Skellig inspired poem

At the current moment, we're reading Skellig by David Almond in my English class and a poem came to me! Thanx!

M xox

And Mr Salkeld, if you're reading this. Feel free to comment.


1. Skellig

A wing-ed Creature in the night

A guardian Angel free in flight

Feathers upon each majestic wing

Fluttering till the moring sings


A caring soul with a humble start

A protector, a angel with an open heart

Any person who is lost, in doubt or need

He helps them and sets their burdens free


However, he wasn't always this strong

But a mortal friend helped him belong

Now he stands larger than life

A prominent figure in the morning light


And as the midnight bell begins to toll

Skellig, the magic cretaure must go

And so every night, a shadow a across the moon

As every believing child knows.


Skellig will be back soon.....


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