Summer Love

Becka is 18, it is finally the summer holidays! Since she's finished school she has 7 weeks of pure fun, sun and friends! She has to start university soon, so that is what she is concentrating on......until a mystery guy gets in her way....will she be directed the right way.


5. Half way through

It was already half way through the summer holidays! It's probably from spending all my time with Matt. Mary's found herself a new boyfriend, some friend of Tom Fletcher from Mcfly. She loves Mcfly, and so do I really,but not as much as one direction(my guilty pleasure). My mum and dad had helped me and Mary look for a flat near harvard for university(even though my mum and dad were still on their cruise), we've bought one and it looks amazing. As I sit there typing away to Mary on facebook I get a text from Matt. 

Matt <3 xxxxx: Hey beautiful, what ya up to xxxxxx 

Me: Just talking to Mary on fb xxxxxx

Matt: Ah ok. Sorry I got to go, phone running out. ttyl babes xxxxx

Me: Okay, cya xxxxxx


And that obviously ended our conversation. I looked at my watch 12:30,'time for lunch' I thought to myself. So I went downstairs and cracked open the bacon and blasted out one direction whilst I got the oven ready. As I was about to put my bacon in the doorbell rang, I dropped my things and turned the music down a bit. I opened the door and there was Matt stood with One Direction! I just stood there surprised as hell. 

"Look Mary, I thought I should of told you earlier but I couldn't because it hurt too much, I'm moving to New Zealand tomorrow and I know you would take it badly so I brought some guys that might help". Matt said trying to raise a smile.

"Oh Matt....."I say bursting into tears.

"Shhh, don't cry babes, you don't deserve to cry, your to beautiful for that. Now I want you to stay with these guys for the rest of the summer. Don't come after me, please..." He said, kissed my forehead and left.  I wiped away my tears and 1D all look at me, 

"Well don't just stand there getting cold! Come in, I'm just cooking up some bacon" I said trying to sound cheerful. They all cheer and follow me into the kitchen. I can feel Niall staring at me as I cook. He's so gorgeous, I've always liked him best to be honest. I serve the boys there bacon and go upstairs to grab my laptop. Niall comes into my bedroom when I'm sat on my bed. 

"Oh hi Niall" I mumble, trying to keep my cool. 

"Hey Becka, you know since Matt left I thought u might need someone there for you, if u do I'm always here.." he said in his cute Irish accent. I burst into tears then, thinking dearly of Matt. But Niall holds me and kisses the top of my head and rocks me to sleep on my bed. I fall unconscious in his arms. 



Look I know this is really bad but I needed a surprise twist to make the story better! If u keep commenting what u might want in the story the chapters will come faster! Diamondgirl xoxo

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