13, An Unlucky Number (FULL LENGTH!!!)

My book 13, An Unlucky Number is quite a long novel about a case worker named Angela. Her life is scarred by the need for revenge of a man named Steelo and his accomplice Skull. Together they try to settle a century old score, striking at Angela in any way they can. Victims piling up, Angela tries to run but whether Steelo and Skull succeed or fail at their path of destruction, 13 will turn out to be Angela's unlucky number.


23. Unlucky 13

Guards arrived in the early hours of the morning to collect Angela and Kyle from the cell. Both mumbled 'traitor' and 'betrayer' under their breath as they both hustled Kyle out first, then turned their attentions to Angela. They pointed their guns at the two prisoners, holding them strongly. Kyle was still weak from his escapade the day before but he could speak properly now, his breathing pattern normal. Both were shoved along the corridor to the main room. Skull stood beside the entrance, his zip open for the special occasion. Steelo stood admiring the sight of his two prisoners, held by chains. A young woman was standing beside him, her mainly red clothing bright against the grimness of the lair. Steelo's daughter, Roxanne, glared towards Angela with puzzled eyes, but they still held traces of hatred. Kyle was thrust to the side, his eyes not once leaving Angela. Nervous, Angela looked up at Steelo. "What do you want now? Isn't killing Henry enough for you?" Steelo answered with a single word: No. 

"What do you get out of doing this to me? What is your problem? Not enough people in the world to pick on?," Angela asked, no longer nervous but incredibly angry. "Yes, but none are as rewarding as you are to pick on. There is a reason I make your life a misery. I'm not sure if your aware but our families have been at war for a long time. Well, not that long. But when I met your rat of a father I declared conflict. He took away my wife and daughter and even getting Roxanne back does not make up for the treachery. I first saw you as a toddler and I never liked you even then. I decided you were to be punished with the rest of your family. I didn't care much for exceptions and now I can have my revenge! I've waited a long time for this." The guards either side of Angela reached forward and unlocked her chained together feet. "Stand up," Steelo commanded, his complimentary mischievous grin fixed on his face, "Go on! Get up!" Angela stood up, her knees shaking weakly. Steelo walked forward to come close. He held a brown hat in his hand. Angela recognized it immediately. The hat was Allister's. Frightened once more, Angela looked up at Steelo. He was standing there calmly, looking down at the hat he held. "You like it? It was a souvenir," the villain smirked, then raised a hand and pelted it against Angela. 

There was a sickening crunch as Steelo struck her face, Angela's body tossed backwards onto the hard floor. Pain parceled Angela up like one big package, her delivery yet to be made because, even though it hurt, she held on. She refused to give in. To lose. She had lost everyone she cared for except Kyle, but she would not lose. Not now. Steelo stepped towards her, his boot nudging against her. He looked disappointed, almost sad at her efforts. And yet deep below his mask of dissatisfaction, Angela knew he was pleased. He was finally getting his revenge. Still fighting with the last of her strength but losing faith, Angela shuffled to collapse into Kyles arms. The ex-guard held her gently, resting his face against hers. "Oh Angela.. you need to stop fighting.. you can only keep it up for so long..." he whispered to her, "You're gonna have to let go.. but I'll miss you. I've got you now.. but you'll be safe with them.. with Henry.. and the others.. and it won't hurt anymore.. you'll be at peace.. and that's all I want for you..." Angela looked up into Kyle's moss eyes and suddenly she felt a strange gut feeling. Kyle was right. Her time had come and no amount of fighting could stop it. Angela did stop fighting. She sighed as the pain died away. Her eyes drifted shut and slowly her body became breathless. All that once remained in her mind was now a collage of blackness. Angela was now dead. She was Steelo and Skull's 13th victim: her unlucky number.

Kyle looked out to the open streets. Strangely his previous loyalty had payed off. Steelo and Skull had set him free, but was banished from their lair. Not that I'd want to go back, Kyle said to himself. Slowly he curled up on the stone steps to a run down bookshop. No one was there, the place dark and dusty. It's windows were smashed, spindly spiderwebs clinging to them. The building was as quiet as a mouse, no sounds emanating from inside. Kyle turned onto his side, his arms wrapped around himself to shelter his body from the cold, chilling night. The wind bit at his restless body and until Kyle closed his eyes he lay awake for some time. Slowly he drifted into sleep to awake to dreams of a beautiful woman. A woman he had fallen in love with. The steps to the bookshop were frightfully cold. There he slept the night. 

The morning light was dim but woke Kyle up from his longing filled dreams. He sat up to catch his breath, still caught in his recent sleep. Kyle then rose, his legs stiff and aching. He had walked most of the day before and this day wouldn't be much different. He had a destination to get to. A house. But not just any house, a shelter for people in need of one. And this was where he had dropped off little Ashley and the two cats. Together the owners had promised their care to the three newcomers and now Kyle had one last thing he needed to do: make sure they had kept their promise. As the day went on Kyle got closer to the shelter and as nightfall approached he reached his journey's end. Kyle entered the small hut to find Teresa, one of the owners, cradling Ashley in her cream blanket and holding a bottle of milk to the young girl's mouth. The two cats he had brought there slept at the woman's feet, both healthy and well fed. Kyle sighed with relief. They had kept their promise.

In the years that followed Kyle stayed at the house, watching contently as little Ashley grew bigger. He enjoyed playing with her and he also found joy in the two cat's company. Their purrs rang out as he stoked their heads. The dark tortoiseshell she-cat had been named Autumn and had become good friends with both her housemates; Dennis and Blossom. Blossom was a small silver tabby with only three legs. She had been found by Teresa and Rosie in a cardboard box by the road. No one knew where she had come from but all the residence took kindly to her. Blossom liked to fall asleep on Ashley's bed, of which the little girl didn't mind. In fact she treasured her bond with the cat. A dog lived there too: Roxie. She was old and stumbled about the hut, but Ashley thought Roxie was still great fun. Roxie was a Staffy, her sandy brown fur short and eyes a shade of dark chocolate. She was very affectionate, giving cuddles to all of the residence including Kyle. Kyle enjoyed the animals. He had never had pets before, but he liked being around them. After a while two of the three owners, Rosie and George, had died, leaving just Teresa in charge of the household. Some time later Teresa became ill. When her condition got worse, now unable to do her housekeeping duties, Kyle took charge of the hut. He also took care of Teresa, making sure she took her medicine. One night Teresa passed away in her sleep. Kyle and Ashley were heartbroken but Kyle continued to look after all the residents, mostly the furry ones. He became like a father to Ashley, playing and looking after her and the hut became his own home of which he shared with her and the animals. Together they lived until Ashley was 12, when Kyle died of cancer and joined Angela in heaven..

Angela woke up to a bright blue sky, white whirls of clouds speckling the blue hue. She was lying among fresh green grass and light breeze whipped the air. Gathered around her were the figures of Angela's closest friends. She was, it seemed, in the same place as her dream had taken place. One of the figures was Jamie. All his previous wounds were nowhere to be seen, all the dry blood gone from his skin. It was like a new Jamie. A happy Jamie. The boy smiled down at Angela, holding a hand down to her. He had been just 14 years old when he died, when Steelo had sentenced him to death. With Jamie's support Angela sat up and she smiled with glee at the familiar faces facing her. Neither Kyle or Ashley were here from her dream but the rest of her friends were. There they played and laughed, discussing jokes and certain events they remembered. After 10 years Kyle joined them and to celebrate they held a picnic. Ashley then showed up, only 12 years old, and though no one knew how she got there, everyone was happy to see her.

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