Hello My Name Is Nothing

There is no permanent destination for me. I am a murder-without-hesitation hotwire expert. This is the story of how I finally may have found a home.


7. Ch. 6


                The first thing that came to mind when I woke up was ‘holy shit, it stinks in here.’ I couldn’t see anything, but I could tell that the room I was in was extremely disgusting. I felt like I was in a dumpster. To my instincts, when I got my blindfold to shake off, I saw that I was in a dumpster truck, surrounded by trash. I was in a strait jacket and I had a massive headache. I laughed to myself lightly as I quickly escaped from the jacket. I had been put in one when I committed the crime that turned me into a runaway, when they shoved me into a mental institution instead of jail. The nurses thought I was just crazy because only crazy people did stuff like what I did. Their first mistake was putting a completely sane person into a place for the insane. I escaped from the institute and then I ran. Nobody knew why I did what I did. And even they knew, they would never understand.

                I pulled my head out of the top of the truck and peered out to see that whoever put me in here was stopping at houses and getting garbage. I saw one of them picking up a trash can and ducked back in. As soon as the trash was dumped, unpleasantly, onto my head, and the truck began to move, I climbed up on top of the truck and jumped out. My ankle hurt as soon as I put weight on it, but I ignored the pain and started to look for familiar areas in New York. For an odd reason we were on the outskirts. I quickly located a car dealership and hotwired one of the cars. Cars weren’t really my thing, but I needed to get away from my captors as soon as I could. I heard the screech of the garbage truck as it came to a stop. I didn’t have time to get in the car so I ran into a store and grabbed blue hair dye, makeup, fake glasses, and a sweatshirt. I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in.

                Quickly, I ran the dye through my hair, not caring if it wasn’t that good. As soon as the dye bottle was empty I threw it away. As my dye set, I put on makeup. When I say makeup, I meant heavy mascara, eyeshadow, red lips, and foundation two shades darker than me. I heard conversation outside the door. As I rinsed my hair out, I listened.

                “She better be in here. The manager said a girl sprinted in here. What did she look like again?” a voice said.

                “Short brown hair, leather jacket, light skin.” Another voice said.

                “I swear if she isn’t in there the boss will kill us, literally.” The first voice said.

                “If she’s not there, it won’t matter we have people stationed everywhere that have a picture of her. If they see her they call the guys at the truck and then they come and get the girl. Someone texts all of us so we know to leave.” I ran through my hair, which was a dark blue now, and tried to dry it best I could. Then I slipped on the fake glasses and the baggy oversized sweatshirt that concealed my jacket. I ripped the tag of and made it look scruffy with my dirty hands so people wouldn’t think it looked brand new, or stolen. Then someone started banging on the door.

                “Hurry up! I got to go!” one of them said, pretending they were just waiting in line. I yelled just a minute then opened the door, putting on a sweet smile.

                “Oh my goodness, I had no idea that someone was waiting. Have you been waiting long?” I asked. Another thing you should know, I am a great liar/actor. So I could put up any act so people looking for me thought I was someone else.  The two of them exchanged looks before putting up fake smiles. I said sorry nervously to keep the act up.

                “It’s alright. We were just looking for someone. Hey if you see anyone in the store with short brown hair, a leather jacket, and light skin, tell one of the guys standing outside in the leather jackets with Vipers written on the back. Can you do that sweetheart?” I faked widening my eyes in realization of who they were, like I was scared of them. I knew who they were. They were that other gang that the Runaways constantly fought with. I just wasn’t that scared of them.

                “Y-yes, of c-course sir.” I fake stuttered in fear. One of them chuckled and patted me on the head.

                “Good girl. Now scat!” they said. I ran away, keeping the act up by looking back in fear. I reached outside and found a car that was an easy hotwire. Then I heard yelling as I had gotten the car to start. I think they found the makeup and hair dye box strewn in the bathroom and realized it was me. Right before I could speed off I was grabbed roughly from the car. “Great.” I mumbled before I was being dragged across the lot. I elbowed my attacker before flipping him over, out of his grip. He got up immediately and I brought my fist up to his jaw, but he blocked it by encasing my fist in his hand. I kicked up to hit him and he grabbed my foot. I jumped up on my foot and hit him in the groin. We both collapsed at the same time. I fell on my head and passed out immediately.

                When I woke up, I was tied to a pole in the middle of a basement. I tried to kick my feet up so I could have more control, but it was no use. I tried to reach the knot tied at the very top of the coils of rope wrapped tightly around me. I kicked my feet around to my hands so they could reach inside my boot and pull out my pocketknife. My hand felt the cool metal surface and just as I pulled it out, a man stepped out from the shadows and took it from my hands.

                “Ah-ah-ah little girl.” He said with a sly smile. He had a mop of curly hair and brown, almost black eyes.

“I’m far from little.” I snapped back with a chuckle. “Now let me go before someone gets hurt.” I threatened, twisting underneath the ropes.

“You see, normally I would let you go because you aren’t my type. I like willing girls.”

“Who said anything about me being your girl?”

“I did. I was considering it if we didn’t put you in our gang.”

“Oh, I am so not going through this again. Please don’t tell me you’re a fucking Viper.”

“Sorry to say, I am one. We need a main member in our gang. We also have noticed that the Runaways have shown interest in you.”

“Listen, here’s a word of advice: if you want someone to join your club, don’t kidnap them and put them in a dumpster truck. Just confront me about it nicely and I’ll consider it.”

“I don’t do nicely.”

“Good, because I don’t do nice either. I am more of the aggressive type.”

“Well, great then. Would you like to join the gang or not?”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I was kind of trying to get away from this stuff before you guys kidnapped me.”

“Sorry for you, but in gang world, we just don’t want the Runaways to have you. So, you are useless, and since you would still be free for joining gangs, that just won’t be good. So if the Vipers can’t have you, no one can fucking have you.”

“What do you mean?”

“We have to kill you now.”

“What if I join?”

“You had your chance. Now it’s time to die and drop off your body outside the Runaways' house, so they know you are no one’s but ours.”

“I’m not yours, I’m a free person.”

“Not after you die. We’re tattooing the Vipers symbol on your face after your untimely demise.”

“Was I going to die either way?”


“I thought you wanted me to join.”

“I did, but right after you joined we were going to honor kill you out back.”

“What did I do to you?”

He then got extremely close to my face and I could feel his hot breath on my face.

“You got involved.”


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Also as you may have noticed, I didn't mention anything about Francis's girlfriend. She will be mentioned in the next chapter!!!!! 

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Tomorrow I'll put pictures of the Blood Bath and Nothing to give you an idea of what they look like. :)

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