Seven Sins

One by one the princes were being slaughtered and there was nothing that they could do about it. But maybe there was a way to fight back. Maybe somehow they could survive the avenging angels and the trials at the same time, and maybe they could get rid of Ezmeralda for good.


3. Chapter Two

THE PRINCES WENT TO THEIR FATHER to tell him the news of their brother. Thian showed Malum the arrow which had impaled Egor. The end was tipped in blood. But it wasn’t Egor’s. It was the blood of an angel. The arrow had been forged by angels. It was called a Sagitta and was usually the only thing that could kill a demon. An arrow tipped with the blood of an angel (usually the blood of a Cherub) would kill a powerful demon; if it was forged by angels it would kill him for good, if it was not then the demon would come back. Any other weapon wielded against one, would just leave you with a very annoyed demon.

“It seems we have some unwanted attention.” Malum toyed with the arrow. He seemed almost amused by the sudden death of his son whereas Abelinda looked devastated. He tapped his chin in thought. “Thian, see to it that all of the guards are on red alert. Make sure none of my remaining sons are killed.”

“Yes my lord,” Thian replied quickly.

“And Thian, would you be so kind and escort my daughter to her room. She seems disturbed by her brother’s death.”

“Yes my lord.”

“Very good. That is all Thian.”

Thian took Ezmeralda by her arm and led her away.

Abelinda muttered something to Malum and she left. When the women had left the room Satan let his feelings known.

“Tell me you’re not going to let them get away with this?” he exclaimed.

“Let who get away with what?” Malum asked clearly uninterested in the subject.

“They’ve begun to hunt us down and you don’t give a damn about it!” Satan yelled.

Malum glared at his son. “Do not speak to me in that manner. You will regret it,” he warned.

Satan held his tongue.

“Father, if we’re not careful then they will come here and kill us all,” Marlon said cautiously.

“And who are they, Mammon?” Malum smiled darkly

The Angels,” the princes said in unison.

And so it had begun.


Ezmeralda couldn’t believe it. It was happening so fast. Faster than she’d ever imagined. She hadn’t expected it. She didn’t even think that they would come, yet they did. They had killed Belphegor and now they would come for her other brothers.


“What’re we going to do?” Asmodeus asked his brothers. “If they start to hunt us with those arrows we’re done for. You all saw how quickly they killed Egor.”

None of his brothers answered him.

They each knew that they were in trouble. The Angels knew when the trials began and when they ended. But it wasn’t just angels from Heaven that they were worried about; it was The Fallen. They were angels who had been cast out from Heaven and had skulked in the dark realms. After the rebellion, The Fallen were forbidden to enter the dark realms ever again; they were made to walk the earth with mortals never to return to either of the supernatural worlds.

Except on one occasion; the last three days of the trials. And the fact that angels were attacking now meant that something was terribly wrong.

“It could’ve been one of us,” Asmodeus' voice got louder as he grew more and more agitated “One of us could be dead right now instead of Egor. So why, don’t any of you seem to care or realise what’s happening?”

“If you’re so worked up about this, then why don’t you do something about it?” Satan growled.

“Will you two shut up?” Beelzebub narrowed his eyes at his brothers. “I'm trying to think.”

“For your own personal gain I'm guessing,” Satan retorted.

Beelzebub’s irritation grew as Satan became more and more angry.

“I can’t help my nature; I'm a demon, its how I was made and I'm not going to change anything about it.”

Satan snorted. “that explains why you ripped my head off my shoulders.”

Beelzebub narrowed his eyes. “You know I'm right. You have a short fuse and you’re temperamental, Luc is an arrogant bastard, Marlon is selfish, Asmodeus can’t hold a girl down for longer than five minutes, Levi is so envious of others, he might as well be green, and Egor was so busy preening that he missed the fact that he had an arrow sticking through his chest. But we can’t help that because it’s our nature. Deal with it.”

The brothers knew what Beelzebub had said was true. They were all like that even if they didn’t wish to acknowledge it.

“So what are we going to do?” Satan said mimicking Asmodeus who raised an eyebrow.

“We wait,” Beelzebub replied.

“Wait for what? Wait for them to continue to kill us like animals?” Satan snapped.

“We could fight back,” Levi suggested.

“Father would never allow it.” Beelzebub tapped his chin in thought. “We should carry on with the trials. The guards will protect us.”

“In other word shut up and die,” Luc muttered.

“Oh, come on! You sound mortal.” Satan said the word ‘mortal’ like it was a dirty word. “We are immortal. We don’t just curl up and die like humans. We fight back and what’s more we win. Now I don’t know about you but I'd rather kill some angels or die trying.”

The boys were silent for a while.

“Great speech bro.” Luc said sarcastically.

Satan rolled his eyes.

“Beelzebub… d’you really think I'm that bad with women?” Asmodeus asked.

His brothers stared at him for a minute and then burst out laughing.

“No Asmodeus, you’re still a babe magnet.” Beelzebub smiled wryly.


“You want me to do what?” Marielle frowned.

She wasn’t exactly happy with the princes. She especially wasn’t too thrilled to see Asmodeus either. This wasn’t going according to her plan. They weren't supposed to call to her so soon. It wasn’t awake yet.

“We need you to help us. The Angels, they've wronged us and we want revenge,” Asmodeus mumbled. He ran a hand through his dark hair nervously.

That was a first. If Marielle had learnt anything it was that demons didn’t get nervous. Asmodeus was afraid of her. How amusing.

She flipped her hair over her shoulder. They’d called her to help them on some godforsaken mission which she was even thinking about doing it unless she was getting some sort of payment. She smiled to herself. She was getting something out of this one way or another. And eventually they would have to answer to her. That was if those imbecilic angels did as she'd asked.

But there was something else. Something about the brothers. One of them was missing. Belphegor wasn’t it?

“Aren’t there supposed to be seven of you? You know, ‘The Seven Princes of Hell’ and all.”

“Aren’t you a dark angel?” Beelzebub asked.

“You know, ours to command and all,” said Levi.

Marielle narrowed her eyes. “You are clever boys aren’t you,” she hissed.

“We’re so glad you’re willing to help.” Beelzebub smiled.

“In other words, Miss Dark Angel you will help us or your head will be on a platter,” Satan sniggered.

The princes laughed. Their green eyes pierced the angel as though they could see through her.

She flinched.

Soon. Her time would come soon.

But at the moment they had power over her and she knew it.

“You need the Watchers and the Grigori clans to help you,” Marielle said softly.

The brothers knew all too well what the Grigori and the Watchers were like.

The Grigori and Watchers came to earth and fell for the beauty of mortal women. They mated with them and as a result they fathered children called Nephilim and corrupted humankind. For that, they had been cast out from heaven. However, they had not been cast out of Hell.

“No. They’re just as bad as The Fallen. Bring your sisters,” Beelzebub said.

Marielle had two older sisters. Their names were Aditi and Ophelia. But they weren’t just dark angels; they were truces and some of the most dangerous of their kind. The princes knew this which is why they wanted them. Angels feared truces. They feared the sisters even more.

Marielle grinned. “That is something I can do.”

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