13, An Unlucky Number (FULL LENGTH!!!)

My book 13, An Unlucky Number is quite a long novel about a case worker named Angela. Her life is scarred by the need for revenge of a man named Steelo and his accomplice Skull. Together they try to settle a century old score, striking at Angela in any way they can. Victims piling up, Angela tries to run but whether Steelo and Skull succeed or fail at their path of destruction, 13 will turn out to be Angela's unlucky number.


10. The Boy

Nearly fully awake from her bad dream, Angela sat up and observed Jamie, who still stood silently. He looked.. different and Angela wasn't sure what to say. They both looked at each other as if in an awkward situation until Angela spoke. "Jamie, are you okay?," she asked, "You don't look too good. Are you ill? Did you have another nightmare?" The boy moved his head slightly as if confirming the question of a nightmare with a simple, small nod. "Should I take you back to bed?," Angela inquired, "so that you can get some sleep. You do look tired." Jamie gave no movement this time. Though it was night and quite dark in the room, Jamie looked almost like a ghost. Too much like a ghost for Angela's liking. His skin was tinged with grey and his eyes were like large holes, surrounded by large patches of black, which made him look like he hadn't slept in years. At Angela's comment, Jamie stood silent for a few moments until he backed away a bit, turned and walked into the kitchen, leaving Angela watching in bewilderment.

Not a sound came from the kitchen, even about ten minutes after Jamie had walked in there. Angela lay awake on the sofa, unable to get to sleep. It was still as uncomfortable as the first night she had spent in the house, but that was the least thing that she was either thinking or worried about. A light suddenly flicked on upstairs and Angela sat back up again. She got up off the sofa and walked upstairs to find Jamie standing in the doorway of his bedroom. "I can't sleep," he explained and collapsed to press his head against Angela. "Hey, it's okay," she calmed him, stroking his head gently, "But how did you get up here? And why wouldn't you speak to me downstairs?" Jamie looked up at her with a face of confusion. "What are you on about? I haven't been downstairs, let alone ignored you. And I got up here the same way you did, I walked up the stairs. After all, you were right there next to me." Angela looked towards the lower floor. "Then who was that.." she whispered, as if only speaking to herself. She looked back over to Jamie. "He looked just like you," she explained, "but really Gothic looking. Almost like he was.. a ghost. I thought it was you. He didn't say anything, but he just walked off into the kitchen. That's why I asked you how you got up here. I thought I would've seen you if you came from the kitchen and walked upstairs. But it wasn't even you.." "Oh.. I guess that's why you were so confused about me being up here," Jamie said, then asked, "I wonder who it was... Can you sleep in my bedroom with me tonight?, I don't want to be alone." Angela nodded. She didn't want to be alone either. But where would she sleep?

Entering the room beside Jamie, Angela thought about what she'd witnessed. Maybe it was my imagination, she said to herself, or maybe I'm just going crazy. Angela sat down on the end of Jamie's bed as the young boy settled back into his comfy cocoon of duvets. He then turned on the lamp beside him, and Angela got up to turn another lamp on the other side of the room on, before switching off the main light. She then resumed her seat on Jamie's bed and the two started to talk. "I know I should be going to sleep but I don't know if I can," Jamie told her, and she agreed, stating that she, too, was unsure whether she would be able to sleep. They both talked about the dreams they'd had that night and what they thought the strange boy had been. "I might have just imagined the whole thing," Angela pointed out, though Jamie seemed to be completely convinced it was ghost she'd seen. She believed it might have all been a dream or something. Or her mind playing tricks. Whatever it was, she wanted to forget the whole thing.

Angela woke, her head pressed tightly to the pillow, to find chaos, but also her closest friend beside her. "What happened?" she said in a confused tone, "Why is the room like this?". She swallowed anxiously whilst Jamie shrugged and explained that it was like it when he woke up. She looked around. Stuff was littered everywhere, clothes, photos, pens, CD cases, flowers, everything. Then she realized what would happen next. "Does Petunia know about this?," Angela asked Jamie. "Yeah, I think she was waiting for you to wake up. She's gone downstairs." Great. She knew exactly what Petunia was going to do. And she felt extremely hurt. Tears collected at her eyes as Angela walked downstairs and Jamie seemed to have no clue why she was upset. She looked down at him in sorrow. It was almost a motherly look but with sadness sewn into it. There she was. Petunia was sat, delicately balanced on the edge of the armchair, waiting for her. 

Grabbing her satchel bag and phone, Angela walked outside the house. Jamie was stood at the bottom of the steps. Her prediction was right. Angela was getting kicked out. She had tried to explain that the mess wasn't hers, but Petunia didn't want to listen. When Jamie realized what was happening he had got really upset. Now it was time to say goodbye. Today was meant to be her date with Adam, but that wasn't on her mind anymore. Where would she live now? Maybe she could stay with Adam at his apartment. Angela gave Jamie a hug and a kiss on the head. They were both crying by now but Angela had to go. She had no choice. "Goodbye Jamie," she whispered in his ear as she knelt to hug him full on, "I'll miss you. Look after yourself." Angela looked down at the boy and forced a small smile. She then walked away from the house, looking back over her shoulder at an extremely upset Jamie a few times. 

Angela sat in the park she and Jamie had gone to together for the rest of the day. She sat silently on a park bench, mostly crying or looking at her phone or looking at case profiles. They didn't matter so much now. Everything just seemed to have fallen apart. As night fell, she gathered her things and made her way to the cafeteria. She knew one thing for certain, or so she thought. She would never see Jamie again. The cafeteria was extremely quiet, which was good because that meant she could cry without being stared at too much. Adam arrived after ten minutes and he begged her to tell him what had happened. She told him everything, and Adam looked at her in great sympathy and concern. Instead of going on the date they were meant to, Adam took Angela back to his apartment. "You can stay here with me," he said, "It'll be nice to have some company." But Angela slept worse than she ever slept before. In fact, she hardly slept.

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