13, An Unlucky Number (FULL LENGTH!!!)

My book 13, An Unlucky Number is quite a long novel about a case worker named Angela. Her life is scarred by the need for revenge of a man named Steelo and his accomplice Skull. Together they try to settle a century old score, striking at Angela in any way they can. Victims piling up, Angela tries to run but whether Steelo and Skull succeed or fail at their path of destruction, 13 will turn out to be Angela's unlucky number.


20. Rounded Up

Still set on revenge for the loss of his wife and daughter, Steelo sat staring at the pen in his hand, trying desperately to work out the best approach. But first, he said to himself, there is something I need to do. Once again, he put pen to paper and he drew erratically, not spending as much time as with his previous drawing a week ago. Inside his mind words were forming and he started to voice them, his mouth miming the words one by one. He begged for this to work, that it should work. He drew a baby in a red box. His daughter. She wasn't dead so technically, he thought, it should work this time. Praying deep in his mind Steelo finished the drawing. He sighed. He waited patiently for a while. No daughter came. Steelo's head hit the desk, back arched, and he sighed deeply and painfully. Then out from the darkness of the room the metal door to the office opened. Steelo looked up, eyes filled with hope, but then returned to his original position of distress and disappointment. It was Kyle. "Fleetwood, what have I told you about knocking? And how many times do I have to remind you to only disturb me in emergencies, important situations or if I ask of your presence?" he scolded the soldier. "Bu-but sir. This IS an emergency. We found this.. err.. intruder wondering our lair." A head poked out from behind Kyle, and then a young female stepped out into the office, her slate eyes filled with nervousness. 

"Roxanne.." Steelo gasped, his voice filled with both sorrow and joy, "Is that you..?" The young adult nodded slowly, a tiny smile appearing on her face. "Yes.. it's me.." she whispered, her stony eyes watery, "It's me dad." She stepped towards him, her brown and red dip dyed hair falling towards the front of her face. A strand covered her forehead of which Steelo tucked back round her ear to reveal her eyes. Roxanne was quite short for her age, being 19 years old. She wore black and red striped gloves, that came to her elbows, to match her also black and red, knee high stripy socks. She wore a black mini-skirt with a thick, red leather belt that was held together with a thin ring of silver. Her top was red, but she had a small black jacket on over the top. She wore dark red lipstick that matched the rest of her outfit, but had on dark pink eye shadow. With her stripy socks, Roxanne wore black high heels. The heels weren't huge but made her seem tall compared to her original height. On her head sat a black cap which shuffled every now and then when she moved. Steelo looked down at Roxanne and embraced her, wrapping his arms around the young woman. He had obviously been waiting a long time for that moment. Steelo raised his head to turn to Kyle. "I still have to deal with.. with a certain person I have yet to dispose of." Steelo stopped himself from mentioning Angela's name as if the mere mention of her name would give the woman power or control over him. "And I think I've left her waiting for far too long..."

Steelo let go of his daughter then walked to face the guard next to the door, which was Kyle. He called on Kyle to gather the guards and for them all to present themselves to him in his office. Within a few minutes Kyle re-entered Steelo's office, men in black uniforms trailing behind him. "Well done Fleetwood. Now, I have assembled you here to ask of you a task. I need Miss Price captured and brought here for her final disposal. I thank you greatly for your previous efforts but my work must continue," Steelo explained in his metallic tone. The guards mumbled among themselves until one of the guards spoke with great caution, but also intent on proving his point; "But boss, we just let her go. Why didn't you just keep her here?" Others joined in voicing their opinions until Steelo held his hand in the air to silence their bickering. The room fell silent, all apart from the steely voice of their boss. Even Roxanne kept herself quiet, no longer planning to ask about what they were talking about. Steelo continued his prolonged explanation. "I wanted to give her what they call 'false hope'. It makes her life just that bit harder," he stated, walking back and forth in front of the lined up guards, "Now that I let her leave she thinks she's out of trouble, but she's going to find herself stuck back in the mud.. and this time.. much deeper. And so the hunt begins. I want you to find her and bring her back, but I myself will accompany you, for a familiar face usually brightens ones hope but my familiar face will do just the opposite. Don't harm her or her friends.. yet. We just need her here is all." With that the searching parties left to find the location of Angela and her 'gang'.

As soon as black uniformed guards came towards them, Angela and Jamie sprinted into the darkness of an alleyway. They were chased all over, the guards hot on their heels. Kyle, sadly for Angela, was also in the gang of pursuers. He was just behind them, running after them along the straight road. Kyle started to slow down, his lungs out of breath. Left behind, Kyle watched as they continued to run deeper within the city streets. Angela and Jamie turned the corner, no longer directly perused, and continued a few quick steps until they came face to face with Steelo and Skull. They both stopped, Angela's heart in her mouth. "Again? Seriously? What is WRONG with you people? Why are you doing this to us?" she yelled, their faces masked with evil and darkness. Suddenly Angela was hit on the back of the head, her body slamming as she collapsed onto the concrete of the pavement. "Mum!," Jamie cried, terror edging his voice as his words became lost to the noises of the city, "Mum, get up!" He was then secured by strong arms. He looked up to see Kyle standing behind him, his hands clutching the boy's shoulders. Jamie tried to shrug him off, yelling at the guy's betrayal. "How could you do this..?" he asked Kyle quietly, suddenly out of breath, as he relaxed, from exhaustion, in the guards grasp. "Don't you see? I don't have a choice! I wouldn't be doing this if I did!" Kyle replied in frustration. An unconscious Angela, a still fighting Jamie, two annoyed hissing cats and a sleeping Ashley were brought back to the grimness of the lair.. once again.

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