13, An Unlucky Number (FULL LENGTH!!!)

My book 13, An Unlucky Number is quite a long novel about a case worker named Angela. Her life is scarred by the need for revenge of a man named Steelo and his accomplice Skull. Together they try to settle a century old score, striking at Angela in any way they can. Victims piling up, Angela tries to run but whether Steelo and Skull succeed or fail at their path of destruction, 13 will turn out to be Angela's unlucky number.


21. Late For The Train

It had been a few hours since Angela and her friends had been captured by Skull and Steelo, once again, and brought back to their lair. Angela had a bad feeling. A very bad feeling. She had just awoken from unconsciousness with Jamie clutched to her, his eyes red and stung with tears. He was terrified and quite frankly unable to retract himself from clinging to her. Angela looked down at the two startled cats and gurgling young Ashley that lay beside them. Jamie had been relieved at Angela's gain of consciousness but was still filled with fright and anxiousness. Angela couldn't help feeling worried. She looked around the cell. Why have they brought us back here?, she pondered silently. Steelo appeared out of the blue to stand looking into the cage, making her feel queasy. She squinted. A shock wave of dagger-like pain spread round her whole body from the fall and she yelped quietly. Her head felt as if she had been ran over by a bus, agony jolting around inside her head like a storm. Steelo stared blankly at her, his face screwed up with an attitude like a thunderstorm. He then leaned forward, a huge grin concealed on his face like it had been stuck there permanently with glue. "The time has come, Miss Price. And a price you will pay. Fleetwood, bring the boy out." Kyle strode in, looked sympathetically at Angela, opened the door to the cell and took Jamie. "You take him anywhere, you take me too!", Angela yelled at the top of her voice. Steelo smirked. "I'm glad you agree."

Nudged forward by several guards, Angela was pushed along with Jamie wrapped in her arms. Her leg was penetrated and brought weak by a dagger. She could barely walk, stumbling forward with Jamie's support. Voices screamed at her from her head, their words full of both remorse and violence. They had brought them to a train track. "Just on time," Steelo congratulated himself, his finger tapping his wristwatch, "The train will be coming any minute now. We don't want to miss our.. stop, now do we?" At the wave of his hand the guards seized Jamie, dragging him away from Angela. Traumatized, Jamie cried out for Angela, his plea mixing with the distant sound of a train. Angela looked on, her eyes filled with pain. And then.. it struck her as the guards forced Jamie onto his back onto the train tracks and fumbled with a large roll of rope. They were tying him down. Angela heaved herself up, but collapsed as her legs belted from underneath her. She tried her hardest, limping weakly and then crawling to reach Jamie as the noises of the train became louder, it's horn bellowing into the icy air. Finally she came next to Jamie, her wrists strapped together but her hands near free. The Train was nearly coming by this point. Angela struggled but managed to untie Jamie's arms, his legs still held securely. The boy sat bolt upright, fright enveloping his emotions. His eyes were huge and engulfed with terror and panic. But it was too late. The train struck Jamie, his body buffeted sideways as the train's front battered him. The wheels had run over Angela's hands, long slices cut deep across her palms. The slashes bled violently, the blood gushing rapidly down her arm but it didn't matter. She rested her hands gently on her lap, then looked out towards Jamie.

Jamie's tattered body lay, blood running from large incisions all over it. Angela shuffled painfully towards him, her expression overwhelmed with grief and pure torment. Angela placed her arms around Jamie, his body still and lifeless. She was on her knees, clutching the blood-soaked form. He was still alive.. but only just, his voice was drained and gurgling as he tried to breathe through the blood hemorrhaging in his lungs and throat. With a cry she pulled him onto her lap and wrapped her arms around him, beginning to rock him gently as if he were a baby. A fatal pool of scarlet blood surrounded them and soaked their clothes, stretching far out upon the train tracks. Angela felt him go completely limp in her arms and Jamie didn't breathe again. Blood trickled from his mouth, eyes and nose. Jamie was long on his way to heaven, past the point of no return, by the time Angela stopped rocking his body. She had buried her face in his clothing, unable to break herself away from him. She looked up from crying into Jamie. Kyle's expression was distraught, his eyes had no emotion except sympathy, guilt and regret. From where he had looked at Angela his head now hung and his eyes trailed to the floor in shame. Shaking her frustrations against Kyle, Skull or even Steelo away in self pity, Angela still knelt bearing Jamie's unresponsive figure. The perfect sky that hung above her a few days ago was now torn, her tears running dry after half an hour of sobbing. Henry was now Steelo and Skull's 12th victim and the number was scarred onto the forehead of the boy's lifeless body.

Kyle was the only one that went the whole way with Angela back to the cell where Dennis, the unnamed Tortoiseshell cat and Ashley were waiting. Steelo had let her clean herself, the blood now washed off but the emotional wounds only faded. Kyle turned to her, contriteness still grasping his voice. "I won't let them hurt anyone else. It-it's going to be alright," he tried to comfort her. "Alright?! Nothings alright! How can you say that..?," Angela cried, tears streaming down her cheeks. Kyle looked at the floor, his eyes hurt and pained. "I-I'm sorry. I really am.. and I know you don't believe me.. but I am.." he tried to explain his feelings. "But you knew! You knew what was happening! But you didn't do anything! You could have saved Jamie! You could have saved him..." Angela's voice trailed as she tried hard to brush away her tears. "I.. I guess I just wasn't thinking straight. I never realized how far Steelo would go to get his revenge.. I didn't know he'd kill Jamie for it.. and your right. This is all my fault. I should've saved him.. but I'm just too loyal for my own good. I let you down.. and I let Jamie down. I'm.. I'm sorry." Angela shrugged away from Kyle, unable to completely forgive his actions. She sat down in the corner of the cell, faced away from Kyle and closed her eyes. Kyle stayed where he was for around ten minutes when he spoke. "I wish I could make it up to you, but I know I can't. At least let me save your friends. Steelo doesn't have to find out. And if I get in trouble.. so be it." Angela turned her head round to face him, then nodded. Kyle entered the cell and started to gather the two cats. They hissed and spat at him until he finally calmed them down. "What about the girl? You might need her company," Kyle asked Angela as he glanced towards the bundle. "Take her too. I don't want her to end up like Jamie." Kyle picked up Ashley from the floor, then turned back to Angela. "If your sure. What about you? I could try and get you out of here. If I get caught it's probably death penalty, but I can try." Angela shook her head. "You'd never get out with all of us. Just make sure Ashley's safe." Kyle bowed his head. "I will."

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