Seven Sins

One by one the princes were being slaughtered and there was nothing that they could do about it. But maybe there was a way to fight back. Maybe somehow they could survive the avenging angels and the trials at the same time, and maybe they could get rid of Ezmeralda for good.


7. Chapter Six

The air was cold and thick with fog. A chill ran up their spines making them shudder. The princes knew where they were and they were afraid. Though they did not show it, they were afraid. There was a tremor and then a hiss that echoed around them. Luc set his body ablaze so that he and his brothers could see. It went out in seconds. The princes of Hell knew where they were. The labyrinth of the hybrid.

"Demon magic does not work here and it will not work against the beast the lives here," said Death. "Your task is to decapitate and then bring me the head of the hybrid. Avoid its horns and blood as they are filled with poison that will kill you. If you die in this realm you will not come back."


Death was not an option the princes would take willingly. They did not want to die. They didn't want to be betrayed either, which is why they split up without another word... without realising the error of their ways.

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