Summer Love

Becka is 18, it is finally the summer holidays! Since she's finished school she has 7 weeks of pure fun, sun and friends! She has to start university soon, so that is what she is concentrating on......until a mystery guy gets in her way....will she be directed the right way.


2. Party all night

Me and Mary sent all day getting ready. She was freaking out because she had no idea what to wear, even though she had about 100 outfits crammed in her suitcase! After all the worrying, she chose a purple lacy top and black skirt and black tights, then purple eye shadow with a black eyeliner and mascara to match. I chose a black mini dress with tights and some black vans, with Blue eye shadow, black eyeliner and mascara like Mary. She looked stunning. By the time we've done all that and cleaned up most of the house it was 7:00pm. We headed out of the house and climbed into Mary's black sports car and drove to the house of the party in style. Mary still hadn't told me who's party it was so I was clueless about where we were going. We arrived at a house and Mary said 'You know that hot guy in our maths class? Matt? This is his party!'

"Oh. Yeah I know him. He's a stuck up Jerk who only likes to have one night stands and then every girl he does that with ends up crying and waiting for me to try and comfort them!" I say in an annoyed voice. 

"Oh come on Becka! Tonights our one chance to have fun!  Don't spoil it." she says dragging me inside.

The house looks a.m.a.z.i.n.g. It's decorated with streamers, lights and sparkly bits here and there. There are people everywhere so it's hard to get around, but Mary somehow manages by holding onto my hand and pulling me straight to the dance floor. We dance for a while when 2 guys come up to us. One of them I don't know, he goes up to Mary and asks her to dance, she winks at me and she goes and mouths 'That's matt!', and that's when I recognised him.

"Hi, your Becka right? From my maths class?" he says in his husky, low tone voice.

"Yeah, and your Matt aren't you. the little host of this great party" I say with a grin plastered on my face.

"You got me. Anyway I was just wondering if you wanted to dance?" Matt asks me, winking. 

"Yeah okay" I mumble as he wraps his muscular arms around my waist and I pull my arms around his neck. We dance their for  a little while then he pulls me closer into him and I feel our body's touching. I look up at him as we come closer, he lowers his face down to mine and our lips crash in sync. His arms are pulling me in closer as we kiss and I swear their were little fireworks going off around us. His lips are so soft and his body so muscular. As we finally pull away I look into his deep blue eyes innocently and he pulls me off the dancefloor and out onto the balcony. It's cold out so I shiver a little and he gives me his warm leather jacket. Mary rushes out onto the balcony and tells us theirs a game of 7 minutes in heaven going on and drags me and Matt into it. 

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