My Life (A One Direction Story)

Basically it starts in a school with only 5 girls and 5 boys in 1 year! The boys are amazingly popular! The boys are: Louis..... Zayn......Niall......Liam and Harry!
The girls are: Becca....Holly......Emma.....Lyndsay......Francais!
Holly and Niall fall in love.

Emma and Zayn fall in love.

Lyndsay and Liam fall in love.

Francais and Harry fall in love.

Becca and Louis fall in love but with tough times ahead will their relationship survive?


1. Back To School :)


 My Life (A One Direction Fanfiction)       Monday morning had arrived and after a amazing weekend where you just hung out with your mates it was now time to get too school. You put on your make-up and threw your hair in a bun. You grabbed your bag and slammed the door, you lived just across from the school so it was easy to get to and from school every day. You lived with your mum and big sister and best friend Holly( her mum died and her dad was an alcoholic so he put her up for adoption and my mum got custody of her) You ran into the school grounds to meet your 4 best friends( Holly, Lyndsay,Emma and Francais) who were all waiting for you. In our year there were two groups the boys and the girls and in our year was only nine pupils. ' Hey where were you?',Emma asked. ' Sorry i slept in',I said giving her a hug. The bell wasnt due too go for another hour so we just hung outside. The 5 boys in the boys group were the most popular boys in the history of our school. Mainly because of their gorgeous looks. These five gods came under the names Louis, Zayn,Niall,Liam and Harry. Basically if you were seen talking too them you were extremly popular.   Becca's School Uniform-- Louis School Uniform--  
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