Hello My Name Is Nothing

There is no permanent destination for me. I am a murder-without-hesitation hotwire expert. This is the story of how I finally may have found a home.


17. Ch. 13

    "Alright, try again." Denver said, handing me the gun. 
    "I've done it like twenty times already!" I complained, giving it back. It was 5:00 A.M. on Saturday and I was trying to reload a gun fast enough for Denver. Obviously he was being really picky. 
    "Well, you suck at reloading a gun!" he said giving it back. 
    "I'm sorry it isn't my best party trick! Can't we beat up a punching bag with your face on it. That would be fun!" I said with an obnoxious grin. 
    "Listen, you are going to have to treat me with a little respect, Nothing. I'm your leader for fuck's sake!" Denver yelled, turning red. 
    "Don't forget that you're the one who put the tattoo on! I didn't ask to join this!"
    "I did it to keep you alive! Be a little grateful!" he said getting closer to my face. 
    "Why!? You had met me only three times, knew nothing about me, yet you went out of your way to save me from the Vipers! I'm a runaway, I mean nothing to the world. You are in this huge gang. It wouldn't affect you at all. So why did you care enough to save me and bring me into your gang?" 
    "Because, when I saw you, I saw exactly what I saw when I met Francis, Paul, and Jackson." he said, trying to calm down. 
    "And what was that?" I said, taking a deep breath. 
    "You looked broken and attentive. I saved you because I could tell you hadn't just run away from uptight parents or university. I saw in your eyes that you were running from a horrible past, just like all of us.I saved you because you, no matter how much you deny it, needed a home. A place you could feel safe in. That's hard to find for people like us." he sighed and rubbed his temples. "Now try reloading the gun one more time." 

    "Fine." was all I had to say when he said that. I looked straight on and focused all the pain and anger for right now. I analyzed the best way to reload the gun as fast as possible. We were both silent then I quickly fired all the ammunition in the gun then quicker than I had ever done before I let the empty ammo drop and slipped in the new one, reloading the gun. 
    "Better?" I said dropping the gun to the ground. 
    "Yes. You can...go to bed for an hour...then we're all training. Cara will be there." he said. 
    "Okay." I was about to leave then I turned. "Thanks Denver." I admitted. 
    "For what?" he said, as if he was expecting a snarky remark. 
    "Everything." I said and exited the room. Time to get my coveted hour of sleep. 
    I woke up and the building was quiet, eerily, creepily, quiet. No one made a sound. I had a feeling if a house was this quiet, something was up. I had been in some quiet homes, but back then I knew I was the only one here. Right now Cara wasn't in the room, and there was no random creaks of people walking through the hallways. I got up and slipped on jeans and a t-shirt and crept downstairs. This part of the house was empty, the kitchen was empty, and the gun room was empty. The only place I hadn't checked was the training room. 
    Inside it smelled like fresh sweat, like someone had been here before. I was about to get ready for someone to pop out when a white slip of paper caught my eye. It was taped onto the one of the piles of boxing gloves. I walked over and picked it up roughly. It read:
    Since you decided to be a lazy ASS this morning and punched me in stomach when I tried to wake you up, we left you alone in bed while we did training. We left for an interrogation across town. Just check the locks where we keep the Viper hostages. We'll be back for dinner. Order a pizza and tell them the address is your motel room number. Xtra-Large, half cheese, half meat-lovers. 
    I rolled my eyes and crumpled the note. Underneath it was the key to my motel room. I shoved the key in my pocket, slipped on two boxing gloves, and walked over to one of the punching bags. If I was going to be left alone, might as well train. I switched off between punching bags and weight lifting until my muscles were sore and worn out. 
    I stretched out my arms and went upstairs to go shower. I stole Cara's shampoo once again, ignoring the label that read "Cara's: DO NOT TOUCH" on the front of it. Slipping out of the shower, I wrapped a towel around myself and combed through my blue hair. When I had gotten dressed, I went downstairs to the hostage area. For the first time, I felt pity for them. But when I entered to reveal muscly men with tattos covering their body and angry looks on their faces, the pity melted away.
    I remembered that these were men who had killed a lot of innocent people. Jackson had told me about the Vipers. 
    "We are different from the Vipers." he explained. I had asked him why they hated the Vipers. 
    "What's wrong with them?" I asked, confused. 
    "They kill teenagers. It's a horrible business. They get respectable kids into drugs and they become stoners. Then they kidnap the girls and put them into prostitution, threatening them.They tell them if they don't follow through the prostitution, they won't get their fix of crack or marijuana or whatever it is they got themselves into." 
    "They run a prostitution service?!" I asked. 
    "Yeah, it's horrible. If the girls say they'll just give up the drug, they either kill them or use them for the sick people that use drugs on girls for their...needs." 
    "That's sickening."
    "The world is a sickening place, Nothing." 
    "I know. I'm one of the people that makes it sickening."
    "No." Jackson said, grabbing my shoulder. "You need to remember that you start afresh with the world when you join us." 
    "So what do we do?" I asked.
    "We lend money to people who need help, but they need to pay us back or we kill them."     
    "Yeah anything more fun than that?" I asked. 
    "We go clubbing every Saturday!" he said with a grin.
    "Yeah!" I said and high-fived him.
    "Everyone doing good?" I asked leaning agains one of the cells. One of them tried to grab my hand but I brought it away.
    "Hey hey hey!" I said, "I just got these done, man! Don't be chipping my manicure!" I said and he just glared at me. 
    "Listen dude I don't want to be in  here as much as you do, but you are kind of part of a demented little gang." I said. 
    I went through and made sure all the locks were tight and secure, even by my escape standards. I left the room and checked the clock. 5:00 P.M. I picked up the phone and dialed for pizza. I told them my motel room number and then drove over to my previous residence to pick up the pizza. I came in and the lady who had seen me the whole time saw me. She beamed then I lifted my wrist. 
    "Guess I'm staying a lot longer than I thought." I said. She had taken a few steps back from her desk. 
    "So, can I still use this key? I gotta pick up a pizza." I explained. She just nodded nervously. That was weird. I walked up to the room and watched an episode of Spongebob while waiting for the pizza. Finally, after about a half an hour there was a knock at the door. I sighed in relief and went to open the door. I opened and the first thing I noticed was that the guy looked extremely familiar. 
    "Hello, Jaiden. Remember me?" he said with a smirk. I looked at him confused and he took off his hat revealing his face completely. 
    "Darren?" I almost shouted. This was impossible. I killed Darren. I saw it with my own eyes. I did it. I killed him.

 I did kill him, right?
Well hello everyone! I updated this because I need the story to build a lot. Darren is going to be a big role in the book. Thanks for all the views on this story and all the feedback on Life in the Friend Zone! Love ya!

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