Hello My Name Is Nothing

There is no permanent destination for me. I am a murder-without-hesitation hotwire expert. This is the story of how I finally may have found a home.


3. Ch. 3



                I hopped on the motorcycle that belonged to the girl and rode off with the rest of the girls. I don’t know how she beat us up, but she would pay. Usually girls who aimed guns at us were too scared to shoot or the gun wasn’t real. But this girl shot at Paul’s feet without even thinking. Then she broke my wingman Francis’s nose. I brushed it off as we pulled into the club. I parked the vehicle with the rest of our gang’s motorcycles and entered the room. It was full of people swaying to the loud bass of the music. We split up to find our daily fix of women. Our group was young, considering we were all 18-21, but what did we care? Drunk girls practically threw themselves at us. The sober ones knew to stay away but everyone else was clueless until they woke up with someone who would kill the president.

                I went to the dance floor, Paul went to the booths, Francis went to the bar to just hang since he had a girlfriend, and Jackson went outside. Usually we liked the chase of a girl, but most acted drunk so they could one night stand and be done with us. It was a rush but sometimes it got boring. I searched the crowd for a target and found her. She was swaying her hips to the music in a crop top and black miniskirt. Her brown hair was in a short crop cut. I came towards her and the crowd parted. I placed my hands around her waist and she stiffened up. Her head whipped around and suddenly I was taken aback. It was her. The girl who beat up my gang.

                “YOU!” I exclaimed, “You broke my wingman’s nose. You shot my gang member’s foot!” she looked confused then recognized me. She yelled at me to piss off and disappeared to leave the club. I texted the gang to go to the alleyway three blocks from the club then ran out the back door. The other bikes were gone so I grabbed hers and rode off to the alleyway, passing her running figure the way there. I ran into the alley where the rest of them were.

“Why’d you call us in here Denver?” Francis complained, “I almost got a free drink and information about the Cobras from the bartender.” I rolled my eyes and shot the rest of them daggers before anyone else could complain.

“The girl who beat up you and Paul is coming near. I found her in the club. She’s going to pay for threatening this gang. Do you imagine what people will think if they hear some chick in heels beat us up?!” they nodded and I ran to the edge of the alleyway. The girl was coming into view just as she passed I grabbed her and dragged her to the back of the alley where the boys were. When we explained who we were her eyes widened. Each of us took a step towards her.


I got up from my position and help out my gun but they all just laughed, pulling out bigger and better guns that made mine look like those crappy water guns that sputtered trickles of water. I made sure my fear didn’t show. Even if I was outnumbered, I would not be killed by these people. It was the lowest possible way to die. I paused before shooting at Denver, just missing his head. I dodged a bullet that came flying past my arm and flipped Jackson over onto the concrete.

They put the guns away and then I did as well, but cautiously.

“We aren’t going to kill you, but let’s see if you’ll provoke us after we beat your pretty little face.” The one named Francis said. I got ready to fight with them. Self-defense was one of my specialties. Paul came running at me and I punched him straight in his private area. He grunted and bent over. I dug my heel into his back and punched him square in the jaw. He collapsed onto Jackson with a thud. Francis and Denver came up to me at the same time. Denver grabbed me by the waist and slammed me into the brick wall of the alley, holding me down. He lifted me up scraping my leather acket against the wall. My feet dangled above the ground.

“Francis, you know what to do.” Denver said. Francis looked at me once before punching me straight in my gut and slapping me across the face. I brought my knee up into Denver’s chin and he released me. I collapsed onto the ground. Denver clutched his jaw glaring at me. I raised my arm to punch him but then Francis grabbed my wrist and spun me around to face him. I pulled out my knife and twisted my arm out of his grasp to put him in a headlock. Denver looked at me warningly. I held the knife in front of Francis’s neck as he attempted to struggle free.

“Let me leave, or I will kill him.” I said through gritted teeth. I pulled out my gun from behind so they wouldn’t see and dug a cut into Francis’s cheek. He winced in pain for a moment then returned his expression to a stone cold glare at me. I found the pressure point that made people pass out and pressed down firmly. Francis immediately collapsed with Paul and Jackson. Denver looked at me evilly.

“Looks like it’s just you and me babe.” Denver said with a grin. I pretended to be interested and walked up to him seductively. He licked his lips and placed his arm around my waist. I smiled then made a frown.

“Nope, just you.” Was all I said before kneeing him where the sun doesn’t shine. He finally collapsed with the rest of his gang. I dusted myself off and found my motorcycle in the corner with three others. I slashed the tires and mounted the bike. I looked at them and smiled. I had just beaten up the most notorious gang in New York and walked away with barely a scratch. I rode off back to the motel, which had coincidentally opened right after the Runaways left. I parked my bike and walked in. the lady at the desk looked at me wide-eyed.

“How did you get your bike back?” she exclaimed.

“I fought back with the boy band of a gang.” I said with a smirk.

“Did you hurt them?”

“Let’s just say they shouldn’t come back here while I’m around” she smiled and I walked back to my room. my bed waited invitingly for me to sleep. I changed into my pajamas (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=75855756 ) and curled up under the bed. But something unsettling disturbed me before I fell asleep.

I heard the distant rumbling of motorcycles. I brushed it off and drifted off to sleep.

Hey nerd it's me! Sorry this was so late but St. Patty's was today and I literally wrote this lightning quick. Leave suggestions please because I really don't know what to do with this story! Help I have severe writer's block!

<3, maybe_im_a_nerd

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