Summer Love

Becka is 18, it is finally the summer holidays! Since she's finished school she has 7 weeks of pure fun, sun and friends! She has to start university soon, so that is what she is concentrating on......until a mystery guy gets in her way....will she be directed the right way.


4. College of my dreams....

***3 Days later***


My alarm clock went off and I woke up with a jump. I hopped down the stairs and made myself some breakfast like any normal morning would start and went upstairs and got changed. Just as I got back to my bedroom my phone beeped. It was Mary. 

Maryxxxxx: We are definitly going shopping today! I'm coming over, be there in 5 xxxxx Mary 

As soon as I had finished reading it the doorbell rang. 

"Becka!" She screamed as she ran in. "I got my letter back from Harvard......"

"OMG Mary did you get in??!!" I said excitedly as I looked at her. 

"I........." She said wavering "Got in!" She screamed in delight! 


"Mary this is huge!" I say running out of breath in excitement. 

"I got your letter on the way up aswell!!" She said trying to keep a straight face. "I might of been a bit cheeky and looked through it" 

"GIVE IT NOW!" I said, grabbing the letter in curiosity and wonder. 

I ripped it open and read quickly down the first few lines. I got it! I screamed loudly in my head then actually screamed out loud. I was so excited I couldn't contain it. The first person I told was Mary. Then I texted Matt. 

To Matt <3 xxxx: Guess what? I got into Harvard! I'm finding an apartment with Mary and moving in just before our semester starts! xxxxxx 

Whilst I was waiting for Matt to text back, me and Mary headed out into town to get a take away from Costa. We decided once we got there to actually sit down. I got the text back when I was in costa. 

From Matt <3 xxxx: That's great babe! Can I come round later? xxxxxxx 

I was wondering why he wanted to come round because he sounded slightly strange when asking. But I said yes anyway. Me and Mary left costa and walked home. I got home and Matt was already there waiting for me. As I walked into the porch he pushed me up against the wall and crashed his lips on mine. 

"What took you so long?" He said in his deep voice. 

"Mary takes forever to leave" I replied, kissing him back. 

We walked in and I dumped my keys on the top and walked upstairs. Matt followed me up and grabbed me by the waist and carried me to my bedroom, then dumping me down on my comfy bed. 

"So why did you want to come round again?" I asked curiously, my face inches from Matt's. I stared eagerly at his lips, biting mine for some reason at the same time. 

"mmm.....i'll tell you later, lets just enjoy this." He said before kissing me hard.

He kissed me like never before. His hands moving slowly up my shirt and unhooking my bra strap. His tongue entering my mouth at the same time. My hands traveled up his shirt and ripped it off. He was slowly taking off my shirt and bra at the same time, my hands moved down by his legs and I unzipped his trousers. He ripped them off and he did the same to me. We just layed there on my bed making out in just our underpants like our lived depended on it. He was moving his hands down by waist and was pulling me closer towards him. I let out a moan of delight as he kissed me passionately, rolling me over so I was on top of him. He was enjoying this I could tell. I swear that was the best night of my life.  

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