13, An Unlucky Number (FULL LENGTH!!!)

My book 13, An Unlucky Number is quite a long novel about a case worker named Angela. Her life is scarred by the need for revenge of a man named Steelo and his accomplice Skull. Together they try to settle a century old score, striking at Angela in any way they can. Victims piling up, Angela tries to run but whether Steelo and Skull succeed or fail at their path of destruction, 13 will turn out to be Angela's unlucky number.


16. The Black Box

We'll be okay. We WILL be okay. Angela kept repeating the words over and over in her head, as if by saying them it would make them true. Jamie was sat beside her, his head leaning weakly on her shoulder. He seemed as worried as Angela, a look of nervousness and anxiety pasted on his face. The room was dark with just enough light to see each other. Ashley was cradled in Angela's arms and Dennis lay restlessly on Jamie's lap. They were still together. That Angela could be thankful for. It had been three days. How much longer did they have to wait? Angela looked at Jamie, who sat staring at the wall opposite, as if he could see far beyond it.. as if he were wishing himself away. Angela wished she could do the same, escape from the dark room they were waiting in.. but only time would tell if they would ever get out. Angela ran back through what had happened in her mind. From out of the blue, Steelo and his creepy side-kick Skull had captured them and brought them to their 'lair'. They were put in here, and they hadn't been out since. That was it. Footsteps outside the door told Angela company was approaching and she waited until a hand slid the small window open. "They're ready to see you now," the stranger informed them, then unbolted the metal door to let them out. 

Angela looked the stranger over. He was most likely a guard, for he held a gun in his right hand. Great, Angela sighed, there's no way of beating this guy. She had hoped he'd have no weapon so they could make a quick escape. But she was wrong. Another man dressed in black came into the cell and pushed the captives out quicker. Angela was right.. there was no escaping now. The two men lead Angela and Jamie into a huge room. It was dark, but not as dark as the cell. A round glass table stood in the center with men gathered around it. The mumbling faded as Angela and Henry entered the room. There they were. At the opposite side of the room stood Skull and Steelo, who too stopped talking and looked up to welcome their 'visitors'. "Ah, come to join us i see. Yes, we finally have decided to let you out of that dreary cell. What do you think?," Steelo bragged, gesturing to the room, "A nice lair isn't it? And now we will talk. So.. your probably wandering why your here. Well, I can answer that if you would like to take a seat." He spoke in his metal-like voice, walking around the table towards where Angela and Jamie were standing, then gestured to a couple of chairs directly facing Skull, who was still stood were he was originally. Angela and Jamie hesitated, but then walked forward and sat down. 

Steelo paced around the table, a mischievous and rather dangerous looking grin on his face. "We need something from you. A few certain items you must obtain. They are hidden in a place called Farrah, and it will take all your effort to get there. I have a map.. you'll need it. The objects you seek are a dagger and a toy Wolverine. Not that hard, right? And if you do not accept this mission, we will have to give you a bit of motivation," Steelo turned his head sharply to look at Jamie, then turned back to Angela. "A toy? You want a TOY? But why us? Why me? Can't you just send one of your men to get it?!" Angela yelled, standing up from the chair. One of the men with guns stepped forward, starting to point his gun at Angela, but Steelo held his hand up to dismiss him, waving him back into the shadows that lined the walls of the room. Steelo walked forward to meet Angela's gaze. "Simple. Only you can get inside. Your hand print is the only one that fit's the lock. It's to do with your father, just please don't make me try to explain. And as for the Wolverine its not really a toy, though it's as harmless as one. Okay, it's a stuffed Wolverine money box. Whatever. Same sort of thing. You get the idea." He handed a scrolled piece of paper, presumably a map, to Angela. "Now will you do as I ask?," Steelo inquired. Angela sighed. "Yes, but keep Jamie safe, and the others," she replied, signalling to the boy, Ashley and Dennis. Steelo smiled with his mischievous grin. "Don't worry, they'll be safe. Won't they Skull?," he commented. Skull walked over and grabbed Jamie, hurling him and picking him from the chair like pinching a fly from his clothes. Dennis, petrified, let out a scared mew. The huge menace then took Ashley in his other hand and placed them in a small, black room Angela hadn't noticed till them. He shut the door violently and resumed his place beside Steelo.

Jamie was plunged into a world of darkness. He held on tightly to Dennis in his arms, even though he could no longer see through the pitch blackness that surrounded him. It was as if he had been plummeted into a never ending hole. The blackness of the room was so black that it seemed almost thick, as if the room had been stuffed with wool. Jamie collapsed onto the cold, cement floor. His arms felt around for the walls and for Ashley, who cried quietly out into the echoing room. Jamie found her next to where he sat and slowly placed Dennis onto the floor. He then picked up Ashley and wrapped her in his arms as he leaned against the wall. It was cold, freezing in fact and this is what Jamie imagined the arctic to be like at night. He stared down at the young girl in his arms, who had stopped her almost silent cries and looked back up at him. He couldn't see them through the darkness, but Jamie knew her eyes were looking up at him. Her eyes were blue-grey like the ocean on one of those windy, cold days. Jamie had seen the ocean only once with his old family. It had been breezy on that day too, and the ocean was blue-grey like Ashley's eyes. Her stare seemed vivid, glancing into his eyes as if they were open doors, leading her into his thoughts and dreams.. and very existence. Still cuddling Ashley, Jamie fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

Steadily Jamie woke up, his eyes blinking slowly open. His sight didn't need to adjust. The black box-room was as dark as it had been the night before and he still couldn't see a thing. After some time his body ached from sitting and laying on the hard floor. But that wasn't the worst of his problems. He got bored, then extremely hungry, then bored again. The boy sighed, wondering when they would escape.. get out of this darkness. After a day of being in the black room, he began to count to pass the time. He reached 472 before he got too bored to continue and then decided just to stare into the blackness and think about Angela. I wonder where she is, he said to himself. He couldn't wait to be back with her. She was the closest thing to family he had left and she had taken care of Jamie all this time. Does she ever wonder if it's worth it?, he asked himself, and he considered the idea that she had for what seemed like forever, though it was probably actually around five minutes. His head hung in sadness. I wish I was with her..

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