler of Hell needed to pick a new ruler to take over from him and his wife when their minds and souls separated from their bodies permanently. But of his seven sons, which would be the perfect choice?


RAGE – A SHADOW OF VIOLENCE settled over her. It was an ominous feeling and one that she liked. Her midnight blue eyes glistened in the moonlight. She closed them in thought.

“Marielle, are you alright?” a velvet voice said.

Her eyes snapped open and she glared at them. Warren and Stefan stood before her. They were angels; Dominions. They watched over nations. They were truly beautiful with porcelain skin, moonstone grey eyes and vibrant glossy hair. Their divine beauty stunned humans. It didn’t amaze Marielle though, if anything it just annoyed her. Marielle was in the alliance. That meant she was half angel half demon. They called her kind Truces. Of course they were impossible beautiful like their angelic heritage but their other demonic half made them devious and cold hearted. They knew no compassion or love; they only knew lust and hatred.

Marielle glared at the two angels in disgust.

“Do I look alright?” she sneered. “The trials will begin soon! Malum has ruled for too long, we need to take over before it is too late!”

Warren and Stefan shared a look. They thought she was insane. They didn’t trust her or any other truce for that matter. Marielle smiled to herself. Things were going to go according to her plans one way or another.

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