Hello My Name Is Nothing

There is no permanent destination for me. I am a murder-without-hesitation hotwire expert. This is the story of how I finally may have found a home.


15. Ch. 11 and Character change!

HMNIN Chapter 10

    I woke up and immediately shot up. It was really early, but I decided it would be better to get up now than later. Cara was passed out so I went into the bathroom to take a shower. I let hot water run down my back before grabbing a bottle of shampoo that looked like it belonged to Cara. I shrugged and used it to run through my hair. I was really hoping my hair would grow out soon. I was thinking of dying it jet black, but it had just been dyed blue, so I would have to wait a month at least. I finished up and shut off the water. I stepped onto the mat and dried myself off quickly before shaking my hair out with the towel. 
    I stepped out and got into a bra and panties, then grabbed a cutoff shirt and ripped jeans. I left the room with out a glance in the mirror and ran down to look for the kitchen. This house was so huge compared to places I've stayed in. I ran into random rooms, including a pool, a bathroom, a bedroom, a prison cell with some Vipers there who just stared at me when I opened the door. I started running around when suddenly I spotted a door marked 'KITCHEN'. Seriously?, I thought to myself, slapping my forehead. I ran through to reveal a kitchen. I sighed and looked through the cupboards: nothing. Absolutely nothing was in the cupboards. I sighed and picked up the phone, not caring what time it was. I looked through the drawers and found them littered with pizza pamphlets and other takeout places. I picked up a pizza one and dialed the number. 
    "Hello, this is Dominoes how may I help you?" a man said on the other end of the line. 
    "Large cheese pizza for delivery and can you get it here fast." I said quickly. 
    "Okay the total is going to be $15.47! What's your address." he asked in a forced polite tone. 
    "My address is...well I actually don't know where I am. Let me check outside." I turned and ran to the front door and looked out. We were in a somewhat deserted area. Then I remembered: maybe the gang didn't want people knowing where they were. 
    "Uh..the address is the motel 6 on Smith Street, remembering my residence in New York when I first arrived. 
    "Okay ma'am the pizza will be there in fifteen minutes. Thank you!" he said and hung up. I sighed and ran back to my room to grab my shoes. I snagged them along with my  leather jacket and race out the house to find a motorcycle laying on the grass. I picked it up and immediately recognized it as mine since it was hotwired. I hopped on and drove off to the motel to wait for the pizza guy.
    When I got there the sun had risen a little and a couple people were out. I slipped off my jacket and sat down, waiting. Five minutes later a pizza car rolled up and a man with a pizza stepped out. 
    "Hey you!" I yelled. He turned around and pointed at himself, confused. I nodded and told him to come here. 
    "That would be my pizza." I said. 
    "Okay. Its going to be 15-" 
    "Yeah yeah I know." As I turned to get my money and then handed it to him, his eyes landed on my tattoo and widened. 
    "Ummm...no charge!" he said and handed me the pizza." People get that scared if you just have the Runaways tattoo? I shrugged and smiled at my free pizza then hopped on my motorcycle to get back to the house.             
     When I arrived everyone was still asleep. I then realized why: I had woken up at four in the morning to order a pizza and it was now only five thirty in the morning. I sighed and went into the living room where there was a tempting flat screen TV. I opened the box to reveal some delicious looking cheese pizza and turned on the TV to the news. You see, I watch the new whenever I can so I know if people are still looking for me. I grabbed a slice of pizza and watched as they went over usual news stuff. For example: politics, reuniting families, a possible cure for cancer! I sighed as I grabbed another piece. As soon I picked it up, Cara walked-correction, hobbled- into the room.
    "I woke up and smelled pizza." she said before plopping down on the couch next to me. I grinned and turned my attention back to the TV, where the news woman had put on a grimly familiar sad face. 
    "And today, we remember the one year anniversary since the morbid torturing and death of those unfortunate people. You may remember when I made this story last year. Unfortunately, the torturer and murderer, Miss Greenwich," I winced, hearing my last name. "is still on the loose. Some people have claimed to see her in a town but she disappears out of thin air every time. Police all over the country have been on look outs so that the victim's families may be put at peace. Just the mention of her name gives me shivers, so Karen will guide us on a story and the interviews she had with the families. Karen-"
    The screen changed and pictures of a warehouse came on . I sat up a little. "It was the crime that shocked the nation." a woman voiced over, probably Karen, "The scariest part today, is that the young woman is still out there, a threat to the teen world. She was put into an asylum, escaped, and was never seen again. And the worst part is, no one saw it coming." a teenage girl's voice added, "She was a normal girl on the street." The title of the documentary showed: Famous Files: Runaway Torturer. Karen began talking again. "The killer's name was Jaiden Greenwich." my eyes widened and I flipped the TV off.
    "Are you okay?" Cara asked.
    "Yeah, it's just that she went to my high school." I replied
    "Wow she must have been crazy." I felt a shiver down my spine.
    "Yeah..she sure was...let's watch spongebob!" I said, trying to get my mind of the name. But there was no way to get my mind off the name, or that girl. Because I was that girl. I was Jaiden Greenwich. 

Hello guys!!! So the picture you see above is my character change for Nothing! I think Cher Lloyd looks more like my description for her. 

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