Hello My Name Is Nothing

There is no permanent destination for me. I am a murder-without-hesitation hotwire expert. This is the story of how I finally may have found a home.


16. Ch. 12!!!!!

Anonymous POV
    Me and the ten other hostages were dragged in. I didn't know what I had done, or who was taking us in. Whoever it was had put us in a pickup truck, gagged, bound, and knocked us out so no one would know we were under the tarp that covered the bed of the pickup truck. I was awake along with someone else who was just sobbing silently in the corner. I, however, was trying to figure out how to escape from whoever had taken us. 
    I wondered what would have happened if I hadn't taken the alleyway home. I could've taken the long, way but I was in a hurry, and now I was here. I tried to peer through the darkness to see who it was, but it was night, and it was pitch black. I tried to twist my wrists back and forth to try and unbind them, but it only irritated them more. My gag was so tight on my mouth I had to breathe through my nose. I tried to wake up the lump beside me, kicking their leg. There was a muffled groan and then I felt a leg kick me. I rolled over and tried to find the gag around their mouth. My hand felt a face and they jerked back a little before realizing what I was trying to do. 
    I grabbed the gag and pulled it down. Their was a deep breath of air and a girl's voice said, "Thank you." I tried to say, "help me too!" but I was muffled. Thankfully she understood what I was saying, and rolled around to find my gags. I felt a small pair of hands find my gag and drag it down. I gasped for air and sighed in relief. 
    "Why are we here?" the girl said again. Her voice sounded familiar.
    "Chloe, is that you?" I asked in surprise.
    "Darren?" she asked me. 
    "Yeah it's me." I replied back. 
    "Do you know who took us?" she asked.
    "No idea."  I replied. 
    "I'm scared."
    "Don't worry, we need to keep quiet."
    "Keep quiet? We need to call for help!" 
    "If we call for help while the truck is moving, the only person who will hear us 
is the person who took us!" 
    "Fine, but Darren, who knows what will happen to us if we don't escape. We could die." 
    "I know. Listen, they'll have to stop for gas soon in this old truck. I'll untie you, then you do the same. Then, as soon as they stop the truck, we'll sneak a look outside the tarp to see if they can see us or not."
    "As soon as their back is turned we run into the store and hide in the bathroom for thirty minutes until they leave." 
    "Okay, I'm in."
    I searched for Chloe's wrist. When I grabbed one wrist she lightly tapped my hand to single it was me. I blindly grabbed at the ropes. They were tied in an odd way. With the little movement available in my hands, I frustratingly grabbed at them in anger. I continued playing with the ropes and slowly untying the knots. Finally I felt the final knots untangle and Chloe let out a sigh, letting me know she was untied. She searched for my wrists and I lightly tapped her hand when she found them. She had less restraint so my knots were untied in one minute. 
    We both bent down to untie our knots on our ankles in the darkness. 
    "Do you have yours untied?" Chloe asked. 
    "Yeah." I replied almost inaudibly.
    "Me too." 
    "Now we have to wait."
    The truck rambled on as we just sat in silence. After what seemed like forever, the truck turned and then stopped completely. We heard the car door open and then close. I scooted over and peeked through the bed of the truck. All I could see was someone in a black hoodie filling up the gas. 
    "Chloe, get over here, now's our chance." I whispered. I heard her coming over and felt her next to me seconds later. 
    "When do we run out?" she whispered back.
    "When I say go." I whispered. We were silent. Right when the driver went around to get in the car, I whispered 'Go'  and we ran out of the tarp and into the gas station.  We hid behind an aisle of candy for a minute then raced to the bathroom. 
    "I think we're okay." I said, heaving for air. 
    "Oh my god, Darren!" Chloe said running to hug me. I buried my head in her thick dirty blonde hair as she wept.
    "What's wrong?" I  asked, scared. 
    "Nothing, just having a little post-traumatic effects." she said once she calmed down. 
    "Everything's fine. We're okay now." I said reassuringly. 
    "Not quite." a voice said behind us. We turned around and I immediately recognized her. The blonde hair, striking eyes, petite frame. It was Jaiden. 
    "Jaiden, you need to help us! Someone took us and they can't know we've escaped and-" Chloe started talking frantically then she cut her off.
    "Chloe, you're so naive. I am the one who took you." Jaiden. 
    "What? How'd you know we escaped?" Chloe asked. I grunted in frustration. I knew how she knew. How could I have been so stupid?
    "There were cameras in the bed of the truck. I saw you plan out your entire escape." 
    "Listen, Jaiden, I promise, we won't tell anyone about what you're doing. Just don't kill us! Please!" I said frantically. She looked at me as if she was recalling something. 
    "Remember when you said that to me and I got arrested? You are a real liar Darren, and to think we were friends once." Jaiden replied angrily.
    "Jaiden, I promise!" I said as she pulled out a gun.
    "You know this gun is muffled so no one can hear it when you pull the trigger? Darren, you're firs punishment begins now." before I could react she pulled the trigger, and Chloe sank to the ground, not even crying out in pain. Jaiden had shot her in the head, killing her instantly. 
    "No!" I almost whispered, too overcome with sadness to scream. Suddenly Jaiden came up behind me and said, "Let's get you back in the truck." Then she placed a rag on my mouth and I blacked out. 

    I shot out of bed and started to cry instantly. What Jaiden didn't know, what no one knew except the people investigating, was that I was still alive. I had survived but told the people who found me that no one could know that I was alive. I was literally a walking dead man. I changed my identity. And now, after training for more than a year, it was time for revenge. For everything she did. For what she did to Chloe right in front of me. Jaiden would pay.
    I had been following her the whole time. And now it was time that everyone knew exactly who she was. 


Oh what a cliffhanger! The story is going to start to build up a lot from here and I am thinking maybe this story will be like 25 chapters maybe. 

Also thank you again for the positive feedback of life in the friend zone. im working on chapter 6 currently.


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