Seven Sins

One by one the princes were being slaughtered and there was nothing that they could do about it. But maybe there was a way to fight back. Maybe somehow they could survive the avenging angels and the trials at the same time, and maybe they could get rid of Ezmeralda for good.


5. Chapter Four: The Month of Berith

The twin demons moved in sync towards the princes. There were only five of them left! They were weakening! They thought.

Azazel and Zmey were very powerful demons. They had flawless pale skin and fair blond hair. They each had a pair of beautiful azure blue eyes that sparkled like rare diamonds in the light. They had facial features so perfect that they would make any being falter. Azazel had the ability to control the mind of anyone he so desired. Zmey was able to shapeshift into any creature that was of one of the three realms. But those were their main powers. They were both extraordinary beings and they possessed so much more.  Between them they had eight children. The children were truces and had extraordinary powers because they were half angel and half demon. Minerva, Delilah, Nvara, Aloura, and Anastasia were the daughters of Azazel and they had serious mind control as well as other things. Each of their mothers had died due to giving birth to them.

Aditi, Ophelia and Marielle were the daughters of Zmey and could also change form. Aditi and Ophelia were twins and their mother was a seraph which made them even more stunning and strong but unfortunately their mother had died as well. Marielle’s mother, who was still alive, was a dark angel which meant that Marielle was unpredictable and arrogant.

Of course all eight children were ageless and impossibly beautiful like their angelic heritage but they were cold, callous and devious due to their demonic half.

“It seems that there aren't so many of you left.” Azazel laughed. “Perhaps you should stop angel hunting.”

The princes hissed at the demons.

“Oh come now, we were only teasing you.” Zmey was grinning like a Cheshire cat. “Besides we have good news.”

“Pray tell, what could that be,” Luc said sarcastically.

“The archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel, Jophiel and Zadkiel are planning to attack at the end of the trials,” said Zmey.

The princes frowned.

“How the Hell is that good news Zmey?” Luc asked.

The twin demons shared a look and smiled sardonically.

“We said it was good news. We didn’t say who for,” they said in unison.

The demons wanted a war. A war meant that they could attack the rulers of the demon world without them even knowing it. The rebels that they lorded over in the south would help make sure that the demonic rulers fell to their knees

“If we fall, you will die too. You should remember that,” Luc said seriously.

The twins glared and Luc. They didn’t care whether the princes lived of died. But they did care about themselves.
That was typical of a demon. They were self-serving. They maimed and killed to get what they wanted. They did not stop. They did not know love or compassion. They had a burning desire to rule those that were below them and conquer those that were above.

The twins would get what they desired one way or another. Without another word, the demons disappeared.


Malum tried to hold back the bittersweet memories that were coming out from the darkest corners of his mind. But as hard as he tried he could not stop the power of Elohim coming through.


His hair was as fair as his skin and seemed to have an iridescent glow to it; his eyes blazed deep amber, as though they were a flame; the image of his body shimmered, mirage-like, so that the only thing that could be seen of him clearly was his face; he seemed to have a light around him that shined like the sun.

The moment Micah laid eyes on him he fell to his knees feeling that he was not worthy of looking at such a wondrous being. The beautiful creature placed his hand on his shoulder and said, “Fear not, for I am the first and the last.” his melodic voice was like the sound of a waterfall yet sharp and piercing at the same time.

“Though I love you, you have failed to repent, and so my son, though it pains me to say this, I mark you a demon and name you Malum, ruler of Hell.”

The newly marked demon, Malum, began to change. His hair was now raven black instead of the shining blonde halo of hair that used to blind those who looked upon him. And instead of sparkling green emeralds, his eyes glowed luminous red like blood. His face was still that of a handsome young man, but it now had a chilling demonic twist to it. The transformation was complete. And all throughout it, Elohim watched his son writhe in agony and cry out, as he begged for him to stop.

The demon cried out in agony and plummeted down. Down to the Earth. Down through the Earth’s core and deeper still. While he fell Malum's screams could be heard from heaven. Elohim wept at the loss of his son.


“ARGH!” Malum's cry of anger could not portray the burning emotion he felt. He was fuming with rage. And as his ire grew so did the flames. The flames that burnt the picture. The picture of Elohim, Malum and Jesus.


They laughed. They were thrilled. Five of them! There were five of them left! HA! What would the poor princes do without their brothers? The less of them there were the easier it would be to defeat them. The brothers were fools for underestimating them and they would regret this mistake.

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