13, An Unlucky Number (FULL LENGTH!!!)

My book 13, An Unlucky Number is quite a long novel about a case worker named Angela. Her life is scarred by the need for revenge of a man named Steelo and his accomplice Skull. Together they try to settle a century old score, striking at Angela in any way they can. Victims piling up, Angela tries to run but whether Steelo and Skull succeed or fail at their path of destruction, 13 will turn out to be Angela's unlucky number.


8. Good Morning

Turning round to perhaps make a cup of tea, Angela realized Jamie was standing at the bathroom doorway. "Good morning," she smiled, "How was your night?" Jamie looked up at her and smiled. "Okay, I've only been awake for a few minutes, though my sleep was a bit interrupted." Understanding exactly what disturbed sleep was like, Angela stepped closer to Jamie and took him in her arms. Together they walked into the lounge trying to avoid waking up Jamie's Aunt, who was still asleep. The lounge was as strange as the rest of the house, a strange brightly striped mat lay on the floor and the furniture looked more like a forest. The sofa resembled a park bench, and Angela could assure anyone it was not comfortable to sleep on. They both sat down and talked for a bit.

Jamie's idea of an ordinary morning chat was to talk about what clothes they'd wear or what shoes they'd brought with them, but seen as they didn't have any spare clothes or shoes there was no point doing that. So Jamie decided to ask about Angela's plans. "So, what do you want from the future?" he asked. Angela looked up from staring into her lap. 'Well, i would like a least bit normal house to stay in. That or a bed. The sofa here is really uncomfortable to sleep on." Jamie laughed quietly. "But what about a family or something? I mean you can't exactly live the rest of your life alone, can you?" he continued, "What about a boyfriend? He'd be able to protect you, and give you a normal house and bed." Angela searched the boy's face for humor, but he seemed entirely serious.

"Well, a family does sound nice, and so does a boyfriend, but I've got you. Surely that's enough? I mean, you saved my life.. you can protect me and i can protect you. But seriously though, if I left to have a family who would you have?" Angela asked, and Jamie seemed to give a real good think about what he was going to say next. "I'd have my Aunt. And I'd have this place. Anyway, before you even thought about leaving I'd make you promise to visit, at least a few times. And then I'd probably want to meet any children you had." "I already have a child though," Angela stated, "in case you had forgotten." Jamie's spirits seemed to darken. "But you haven't seen him for over a decade. He probably doesn't even know you exist..." At this Angela became silent.



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