Summer Love

Becka is 18, it is finally the summer holidays! Since she's finished school she has 7 weeks of pure fun, sun and friends! She has to start university soon, so that is what she is concentrating on......until a mystery guy gets in her way....will she be directed the right way.


8. He's the one

So the guys drove me down to the studio, well not the guys exactly....we were sat in a limo! It was so cool! So we got to the studio and the guys recorded whilst I sat listening and playing on my iPhone(pretending to text but really playing on angry birds). After Paul had told them they could go, the boys went to Nando's(not a surprise!) and me and Niall went shopping. We went shopping for me and he paid surprisingly, I bought some new clothes, make up and phone accessories. We walked round for a bit then found a pathway, we walked down it to find a park. It was green grass with a light blue river and beautiful flowers and animals. It was our own private park! So we sat down and Niall looked at me. He muttered something to himself then looked up at me again. 

"Is something wrong Niall?" I asked curiously

"No no, I just wanted to ask you something.." He said slowly

"Okay fire away" I say nervously

"Becka...Will you go out with me?" He said looking at me with those deep blue eyes.

"Yes!" I said excitedly. 

He picked me up and spun me round. when he put me down, I looked eagerly at his lips. He knew I wanted to. He leant in and kissed me then. 

**2 days later**

It's a week till I start back for the university semester. I was in my flat with Marie, she was for some reason reading the newspaper(Why? She's never done that before) and the doorbell rang. I went to answer it since the lazy Marie couldn't be bothered. It was Niall.

"Hi babe" He said kissing my cheek. 

"Hey" I said back in a sad tone. 

"Are you alright?" He said curiously

"Not really to be honest" I replied looking down, Marie looking at me aswell. I felt as if I was being cornered. 

"What's wrong?" He said, touching my chin and looking at me fully.

"I don't know" I said, a tear dripping down my cheek.

I knew what was wrong. Something bad was going to happen. I could just feel it. I don't know what but it had been on my mind. It's going to ruin what I've become. I just take all of this drama anymore. I'm just going to get through university without any guys on my mind at all. I don't know if that will turn out to be true or not....but I can try my best to stick to it. Life's too complicated, but that's what makes it all the worthwhile. 


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