Seven Sins

One by one the princes were being slaughtered and there was nothing that they could do about it. But maybe there was a way to fight back. Maybe somehow they could survive the avenging angels and the trials at the same time, and maybe they could get rid of Ezmeralda for good.


6. Chapter Five

Waves crashed against the rocks as the creature took form, shaping itself from the water. Sharp jaws poised to kill, jagged thorns across Its skin. Mammoth wings expanded, sending gales of wind towards The Angels, knocking them out of the sky. The beast loomed over The Angels and let out a tremendous roar. The sound ripped through the air. Thunderous waves cascaded downwards onto The Angels below. Bones were shattered and wings were crushed. They lay in a bloody heap on the ground with their detached wings scattered around them.

Leviathan had returned.


Levi jumped awake. His blood tie to the demon creature Leviathan had shown him what was about to happen. He immediately got out of bed and got dressed. Leviathan was coming back and Levi needed to tell someone – anyone – just as long as the beast was back in its cage. Everything was going wrong. The brothers were still desperately trying to find out what their next trial would be and why it was taking so long.

They were also trying to find out who was really killing them off. It had to be The Angels? Or maybe The Fallen? Or the rebellious demons in the south that were being led by Azazel and Zmey.

Five. There were only five of them.

This was not how Levi had pictured it. But under no circumstances was he going to lose. He would not die. He would make sure of that.


Malum watched his son pace restlessly. The boy was overreacting. He was behaving nervously. This would kill him. The boy would die.

“What did you see?”

Leviathan has awoken.”

“This is good news. Why are you so worried?” Malum picked at his nails absentmindedly. “The creature will kill The Angels. They will burn with him.”

It doesn’t care who or what It takes down with It. The creature could take us too.”

“You are overreacting. Be calm. This is a bad omen for The Angels, not us.” Malum paused and rubbed a hand over his eyes. “Rest. You must keep your strength up. Now, go.”

Levi sighed. “Yes father…”

He walked out of the room. He was so angry at Malum. Deep down he knew that Malum wouldn’t listen to him. But what could he do about it? Malum had the power. Levi did not. He envied his father’s power. He wanted it for himself.

He stormed through the corridors, his rage burning within him. Levi would do anything he could to become ruler of Hell. He wanted it. He deserved it.

Leviathan fell suddenly to his knees.

There were no words to describe the animal–like howl that escaped from his lips. There were no words to describe the agonising pain that consumed him; like the fire that immersed the shady depths of Hell. And there were no words to describe his shock and horror when he looked up and saw who plunged the dagger into his heart.


Lucifer walked down the corridor. His hands in his pockets, head bowed his heart heavy. He was distraught. He didn’t know how to deal with all these feelings. Despite his basic nature, Luc tried to stop his pride from getting in the way of making peace with his father and his sister. He also knew he and his brothers had to take full responsibility for the death of Marlon. They shouldn’t have gone and confronted The Angels. Revenge always had repercussions.

A sickly sweet and faintly metallic scent filled the air.

The scent of blood.

He saw the dagger and he saw the body of his brother. Leviathan was dead.

Luc ran towards his brothers’ lifeless body.

“Help! Somebody help!”

And as Luc called for aid, he felt fear creep over him for the first time in his life.


“What happened? Tell me now Luc!” Malum bellowed. His patients had run out and now the imbecilic boy, Leviathan, had gotten himself killed. Not that it mattered of course. There were still four of them left. If they were smart they wouldn’t be killed. The princes however, could be very vexatious, so it was no wonder people were out to kill them.

Again Malum showed no emotion towards his dead son; his face stoic. But then why would he? The demon lord had no time for emotion; no time to feel remorse for the things he had done.

And yet he still felt the sharp stabbing pain for the loss of his son.


The princes felt the call of the the angel. They hated the fact that they had not choice but to go to the creature as though it was their master. they abhorred the idea that they were being controlled by Death.

"What do you want from us now?" Satan snarled angrily.

"Control your temper boy... it and your impudence will get you into trouble,Death replied matter of factly.

The princes narrowed their eyes. The last time they had come into contact with Death there were seven of them. Now there were four.

"Your next trial has begun."

And with that, the princes were transported yet again into darkness.

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