Summer Love

Becka is 18, it is finally the summer holidays! Since she's finished school she has 7 weeks of pure fun, sun and friends! She has to start university soon, so that is what she is concentrating on......until a mystery guy gets in her way....will she be directed the right way.


1. Nightmare's never really end.....

No...NO! I screamed as he grabbed me by the shoulder, his muscles in his hand tightening. I was trying to run from him but he wouldn't let go....he said 'I wouldn't do that if I were you, it'll just make this punishment even sweeter for me, and worse for you'. he punched me in the stomach, me lurching to my knees. He was trying to hurt me, for hurting him......then everything went dark


I woke up screaming. I fumbled for the light switch, trembling with fear. I checked my phone, 6:00am. I lie back down, trying to calm myself. My mum and dad are away on a holiday with my brother in Spain, the lucky things. They went early on holiday whilst I was finishing my A levels. So I got changed and plodded downstairs to make myself some breakfast. My phone rings, It's Mary. 

"Hi Mary" I say, still trembling

She replies back with an excited scream "OMG Becka, I have the greatest news ever and I have to tell you in person I'm coming round this second!" The line goes dead. I check my watch 7:00am. The doorbell rings, god that was quick. As I expected it's Mary. She comes in and sets herself a cup of tea as she tells me what's going on. 

"Becka, we have been invited to the hottest party of the year. Well not exactly properly invited. My friend Daisy knows the host and he said that she could invite anyone, so she invited me and she told me I could bring a friend, obviously I picked you!" She tells me acting cocky. 

"Wow Mary. Well of course I'll go but when is it?! I reply happily

"It's tonight, that's why I brought this!" She says, grabbing a suitcase from outside and hauling it in. "It's my complete set of clothes and makeup from my bedroom, we are going to hang out here all day and get ready! It'll be a blast!" She cries excitedly. 

So we drag the extra heavy suitcase up to my room and spend most of the day in there only going downstairs for snacks, drinks and other things to keep us going!

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