Seven Sins

One by one the princes were being slaughtered and there was nothing that they could do about it. But maybe there was a way to fight back. Maybe somehow they could survive the avenging angels and the trials at the same time, and maybe they could get rid of Ezmeralda for good.


4. Chapter Three

ADITI, OPHELIA AND MARIELLE stood before the six princes. Long dark auburn hair flowed in lustrous waves down to their waists. Aditi and Ophelia’s amber coloured eyes gleamed in the candle light. Marielle’s midnight blue eyes bored into Asmodeus’s green ones.

“Boys.” Aditi smiled a slow seductive smile. Her wings expanded, beating slightly. “To what, do we owe the pleasure?”

Out of the three sisters Aditi was the most tempting. She had a way about her, something that made her alluring and beautiful. But then, so were her sisters.

“I assume The Angels know you’re here,” Satan said.

“Mmm, they’ve been following us for a while. Marielle has been… occupied,” she said eyeing Asmodeus.

The brothers ignored the double entendre.

“So what do you want to do?” Ophelia’s soft voice caressed the room. She didn’t speak very often but when she did it was like a sweet melody being played.

A dark look crossed the princes’ faces. They truly looked like the princes of the shadows; The Princes of Darkness; The Princes of Hell.


An inky midnight black shrouded them, hiding them from any light. They were death come to life, brutal and omnipresent. With demon guards surrounding them they were invincible.

Suddenly beautiful luminous wings shone brightly, chasing away the gloom. Angels surrounded them. Some were standing while others were flying above their heads with their arrows aimed to kill. The princes, truces and demons were vulnerable. There was no way out of the situation without someone getting hurt or worse – killed.

Four angels glided down to them. The princes were on their guard. They knew all too well that they were dead if they made one wrong move.

“My name is Nadezhda. These are my sisters Jinx and Astera. My brother’s name is Theodore. We are Orphanim.” she sounded sympathetic, as if she knew they would perish.

The truce sisters, demon princes and guards eyed the angel that was speaking. She had a halo of golden hair that shined around her and sharp brown eyes. The dark supernatural beings snarled and glared at each of The Angels. A chorus of hisses echoed above their heads and around them in response.

Aditi smiled. They would not harm her. She was half seraph. She wouldn't die.

Theodore regarded them slowly, his brows furrowing. “You should be grateful to be alive.”

Luc snorted arrogantly. “Oh please.” He rolled his eyes.

“Enough!” Astera’s voice erupted out from nowhere. “You dare to trespass on our territory with intentions to terminate us and then-.”

She was cut off by Nadezhda’s calm voice. “Peace sister, peace.”

Astera glared at her. There was something off about Astera. She was much too bloodthirsty for an angel.

“You killed our brother. We came back to return the favour,” Asmodeus said with malice, smiling when he saw Theodore flinch.

“You are outnumbered. Leave while you still can,” Theodore said to the demonic creatures that stood before him.

“Who are you to tell us what to do?” Satan growled.

Theodore narrowed his eyes. He didn’t really want to kill the princes or the truces because then he’d have to face the wrath of most of the dark supernatural world. But if he had to he would.

“You heard what my brother said. Leave now.” Astera’s rage seemed to grow with every second that passed.

“By killing my brother, you’ve declared war!” Beelzebub said.

“We didn’t touch your precious brother, you fiend!”

“Enough!” Nadezhda snapped. “There will not be a war. We are not the ones who smote your kin.”

“How do we know that you aren’t lying?” said Levi.

“We are angels. Gifts from God. We do not lie. We are not deceitful like you. It is not of our nature,” said Theodore.

The princes knew their natures. They didn't need to hear it from an angel with his head stuck up his arse. Their tempers rose further as the Ophanim grew more restless. Nadezhda looked calm. The princes just saw that as rudeness and they wouldn't tolerate it.

They saw red as their anger burned within them. 

“The only beings in this world that could gain access to a Sagitta is an angel. You’re Orphanim. So how do you explain that?” Marlon retorted.

“You have arrows of your own, and we have better things to do than stalk demons as prey!”

There was no warning when the air began to heat and flames began to rise from the ground.

Fire flew up and struck an angel in the air. Arrows plummeted down, blotting out any light.

The Angels and demons fought.

And a prince fell... Mammon.


The Angels had left the princes; left them to suffer with the loss of yet another brother.

Mammon lay on the ground. Dead... An arrow in his heart.

The Angels had left the princes; all except one. Nadezhda stood before them, tears of pain streamed down her face. An arrow stuck out at an odd angle in her body.

“It did not have to be this way,” she said forlornly, wrenching the arrow from her chest.

It had hit her heart.

Nadezhda disintegrated into a ball of bright white light. At that moment the princes heard screams. They were screams of agony. Cries of torment. They looked up and saw three angels staring at them. They wept at the loss of their beloved sister.

Theodore, Jinx and Astera appeared once more in front of the princes, their faces engraved with anger.

“Now,” The Angels said. “We are at war.”

They disappeared and left the princes to suffer with the loss of yet another brother.


When the brothers told their father of the news, Malum was furious. But again he showed no sign of grief for the loss of his child.

“I warned you!” he yelled “I told you what would happen if you went after The Angels. And you disobeyed me. The reason Mammon has been killed is because you did not heed my warning. You do not listen! Why do you never listen?Malum was burning with rage.

Malum, please. They were only trying to honour Egor,” Abelinda said, vouching for her boys.

“And by doing so they lost another. The way to honour him is by continuing with the trials. To face danger and fear for him. Are you prepared to lose yet another son due to their insane plans?”

“It is not their fault Malum. I will not allow you to treat them this way. They did not plan for Mammon to die.”

"Be silent Abelinda! Do not speak for them. If they can start wars then they can speak for themselves."

Malum would not allow his wife to voice her opinion. Women had no say in his realm.

His sons had been reckless and as a result Mammon had been killed. And not only had they done that but they had managed to start yet another war with The Angels.

“By going to them, you have started a war. There was peace before you –.”

“There was no peace and you know it!” Levi exclaimed. “You sit there and you show no emotion –nothing – towards Marlon or Egor for that matter. You didn’t care then and you don’t care now!”

“Enough!” Malum roared. “You dare to speak to me that way?”

The dark lord morphed into his true form. A humongous demonic creature with skin black as coal and eyes that blazed red like the burning pits of Hell.

Levi knew he'd crossed a very deadly line. His father was ruthless and showed no mercy towards anyone. Levi would pay with his life if he continued. They all knew that.

“Leave! NOW!”

Everyone disappeared in fear of Malum's rage and left the dark lord to mourn over the loss of yet another son.

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